Horrible Football Weekending, Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oh Haiiiii... Thought I would stop by for a midweek brain/photo dump random checking  kind of thing. Somehow it is currently Wednesday as you read this and I can't figure out how. Life just seems so fast lately. Anyone else? I am having trouble keeping up with things that are not absolute necessity but you know, it's all good. Translation... kids & I are happy and healthy and the lights are still on at my house. Life is good.

Well... parts of life football were definitely sucky last weekend. I confess my team absolutely, one hundo shit the ACC bed last weekend and suffered a crushing loss to a really shitty ass shit team. The mother facking Yellow Jackets who were 2-5 going into the game some how bent us over and won in the last 10 seconds of the game. This was also excruciatingly painful because I was there to see it live. Embarassing to say the least. Even the 2 flasks of fireball I smuggled in my jeans didn't do much to help. Check off another season of me not getting caught sneaking large quantities of alcohol into football games.  #donthatmecauseyouaintme #iknowallthetricks

This is what it looks like when your team loses in the last 10 seconds of the game. Wrong color on the field.

I confess... I bit the bullet and signed back up for a little on-line dating torture. If you come here on the reg you know I have been kinda sorta hanging out with one person for a hot minute now. It's just not really going the way I planned or thought. I don't really know what I was thinking I just know it's not right for me right now. It has really forced me to be a little more honest with myself and come to terms with what I really want. Since my divorce I have been 1000% anti-relationship, let's just have fun, no committment, no way, no how, no thanks. Now, hold on to your PSL's, I think I might be wanting a little bit of a relationshippy type thing. Did lightening strike? No? Good. Hanging out with only one person and allowing him to get into my life a little made me realize just how much I miss that. Unfortunately the person I spent all of that time with wants something a little different and I don't really feel like settling. Because fuck that noise... I am amazing.... as if I would settle. I'm gonna keep him around though cause I like him, just gonna focus on seeing who else out there might think I am amazing too.

Sooooo.... great news for you guys!! Time to get to dating again. Here is one of the hot prospects. Oh and on Day 2 I already had the first offer for a dick pic or something close to it. Yay!!! I love dating!!! #shootmenow #welcometohell

Jim never texted again. #byegirlbye

Stay tuned for more really good stuff to come!

And here's a few random scenes from the weekend... FSU football in Atlanta, great friends, new tattoos, graphic tees, beer and chicken & waffles. Not bad, not bad at all...

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  1. hahaha i love you dating dud texts. i told my husband that if he ever left me, i'd probably be single forever because i would not even know how to handle being single!

  2. So excited for more funny online dating stories, and also sorry in advance that you have to go through it. I hope you can just laugh and these crazies! Also I think you are my spirit animal with sneaking in that fireball to the game. I walked several blocks by myself at night, hammered this week to by a new handle of fireball for our tailgate #ballerstatus. Then suffered greatly the next day. Being and adult sucks.

  3. LMFAO @ are you serious right now jim? SERIOUSLY.

    I'm sorry it didn't fit with the guy but happy you're getting out there and okay with wanting something more.

  4. Lol dating sucks right now, these guys don't care what they say anymore.

  5. "Are you serious right now Jim?" DEAD. What a loser!

  6. oh my gosh, people like that make me cringe. howwww??

  7. Bahahaha... did you really use tampon flasks?!?!
    Beautiful buttocks? GAG.