Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

haha a new adjective//:

Hey there!!! Checking in for a little  post weekend wrap up! Bad news, I caught a cold and I have been battling it for 2 days. Good news is we had a pretty nice weekend. Only rain most of the day Saturday and that was it for a change. Enough to rain out my make up tennis match mid way thru the third set for the second time. Ugh. It has never taken me 3 separate days to finish a match. Friday night was perfect for tennis and beer and that's what I did. Saturday afternoon was football, more beers and some crazy good blue cheese chips at my favorite local bar The Black Diamond Grill.

FSU beat Miami... barely but we did, to remain undefeated. This was by far the best tweet and most epic fail of the weekend. Dude had one job. #wronghashtag

Sunday I snuck out for a quick waffle house breakfast with a friend and brought back donuts for the kids.

I got out and did some errands in the afternoon but pretty soon was just feeling a little extra tired and just off. I hate getting sick and I tried to fight it but to no avail. Sunday night was spent on the couch feeling crappier and crappier. TWD season premiere did help though. INSANE... what were they thinking?? Did anyone watch it? Please, let's talk!!! I would elaborate on this picture but... no spoilers!

And if you missed the hilarious Amy Schumer on SNL this week please enjoy this one.

Hope your week is off to a great start! Cheers with hot tea and alka-seltzer!


  1. I hope you feel better and ditch that cold! Those donuts look delicious. You are making me hungry here, lol.

  2. Ugh...I hate getting sick..especially when you just know it's coming....I have been feeling off recently too...too much on my plate! I'm really praying to the vitamin gods that shoveling those babies in my pie hole will stave off this cold!

  3. honestly between you and Des, I've been wanting to find a place nearby to start playing tennis again and I've found nada :(

    and if I'm avoiding here it is only because I have no idea when I will get to watch TWD since hubs isn't a hard to avoid spoilers anywhere though!

  4. Hey there! Sorry to hear that you've caught a cold. It's always a bummer when it interferes with plans like your tennis match. On the bright side, you had a great time on Friday playing tennis and enjoying some beer. The football game on Saturday must have been exciting, too, especially with FSU's victory over Miami. By the way, if you ever need any assistance with your economics coursework writing help, there are services available that can provide the help you need—wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to discussing the TWD season premiere without any spoilers!