Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I think this weekend marked the last weekend that I will have no have to do things for the rest of the year. As I write this there are 38 days until Christmas... let that sink in. Ahhhhhhh..... I have not one gift purchased but that is a whole nother problem. Back to my weekend...

Friday night my tennis team drove an hour and a half to get our second loss of the playoffs but unlike the last time when we played cheaters and advanced anyway, this time we really lost and are out. But it was fun and even though I didn't play I enjoyed spectating in the new blanket scarf that I made. If you want to make one too check out Laura's post about it here. It doubles as a nice blanket for cold legs too.

Saturday afternoon was my typical football watching with friends, a couple of beers and the best grouper sandwich ever at my favorite sports bar. I actually stayed in and did nothing with my dog on Saturday night which was absolutely wonderful! I had my first fire in the fireplace too. I need more lazy nights like that!

Sunday two of my besties and I went to brunch at an Atlanta fave I haven't been to in forever... The Nook. We made some bloody beers for the road and got to celebrating one birthday that falls around T-Day and always gets the shaft. The plan... start early this year and get some big fat bloody Mary's and Tatchos... that's tater tot nachos if you didn't know. The Bloody Best is the 32 oz. legendary drink that comes with skewers laden with steak, blue cheese stuffed olives tater tots, pepperoncini, a hard boiled egg, bacon and toast. Pretty much a meal in itself but somehow we got thru it all and still polished off one small-ish plate of buffalo chicken tatchos. And then we exploded. After all the gluttony we decided to stop and shop drool at The Shops Buckhead, a new-ish super high end luxury open air shopping collection. Nothing like pressing your nose up against the glass at Jimmy Choo and asking where the sale candle section is at Diptyque. We didn't spend too much time there but beat a hasty retreat back to my deck for some additional wine and good fun. We laughed our asses off for a few more hours till the wine was gone and that was a wrap on my weekend!

Ba dum tssssss....

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I can literally never say no to tater tots...and holy crap didn't realize x-mas was so close! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. TOTCHOS?! How I have I not heard of this before. Yum. And those bloodies!!! I wish I had that in my Sunday. I was doing the exact same thing Saturday night, I spent it in with the dog, and it was wonderful. Thanks for the shout out on the blanket scarf! Yours looks awesome!!!!