Gearing Up For Whole30 Round 2 - Planning For Success

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hey!!! The Break Up Challenge starts on Jan. 4th with my good buddy Laura in case ya didn't know, check it out here if you want the deets. So... Whole30 is on my mind big time.  My life was sooooo different last year when I first took this on. I was  an unemployed, somewhat depressed, single Mom. The bonus was I had a lot of time on my hands and a lot of motivation to just control any part of my life that I could and food/diet was the most obvious choice as it was the new year.  I thought today I would take a minute to do a little stream of consciousness exercise and try to put into words the first things I could think of that helped me be successful the first time around, and try to figure out how I can adapt them to the way my life is now.

Let me just say first and foremost... don't cheat. Don't try to "adapt" it because you need dairy or peanut butter because yeah... you don't. Just do it the way they say to do it. Suck it up. Or it's not a Whole30. Sorry. You can do this, really. If I can, trust me you can! Do you hate me now? Umm... I don't care.

Planning Is Key - Even though last time I was at home and had all the time in the world to cook I was broke so I had to plan to eat well on a budget. This time I have a little more money but a lot less time. Not sure which is more of a challenge but I am going to go with less time. Less time often leads to bad choices. Right now I am planning in my planner, in my brain, in my pantry, shopping lists, meal prepping, upcoming challenges, work lunches/breakfasts and everything in between. In my opinion the first week really sets the tone for your next 30 days so whatever you do... don't fuck it up!!! Be ready to hit the ground running.

Pick up a prep day the Saturday or Sunday before you start and stick with it every week thereafter. Cook the things you know you will like and that will satisfy you for the first week/subsequent weeks. I was hangry 24/7 last time during the first 7 days. So for me this means cooking protein, fat and precooked veggies. I will be grilling up lean chicken, beef, chicken sausage, fish, making my Whole 30 Mayo, hardboiled eggs for deviled eggs, bacon, egg muffins, white potatoes and sweet potatoes for breakfasts and lunches.

Make some nut butters or buy some super clean almond, macadamia, walnut or cashew butter from your local market (ground nuts only). Seriously, this was my saving grace because it was somewhat like a treat for me, super satisfying because... fat... and truly delicious. (walnut is tricky so google it, very good if you do it right but takes extra work since they have such a strong flavor) I can not tell you how many times I reached for a spoonful just to keep myself from going crazy. This does get better as the 30 days goes on though and I found I needed it less. Yes, it's a lot of fat and calories. Yes, you will still lose weight. Just don't eat a tub a day!

If you like drinking you better think about this because you are going to be shit out of luck if you don't. Obvs booze and soda are off limits but who the hell can drink water for 30 days? I can easily make the switch to black coffee but teas were also my saving grace. Not to beat a dead horse but I love Teami Blends and I will be using their 30 Day Detox teas again for this round of my Whole 30. You can read about all the ups and downs of that here and if you want to order some use code CWW17 until Dec. 30th for 17% off your order or code ROSE for 10% off anytime. Hot drinks are satisfying and I loved the both the Skinny and Colon Teas for all of their other benefits as well. I also loved Kombucha, read your labels and make sure there is no added sugar. I like GT's Kombucha the best! 

Whole30 Mayo - Make it!!! Yes it has raw eggs, no you will not get food poisoning. You can adapt it with seasonings to make compliant salad dressings, dipping sauces and the like. I could not have survived without it! I put that shit on errythang!

Buy Coconut Aminos and Sriracha... both awesome flavor enhancers. I put that shit on everything too. 

Lettuce wrap your turkey burgers, sirloin burgers, salmon burgers, chicken salad... don't give up your burgers and sandwich/wrap type things. It sounds weird but even a burger wrapped in lettuce makes you feel like you are still eating  a real burger with a bun.

FYI - Here is a look at what I ate last time. I know I don't have links but pics are all on my IG you just have to scroll back a lil bit or hit me up! Highlights are... spinach, berries, zoodles, avocado, chicken sausage, eggs, turkey bacon, cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash, bananas, unsweetened coconut, potato waffles, onions... lots of onions!

That's just a little bit more for today to think about, or what I'm thinking about anyway. More to come! So, so ready to get back to some really clean eating!

Who's with me???

Your favorite fatty,


  1. can't wait to hear/read about the updates. i love almond butter and now that we have a vitamix, i make my own and i also make my own almond flour.

    also -- lettuce burgers are THE BOMB. my fav local restaurant now serves them and the lettuce is so crisp, you forget that it's bunless!

  2. You rocked whole30 this year and will rock it again!! I try to do tacos & burgers without the bun anyway since it's really not the bread I'm after lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I already started, stopped cheese and dairy and bread last Friday (day after Xmas)
    I'm weaning down on my coffee since its my weakness.
    But honestly I stopped eating real PB since July shocker! I had switched to clean almond butter during my july whole30ish round and then just never went back. I use my pb2, but rarely now.

  4. After emailing you last night I started re-reading my Whole30 book, which I was up too late reading and then proceeded to lay awake all night thinking about Whole30 things and all I still have to do. Yes WHOLE30 MAYO for the win! I usually turned mine into ranch and then it was on anything and everything I ate. Also this round I think I'm going to make clarified butter. The book has a how to and it lasts 6 months in the fridge! I mean butter makes everything better right? So mayo, butter, boiled eggs and deep clean of the cupboards to commence this weekend. Same as you, it will have to be prep, prep, prep for me to make this work!

  5. I prefer the burger without the bun most of the time. The bun is like crappy filler.

  6. I finally ordered the Whole 30 book! I dont know if I'm all in but I would like to make changes!

  7. I really want to do a whole 30. I want to make sure I have all the info and ingredients and am totally prepared so I won't be able to start January 1st, but hopefully sometime in Jan!