Humpday Confessions & Hashtags; Fatty's Unite

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Uggh...just one sniff and I'm gone!:

Wow... it's almost the New Year and you know what that means for all of us folks that live to eat... time to buckle down and get back on the wagon, get healthy and lose some weight. I did this last year and then I stopped. The good news is I kept off pretty much all of  the weight I lost this year so I just need to pick back up where I left off. More to come on that later. But today we step off the crazy train and jump on the gravy train... ooooh biscuits and gravy yummm... but I digress.  Today I am confessing some of my inner fat girl thoughts, feelings and habits so put your fat pants on and pull up a sofa.

I like butter. I know, it's not cool but I don't care. Seriously on bread, crackers, pretzels, men (kidding)... I don't care. Butter is delicious. #pauladeenismyspiritanimal #andwinetoo

I eat pretty clean during the week but...My weekend eating habits are currently atrocious. I can sum up the menu in a few words... breakfast/brunch, alcohol, pizza. Oh and cheese. #butnotinasnuggie #thatwouldbepathetic

Speaking of cheese... Cheese is like an old comfy pair of jeans to me. It's just comfort to the max. I LUH Cheese!!! I'm not picky either because I'll eat really good cheese or cheese in a can on a ritz cracker or Mac and cheese... all day erryday.  #cheeseisthetruththelighttheway #cheeseislove

If I go out drinking often times I don't eat due to budget constraints. But let me tell you, it is on like Donkey Kong when I get home. Especially if no one else is around, and there is ice cream in the freezer... or cheese. #ifnooneseesyoueatityoudidnt #unlessyourethehoff #andyourkidvideotapesyou

I love taco bell. Have you even had a Doritos Locos taco??? It's a taco with a Dorito shell!!!! #iknow #insane

And pizza... clearly  I saved the ultimate fat food for last. What can I say... you haven't really lived until you've ordered Domino's hungover, from bed with the app on your phone on a Sunday afternoon. #withspecialinstructions #leaveitontheporch #someonetoldmeso

This doesn't fit here but... pizza and star wars... yeah.

Happy Humpday.

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  1. Dude. I'm all about the fatty's unite title of this post. I have a saying that is repeated often: "I love all things cheese and all thing potato." Truth.

  2. here's what I think: cheese and butter are ok. I'd rather eat the real stuff than the fake stuff! I'm a pretty strict clean eater but a bit of butter on some (grain free) bread is ok by fact, I had some with my GF carrot walnut loaf and it tasted divine!!

  3. Oh god yes, to all these things. Especially the cheese one. I love cheese. All the cheese. I can never have enough cheese in the house. I'm already depressed thinking about giving it up for Whole30 after New Years. Also your mention of biscuits and gravy reminded me, I bought a bag of the biscuit and gravy flavor potato chips Monday night, just because. That's my inner fat girl right there. They'd be great with some cheese sauce...

  4. Ha....fatty's unite! If I eat while drinking then I stop drinking...which is just a damn shame. I am so not looking forward to the masses wobbling into the gym Jan 1. Hopefully my early morning wake up gym time won't be as bad as the rest!

  5. Butter and cheese!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! And coincidentally, two ingredients for great mac n cheese. There is a reason that shit is delish! I am awful on the weekends too and try to be good during the week. I am really going to be buckling down after the holidays. Yikes!!!

  6. Yes, yes and yes!!!! I feel like you wrote this from my heart about my love of food. I try REALLY hard to be whole 30 all week, but 5 pm on Friday and I want to devour EVERYTHING is sight!