Humpday Confessions - It's Christmastime YO!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When the Elf on the Shelf and the Whore in the Drawer collide!:

Hi-ohhhh!! It's humpday, can you beleive it? After that 4 day weekend last week I though I would never get here. Ugh... but guess what... in a few weeks we get to do it all over again for Christmas. Actaully I confess, I do not want to think about that at all. Not ready! But let's get to the more shocking confessions with Kathy and Nadine shall we? Oh and some hashtags while we are at it with Lolo & lauren....Ready, set, gooooo...

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they spend the majority of their day thinking about their next meal? I am currently thinking about this one as I will be eating here either tonight or tomorrow, we have not decided yet. It's on that list of 10 best pizzas in Atlanta that I mentioned and am really trying to work my way through.  Does it seem like I am saying "we" a lot??? Hmmmm... anywho... I have to give up grains gain in like 6 weeks so... #motherfuckingbrickovenpizza

I have a really good friend who sends 5-10 texts for every one of my responses. Apparently this is a thing because when I decided to look it up in the UD this is what I found... she has a chronic case of texterrhea. Huh... who knew???

Excessive texting. Texterrhea is to texting what the galloping Hershey’s is to crapping.

I ordered my new Erin Condren planner over the weekend. I cannot wait. I did not spring for the $75 rose gold version I talked about here but something a little more subtle and really pretty. Geodes in grey... I legit panicked yesterday when someone asked me if I was available for a meeting in January. I'm like all Idk, let me check my..... oh shit no planner!!! #imaplanner #notaflybytheseatofmypantstypeofgal

Oh and if you want to get $10 off your Erin Condren planner please follow this link for my referral! #yourewelcome

This is kind of lame but I have been listening to lots of Christmas music for the last few days and getting all sappy ahout it. Give me all the Pandora Today's Christmas and Sirius XM Holly please and thank you. And just to show you how old I am, yes, I had this on 45... and I'm irritated that I have not heard it yet. #u2 #duranduran #boygeorge #wham #grandmablogger

I think I may have said I was giving up online dating again but then I get shit like this and I just can't quit. Soooo... where do you think this guy lives? #yourtaxdollarsatwork #howyoudoin #ihaveaurinalandatoilet #andcinderblockwalls #andtoiletpaper

Happy Humpday Bitches!!!

More Coffee Less Talky

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. OMG IS THAT GUY IN PRISION!? hahahahahahaa!!!!

    i was so busy at work earlier this week that i missed out on a Plum Planner 30% off sale! i saw the (old) sale ad on FB after the sale was over wah!

  2. OMG that prison guy though! How do they even online date??? Ewwww I want a fancy planner but I just spent too much money on myself so will have to do with a regular old one

  3. Hahahahahaha that guy. I mean, you are supposed to use your best pictures for those sites. If that is your best....well umm....yikes.

    I am constantly planning my next meal. I have not had a single pizza of that list! When I lived in Atlanta my favorite pizza was Felinis or Blue Moon. All of those look amazing. I need to get back to grain free, but it is so hard to go back once you went rogue!!!

    That Elf and Barbie picture? LOLOLOL

  4. Dead! No why in the world wouldn't you go for that guy on the toilet! He is just so.....seasoned! Ha! Happy hump day, love!

  5. Hahahah! I def spend the majority of my day thinking about my next meal... food in general, really!