The Break Up Challenge - Whole 30 Round 2

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hey guess what?

This time, because everything is better with friends, Laura from Life With Lolo and I are going to Whole30 our asses off together. Aaaand... if you're reading this we are challenging you to join us. Hang on, keep your pants on. I know a Whole30 may not be for everyone so we will make it your choice. You pick what you want to breakup with for the next 30 days and beyond... shitty processed food, booze, sugar... whatever the vice is that you want to ditch now is your chance! Support is a huge factor in getting thru any big breakup... I KNOW!!! So let's do this! 

So, our Whole30 Round 2/Breakup Challenge kicks off on Jan. 4th, 2016. We would love for some of you to try it with us. It is life changing. If there is enough interest we may turn it into a link up and you can grab this lovely image and report back. Laura and I will be updating and recapping our weeks every Tuesday so you can see how we are doing, how we are feeling, what we are eating, how we are handling challenges, etc. Anyone in?

If you are so inclined here is what Whole30 means in a nut shell... 30 days:

Oh and you can't weigh yourself until it's over either. This is not about a number on the scale. 

I have been hemming and hawing for weeks over this and as much as I really don't want to, I'm going to do it. I guess I really do want to feel that feeling again... the Tiger Blood... more than I really don't want to give up beer, wine, pizza, bread and cheese for 30 days straight. Tiger Blood is what they call it, the Whole30 people, and it basically means you get to the point in the 30 where you hit your stride, it clicks, you feel amazing and you can start to tell that what you are doing is actually having a tangible affect on the way you feel every minute of the day. No exaggerating here.

Days 16-27: Tiger Blood. Goodbye cravings, hello Tiger Blood! This must be what everyone is talking about. You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful. Your energy is through the roof, you’ve kicked the cravings, you’re experimenting with new, delicious food, and you’ve finally got the time to notice that your clothes fit better, your workouts are stronger, and you are generally more awesome.

That... it really does happen in just 16 days give or take. You can begin the process of undoing the bad choices pretty quickly.

I have been pretty off my game here lately. I've just basically gone from 90/10 to 80/20 and for the last month or 6 weeks 50/50. And I feel it, in every part of my being, my clothes, my energy levels, my sleep patterns, skin, attitude... you name it. Eating shit makes me feel like shit. I am ready to be done. I need to finish what I started in the first half of the year, or at least pick up where I left off and keep going.

If you want to do the Whole30 here are some of my thoughts and advice:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare - Start cleaning out your pantry and stocking it with Whole30 friendly stuff now. This also eases the cost burden of buying a whole bunch of pantry items all at once.

Look at your calendar and see when your challenges will be popping up. Do you have a birthday, concert, vacation, business trip??? Think ahead and research what good options are available to you in advance. You will go in confident if you know what to expect and have a plan.

Weigh yourself and take your measurements the day before or the day you start and then hide that paper and don't think about it until you are done. At the end of my first Whole30 I was down 20 lbs. and 11 inches total. Big Surprise!!!

Get the Book - I highly recommend you buy the book  if you're like me... I like to have a "bible" with me for comfort I guess but... if you don't want to the website has every freaking tidbit of Whole30 info on it. It is the bomb and the online bible.

If you don't think you can do it you can. Yes, you have to give up alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains and legumes and not weigh yourself for 30 days. You will not die.

Please no angry comments about how it's dumb or too strict or not realistic. You do you, I'll do me.

Is it hard? Maybe, but so what. How many bodies do you have? And like Melissa Hartwig says in the book "Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black is not hard."

Avoid really difficult situations for the first 10 days or so if you can. Don't go to your favorite pizza joint with the fam and torture yourself. Just skip it if you are not sure if you can handle it.

Be prepared for people to tell you that it's crazy, not healthy, not realistic, not maintainable, too strict, weird and whatever else they can think of. You don't know until you know, and I am guessing you will know long before they ever will.

Be prepared to feel better than you ever have before.

What do you need to break up with? We hope that you pick something and join us for 30 days!


  1. i love this challenge!!! i won't be partaking because the (clean eating) force is strong within me but i'll be rooting for all of you guys the whole time! you can do this and i look forward to your updates.

  2. kudos to you!! i think the preparation would be my downfall. it is something i need to work on. lessening my sugar intake is a goal for me next year.

  3. You guys alraedy know that I am so in!!! I have been 50/50 the last week or so too and I really am excited to buckle down and get back to feeling like me again. You know...after I eat all the cookies this week!!! We are going to kick so much ass next month!

  4. Hell yes! So pumped for this. Which book did you buy? Do you have It Starts With Food or the Whole30 book? I have the Whole30 one and I want to eat like everything inside. I like your step of prep - I'm going to start this weekend - purging all the shit out of my cupboards and pantry!

  5. I was just thinking last night on what I needed to do to start fresh with the new year, breaking up with the chocolate and stress eating and such. I did it last year with ya, so yes...Whole30 is the right answer to get back to the basics after the last 60days of 70/30. I know its my food choices I need to fix up again. Maybe it will help with the overall motivation again.

  6. I'd love to, but we're on vacation in January in another country so no way could this happen. I need to slow my roll though FOR SURE. Please share any awesome recipes you come across.

  7. I'm so in! I have a vacation planned for the end of February so that's my motivation to stay on track. I did 27 days of the Whole30 before (I know...3 days from the finish line) so I WILL COMMIT to the entire program this time.

    1. Awesome! We would love to have you kill it with us! You will get all 30 this time!!! Follow us on IG too so you can hashtag your photos and keep in touch!