Breakup Challenge Update - Whole30 - Half Way There

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well, well, well... we have reached the halfway point in the Breakup Challenge/Whole30 journey that Laura from Life With Lolo and I started back on Jan. 4th. Can you believe it? The last two weeks have not really gone all that fast if you want to know the truth. I would like to tell you otherwise but really... no, not gonna lie. Not going out, staying in and doing house things, adopting an old lady bedtime... I'm kinda over it. Truth, the old lady bedtime is actually kind of nice, especially the next morning. I miss my going out friends and on the town places but they are all in hiding too, seems everyone likes to take the first month of the year to at least attempt to get healthy. The upside of the last two weeks is that I feel really, really good, like come at me bro good. I am definitely in the #tigerblood phase and it feels great. Biggest noticeable difference? I'm not tired. When I am eating shit I am always drag ass tired and a cranky bitch especially at the end of the day . So yesterday when I was off it actually got kind of boring just laying around watching Netflix, kind of... but I tortured myself and did it anyway. They say that #tigerblood looks different for different people and here's what I can expect at least till around Day 27 or so according to the timeline.

Days 16-27: Tiger Blood!

  • I came into this eating like shit so I will skip the part about how I will feel if I had come into this eating relatively well. You can go read it here if that's you. Generally speaking for the next 12 ish days I should have more energy. My cravings should be under control  or maybe even gone. My mood swings should also be lessening... let's hope cause nobody likes me when I'm mad and I can't eat a snickers. I should also be noticing improved focus which I can report I already have actually noticed. And last but certainly not least my body composition is changing and my clothes are fitting better. Yes and thank freaking God. The bloat is gone for the most part. Pants are looser, fingers less fat and my tummy is absolutely a little flatter... not flat... get it straight. Bring on the next 12 days please.   

Planning and Strategizing: The Next 2 Weeks

Some things I have been thinking about to help me get through the next few weeks and be as successful as I can possibly be to finish strong.

  • Limit nut butters - I am pretty honest about the fact that I use nut butter during the whole30 to satisfy my sweet craving. It's like dessert to me and it fills me up too. A spoonfull is an instant shot of fat, protein, calories and satisfaction. Back up... calories. If I don't dial it down a notch all of those calories will derail my efforts to lose lbs. so now it's time to slow my roll.
  • Eggs - I have been eating 2 when I have a meal with eggs as my main protein. I can easily get away with one and increase another lean protein or add another pile of veggies. Kind of getting sick of eggs and I am being lazy.
  • Exercise - Time to really work into a routine here. Jillian maybe? Something quick and dirty after work for even 15 minutes would make me happy. Tennis twice a week is not enough. Also maybe incorporating some weights and definitely keeping up with my squats. 
  • What Comes Next - I think this 2 weeks will fly by, one can only hope, and this time I want to have a plan for what comes next for me. I don't know what the hell I did last year but it wasn't specific or thought out enough for me to really figure out what effect re-introducing say for example dairy and grains, had on me. I want to spend the next two weeks formulating a real plan for the immediate and long term future. I suspect that dairy is not my friend although I love it. Careful reintroduction of one eliminated item at a time is the only way to know for sure. Now is the time for me to map this out in my beautiful planner and be smart about it. I can start with Day 31 and reintroduction of fermented grapes at about 5:30 on my way home from work. Cheers.  
So that is what I am thinking, feeling and planning for this part of the BreakUp Challenge with my good buddy Laura. Please link up and tell us how you are doing if you are joining in the fun or not! We love to hear your success stories and experiences!
The Breakup Challenge


  1. i say reintroduce everything but junk/sugary crap, grains and limited dairy. i don't have a lot of dairy either - a bit of cream in my coffee every morning and a slice of cheese here or there when i want it...nothing more than that. the thing that i'm super strict on are grains and ONLY when i have absolutely zero other choices (which is rare since i plan out all of my meals) that i will eat grains and grudgingly (because it wreaks havoc on my skin). other than that, enjoy food!

  2. I'm trying to limit dairy I sip on my latte - but you know what I mean!! I hope these next 2 weeks fly by for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Wooohooo for Tigers blood! I'm not there yet, but I blame it on the injury and the drugs. They make me super sleepy. I know taking them isn't really whole30 but I wasn't going to make it without them so oh well. Hopefully eating clean balances out the drugs right? I'm hoping my energy will kick back in later this week. I can't believe we're more than half way! We can do it!

  4. Girl, half way is AWESOME! I do think the hardest part is over as far as the feeling like crap and getting rid of the cravings. I think the re-introduction part is where I messed up. I kept telling myself I was going to keep up with the program because I felt so awesome but then it was a slippery slope of yuumy-ness and my willpower is for shit. Womp. Womp.

  5. Tigers blood!!! I am feeling pretty good right now. I am like you, not as tired or dragging as usual. I am not sure if I have really lost any weight. I feel like my body shape may have changed slightly, and I am wearing a pair of my "tighter" pants that I wont wear on "fat days" so that is good! I am still trying to formulate my after 30 day plan as well.