Friday Faves

Friday, January 15, 2016


Indeed. It's been a trying week and now it's Friday and we all get to breathe for a few days I hope. I actually get an extra day on Monday for the first time in the history of ever. I have MLK day off... woohoo!!! My plans for this weekend are pretty simple, not exciting, but taking full advantage of the fact that college football is over, I can't go day drinking and it's going to be ch-ch-ch-chilly in GA.I'm going to clean out shit in my house. I have like a zillion boxes from Amazon Xmas gifts so rather than break them all down I am going to fill them up, with stuff I no longer need and take them to Goodwill. Feeling the need to purge right now big time. I think I might run or take the dog on a marathon walk or something too, stressful things swimming around my head I think could benefit from an endorphin release.

But first, let's talk about some of my favorite things this week with Amanda!


As I said earlier this week I am getting pretty tired of cooking so it's time to get out the crock pot and turn up. Gonna start with this little yummy... Chocolate Chili from Well Fed. Her cookbooks are on my list but her blog is a must read if you like the Paleo food things. Need to make chili for tennis on Sunday and since this has no beans/legumes I get to shovel it my face hole when I get done playing!

Chocolate Chili |


I'm looking for a Barre or a Yoga Groupon and would love to get my hands on these for my next class. Not a huge fan of the socks or going barefoot in a studio. Love these. Nike of course... similar here.

Aside from being super swanky, these “shoes” are designed to give you a barefoot feel but with added support, protection, and traction. Great for yoga, gymnastics, and dance! They also come with a flat to put on over the wrap for your way in and out of the gym or studio. Google Nike Studio Wrap shoes for an entire page of places to buy these!*:


Again with the minimalist tattoos ... I do love this. So sweet and simple like jewelry. I wonder if I could get away with just one??? Or three... I have a thing for 3's

Body Art | Tattoo | 刺青 | Tatouage | Tatuaggio | татуировка | Tatuaje:


Damn you Netflix. Why? Whyyyyy????


How could I not fall down the rabbit hole of Bowie videos this week. One of my favorite songs and a very cool little story to go with it! Listen up!


I didn't watch the Golden Globes but I love me some AShu...

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

When someone tells me to just google how to do some simple car repair thing... not my jam.

fail devopsreactions oil change car maintenance

I feel like my dog has some sort of secret life going on when I'm at work. Not sure what it is but he does, I just know it.

dog phone dog on phone

There are two lanes to the on ramp on the freeway entrance I get on every day, yet asshat's continue to try to make a third and jump the line. Every day. Not happening. 

side eye ll cool j are you serious incredulous stink eye

If one more person asks me why I think Whole30 is a good thing. 

discussion real housewives of orange county rhoc opinion tamra barney

And the nudge heard round the world. I love both their faces. Perfect. She freaks me out too Leo.

alexandrshirkov lady gaga leonardo dicaprio side eye golden globes 2016

Have a great weekend people!


  1. Repairing something in a car is such a foreign concept to me. I don't even like adding windshield wiper fluid.

    How do you like Making a Murderer?

  2. Yep netflix just has a knack for sucking us in and making us all couch potatoes LOL! Happy weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love me some AShu too lol. I watched that Leo gif so many times. His face!!

  4. I was THRILLED to watch ASchu make the Hollywood folks uncomfortable by dropping the big see-you-next-Tuesday during the Golden Globes.

  5. It's probably a good thing I don't have Netflix because I'm afraid I'd forget all things to binge. And your plans to just chill and forget the negative shit are awesome . . . I hope it helps. Enjoy the long weekend girl!

  6. I can't start how to make a murderer cause I dont want to get sucked in this weekend. :) Omg I found the best chili recipe...literally on with a McCormicks Gluten free packet...and I can't stop eating it!

  7. OMG I love Gaga.....that bump and reaction was so weird though! I actually meal planned for this upcoming week and knocked out grocery shopping today because tomorrow it's going to be FIVE. FUCK THAT SHIT. Hibernation, crockpot and cleaning for the win

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  9. We juuuust started watching making a murderer after all the hype!