Friday Favorites

Friday, January 8, 2016

and so the Adventure begins! Excited about the adventures coming this year!:

So it is the first Friday Favorites post of 2016. Wow. 2016... it still has not sunk in. This week I celebrated the birth of my oldest daughter who is now 17. Good God I am old. We are actually celebrating this weekend with some pampering and mother daughter time I hope. Normally we would do this with food but we decided since we are both trying to be healthier we would pick something else like hair, nails, books and coffee. I made it through 4 full days of Whole30 and I didn't die, cheat, kill anyone or commit hari kari. I pretty much want to kill people though and what I have learned is that wine always usually fixes this. What does it say about me alcoholic that I miss this more than anything else. Hmmm... I also had my first tennis practice last night and I wanted to kill my team mates too but it felt good to take it out on the ball. Even though I was horrible.  First match on Sunday with a high of 42 degrees... yippee!!! Anyway let's get to a few favorite things with Amanda and kick this year off!


All of a sudden I am in love with Hozier. This song...


Week 2 of Whole30 and I am ready for new recipes. This one is on deck. Original pin here.

Greek Meatballs with Avocado Tzatziki Sauce from Primally Inspired:


I have had a turntable on my Amazon wish list for over a year. Found this one over the holidays at Urban Outfitters and I am in lust. Can't you just hear the Fleet Wood Mac spinning out of this thing? I want it so bad... I mean it's nude too... I have a thing for anything in nude.


So even though the under boob tattoo is probably the new tramp stamp I like it. I would do it if I was like 21... now not so much but this one is really pretty.

Underboobs tattoo noir:


I have been obsessed with being comfortable as of late and that means comfy footwear. I have also recently started buying Nike shoes again... I go in spurts with different brands. The new Nike's are fitting me better. Need. These. Nike Flyknit Lunar 3. Money spent on good shoes is worth every penny.



I just ordered these to make the next 3 weeks (and beyond) a little easier. I have cheap ones from Target and they leak and I'm sick of it.  I like that they are compartmentalized, stackable and fingers crossed leak proof. I am a lunch taker as a rule so this is something I will surely use Whole30 and beyond. And also, now I will look like a real fitfam member when I Instagram my meal prep. Cause that really matters...


And it would not be Friday without the stoopid funny stuff... Enjoy.

This caption. The bear's face. Perfect.

28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

This baby clearly gives zero fucks.

28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

Since JOY is my word for the year. This kid's face = JOY.

28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

I laughed too hard because that's the kind of Mom I am.

28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

Smugness obliterated.

28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

And on that note... always keep one eye on the rear view mirror. Have a great weekend!


  1. hahaha! i hate aholes who think they've one but get beat. i was watching this fight where the guy thought he had it because he landed a solid punch and turned around to do his victory dance...well, the ref didn't stop the fight so when the ahole turned around, the other guy knocked him the fuck out HAHAHAHAHAHA!! best.

  2. Those meal prep containers are great; I need to get myself a few. What a wonderful idea - have a great weekend!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. Happy belated birthday to your daughter - hope you guys enjoy the mother/daughter time this weekend!! I love the way that baby is crawling - that is so cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I haven't heard that Hozier song yet! Listening now!

  5. I actually started writing 2016 in December...I guess I have been looking forward to this year for a while! And I would so be that mom that cracks up at their kids expense...they are such a pain...YOU HAVE TO! Happy Friday Amy!

  6. I had volleyball last night and I wanted to kill all the people too. RAGE. I don't like losing. Especially when I'm predisposed to be angry. One of these days you're going to convince me a I need a tattoo. That underboob on is gorgeous! Still would probably never go that big, but wow! I've been loving Hozier too, Kati Rose got me hooked. Let me know how those meat balls go... I'm getting to the point here soon where I have more recipes to try than days to cook them during our challenge...

  7. Lol with that skater...he deserved being beat for gloating early...ha! And omg that bear...I just love it. And i'm pretty sure just watching that kids happiness made my heart uber happy. I'm going to look up that tupperware cause all of mine sucks