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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I confess...
Wednesday Addams, would be a great graphic for my home office, especially since Angee compares me to Wednesday ;):
Happy Wednesday! Confession time with Kathy & Nadine and a few Hashtags with Laura & Lauren. I kind of feel like I don't know what I am doing today. It's Day 31 post Whole30 in case you have been living in a hole or are new here. this leads me to my first confession.

I actually got a little freaked out or sad or something yesterday when I was leaving work thinking about what today would bring. I like being in the Whole30 bubble on some level. It's safe. Now I have to think and sometimes I fuck that up. #thinkinghurtsmybrain

I still have not decided what I'm doing tonight, going out for drinks, having a glass of wine at home, staying the course for a few more days and not having a drink at all....  #what #itspossiblebob

I'll tell you what I am not doing. I'm not going to eat a bunch of shitty food. I was trying to think... what do I want? What would be worth it? I honestly have no clue. I think that first bite of something off plan is going to be a weird feeling for me this time. #illtoughitoutthough

I am pretty sure I saved possibly a couple hundred bucks last month by not eating out, meeting friends for drinks or taking the kids out to eat. We ate at home a lot and say what you will about how expensive it is to eat healthy it is still way, way cheaper than eating out! That needs to become new normal. It's really nice to have money to buy things with. #whatwalletwatch #retailtherapyburnscalories

21 Things That Inevitably Happen At The Container Store

Speaking of things I needed, I ordered the Amazon Fire Stick yesterday. It has been on my wish list for awhile and it was $10 off yesterday with the voice controlled remote. I can now take lazy to a whole new level from my bed. Part one of operation "ditch Comcast" is in effect. Do you have one? #tellmeallaboutit #thiswillsavememoney #eventually

Happy Humpday Hookers.

More Coffee Less Talky

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. i;d love to know more about the fire stick!! and congrats again for making it through whole 30!

  2. I have the fire stick but haven't used it. We'll use it at the shore. I do have Rokus for the other two TVs in the house. I love them and do not miss cable at all.

  3. lol, this is so funny! WHAT DOES THE WHOLE 30 DO TO YOU! It sounds so intense!! Good on you for making a plan and for finishing! Bravo!

  4. LMAO guess what? that image at the top of this post? I THOUGHT IT WAS A PENIS WITH HAIR HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    anyway..... just continue with the whole30 thing for the most part and don't be so restrictive. have that wine when you feel like it; have that chocolate when you feel like it but when you stick to clean eating most of the time, eating those little things won't do a thing.

  5. I agree that eating healthy ends up being cheaper since you don't eat out, and on the part about a little fear leaving the whole30 bubble. We will get there though, back to our new normal. Enjoy the fire stick! We have one along with all the other gadgets the bf buys and it's pretty awesome. I like that it uses wifi instead of blu-tooth so it doesn't take up your data. or at least I think that's the gadget that I'm thinking of... this is why I date a tech nerd, so I don't have to know things.

  6. Aside from the health benefits of whole 30 I'd say saving money from not eating out is really high up there too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. You did it! Woot! Can't wait to hear what you decide will be your indulgence . . . so many choices! And eating in DOES save money - just sucks up your time! Ha!

  8. You will have to let us know how you like the Amazon fire stick!!

  9. wait what is this amazon fire stick? (I maybe assumed it was something you took camping) is it like the chromecast but better? I kind of wish I could talk my roommate into ditching U-Verse, she needs her housewives + Kardashians though...........

  10. is it wrong that I think of "hooker" as a term of endearment? so, your closing statement made me smile. I've been trying to bring my lunch to work much more often to save money. even though, I'm not whole30-ing, it still makes me eat healthier too.

  11. Explain the fire stick to me!!! I just don't get it!!!!

  12. I got rid of Comcast a few months ago and don't regret it. Now we just have over-the-air channels and Netflix.