Results & 15 ish Random Things Whole30 Taught Me

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Oh Hi... Thought I would stop by today and recap a little of my Whole30 results and experience. It's been a whole week... wait what??... since I finished up and got into the reintroduction phase and pretty much rocked my own socks off. So, here's how it all shook out in a nutshell:

Umm yeah, it's pretty impressive when you look at the numbers. What the numbers don't measure are the feels. It's one of the most amazing things I've done from the standpoint of just steadily feeling better, getting in tune with your body and thinking about how what you put into it really affects you. I jotted down just a few of the fun things I learned about myself, the whole30 and anything else that popped into my head. Go...

  • The hardest part is starting, committing and telling everyone you are doing it. No really, the first few days suck. Yes, it's exciting and new. Still sucks. It's like you're mourning the loss of all the crap.
  • The Dishwasher is always full and needs to be run and/or emptied. Every. Freaking. Day. I hope you have kids.
  • Sun butter looks like poop. Baby poop specifically. I don't like this. It's sunflower seed butter in case ya didn't get that.
  • You don't really realize how bad you were feeling until you start feeling differently. What you thought was normal really wasn't.
  • I am a rule follower, give me rules and parameters, black and white guidelines and I will knock it out of the park. In this instance... for the purposes of this kind of task specifically, not so much on life in general. I do what I want.
  • You will eat more eggs in the first two weeks than you thought possible and then you just can't even anymore.
  • If you're angry/bitter/frustrated/homicidal eat some protein and fat. I recommend bacon. You will feel better. Don't eat junk food.
  • I am not now nor will I ever be a naturally thin person. I will always have to work at it. And so what. I really wish I had come to grips with this 20 years ago. I like food. A lot.
  • When you don't eat/drink shitty things you don't have gas. Swear to God. 
  • Sometimes hiding in your closet after work is a good alternative to anything else. I need some time to decompress when I get home and if I can't have a glass of wine hiding is a good plan. Versus mindless eating.
  • Your friends won't invite you anywhere while you are on Whole30 because they think you can not eat or drink anything normal. Invite yourself and order a big fat steak.
  • Going to the grocery store takes a little longer because if you veer off the perimeter you have to do a lot of reaching, reading and returning things to the shelves. On the plus side... arm work.
  • Some people will disappear from your life  for various reasons during Whole30. Most notably the people who you most enjoyed doing all the bad things with. Some come back. I think some just feel uncomfortable when they see you making really big changes and maybe possibly getting left behind.
  • You will spend ridiculous amounts of time in your kitchen as compared to when you were on the grab and go food plan. Which leads me to the next one...
  • If you take the time and meal prep you will actually save yourself tons of time and headache over the course of a week. Whole30 requires thought in the beginning especially, meal prepping requires you to think less which is a good thing. If you do it right you can have some of that grab and go again.
  • Your body will start changing quickly. Water is the first to go and it was really, really obvious for me. The puffiness subsides and pants start feeling loose.

And the last thought for this post...Real food is amazing. I think your tastebuds get retrained rather quickly.  I have had a few bites of off plan foods here and there the last week and not one thing tasted as good as I thought it would. So in 30 days I think I did form a habit and in 6 months I won't even be thinking about it so much because apparently it will be automatic. How cool is that?

I am going to do a post on just food one of these days too. Because most people really seem to want to know "but what did you eat"??? My answer is always everything I could have and a lot of it. I'll get to that another day though!


  1. Love this . . . especially the part where you don't realize how bad you feel until you don't feel it anymore. I should probably do this Whole 30 again for a reset. And closet hiding - love that! So glad you are feeling awesome! You made the Whole 30 look easy, and it's not so high five!

  2. people are always saying "but what else is there if you don't eat grains?" and the answer is EVERYTHING! grains are just pasta, bread. i make my own bread so that's not a problem and pasta -- well, there's quinoa pasta. not the same but still pasta.

    i eat meats, potatoes, BACON, full fat stuff like avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oils....errting! i never feel deprived!

  3. The gas thing is so true! LOL. And I only noticed it when I went off plan after the fact. It happened and I was like whoa - haven't done that in a while. All the grocery store stuff and prepping is so true too, but it's worth it! And don't even get me started on the dishwasher, it was never, ever empty.

  4. Yay whole 30!!! I agree with everything you said. My face really cleared up, I actually lost 9 pounds total if you include the time from the morning of day 30 on Tuesday to Sunday morning for me. Amazing. I never lost so much weight in one month before!!! I am back to eating clean during the week and will allow myself a cheat meal on the weekends. If I am being totally honest, I felt like shit after eating buffalo chicken cheese dip on Sunday and care not to repeat that feeling like ever again. I am hoping the 6 month thing is true!

  5. Go you!!! Im so proud of you girl!

  6. Sounds like you learned a lot through this journey (and remind me to never eat sun butter based on look based on looks alone! In all honesty, this sounds like a good fitness journey and one that kept you engaged throughout. Can't complain about that!

  7. I'd love to see more in depth what you ate. Did I miss that post already? I don't know how I missed this one.

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