The BreakUp Challenge Update - Whole30 Day 30

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I did it. On my own with no help, no short cuts  no hookups. Just me.:

The day has finally come, Day30. I will successfully complete my second round of the Whole30 and The Break Up Challenge with Laura today. I will say I had no doubt that I would get here but I really think it went by a lot faster and a bit smoother than I thought it would.

In keeping with what I have been doing here every week I am going to recap my last week and talk about next week a little today. I do want to do a more thorough post on my Whole30 journey at some point soon because there really is so much that I learned by doing it for a second time. So stay tuned for that most likely in a series of some sort... I have a lot to say about it. I photographed virtually every meal I ate, kept a detailed spreadsheet of the food and a daily journal of how I was feeling that I will share if anyone is interested. People are nosy, they always want to see what someone else is doing so I figured what the heck.

The last week has been pretty much just staying the course for me. The crazy mood swings are long gone as are the cravings. The tiger blood days were just as sweet as I remembered from last year. I have come to love hopping into my bed at night grandma early and waking up super refreshed and full of energy. I still hit the snooze a bunch of times but old habits die hard. Day 28 came and went and there were no thoughts of veering off course prematurely... thank God. Pretty sure my trip to the Mexican restaurant last week was the big mental and emotional show down for me and I got past it.  I have to say that by the time I get to the last week of the 30 days I feel like I have reached baller status and no one can touch me... I would never think to give up or cheat but that's just me. Rather than mentally saying "I can't have that" I catch myself  smugly saying things like "I don't eat that" or "How dare you?" when I am confronted with a non-compliant food or beverage. Not gon do it.

I also find that at this point I am an expert, even if only in my own mind, and the feed back that I get from people still annoys me. Telling me (your opinion) that it's really not healthy to cut anything out of your diet completely is only going to make me think one thing.

Tomorrow I get to weigh and measure myself when I get up because dems the rules. None of that till you are done, done, done. Will what the scale say make or break me? If it's not what I am hoping for will it lessen my joy at this accomplishment? I really don't think so. But I have yoga pants that are falling off, not a pretty site when I was running up the stairs at my house this weekend,  so I am pretty sure I will like what I see. I can drop weight very quickly when I go all in, the short term has never been my struggle.

Here's What's next:

Re-Introduction: Fast Track  vs. The Slow Roll

The next step after Whole30 is the reintroduction of the things you eliminated in a systematic and planned way. The point is to see how your body reacts to the off plan foods. Do you get an upset stomach, do you break out, get moody, lethargic, bloated? There are two approaches to this; a 10 day fast track where you introduce one thing every few days or the slow roll where you take your time and decide when something comes along that is worth it for you to add back in. I'm going for the slow roll. The thought of eating grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol and legumes all over the next 10 days does not sound appealing to me at all. I just think for me it would be too much, stress me out and make me feel bad. On the plus side you get all the answers in a short period of time, but I'm in no hurry and I already pretty much have solid clues as to how certain things affect me from the last time I did this. Tomorrow I will start with a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail... not sure which but I am leaning toward wine. Time for me to celebrate a little but I am not really ready to relax on the food too much.

Soooo... wow. 30 days and this challenge is now officially about over. It has been a great experience, again. Thanks for all of the support and words of encouragement along the way! And thanks to my friend Laura for all of the emails and texts, snap chats and tags! And Nadine too!!! I am so glad we got to do this together, it helps so much to have someone to go through it with! I highly recommend finding a buddy if you decide to take on your own Whole30 at some point. My real life buddy was drinking beer by the first Saturday so I appreciate you ladies!

And that's about it for today! Stay tuned for the pounds and inches lost update later this week, a collage of 30 days of food and maybe some real talk and a peek into my journal soon.  Cheers!


  1. Here we are, day 30!!! The highest of high fives is deserved!!! So I got on the scale this morning. I had to. For some reason my mind was saying that it was totally ok to do it today. And boy am I glad I did because it made me happy and really refocused my thoughts on the whole reintroduction thing. I feel this next phase is going to be harder than the last 30 days and I am scared.

    Thanks to you and Laura for this challenge and all the encouragement and emails! You ladies are fabulous and I feel we must do this again. I know this wont be my last whole 30.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the stats! Congrats on being done!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Feeling awesome is the true prize when you make big changes like this. I'd be with you on the slow roll re-introduction.

    You should be proud of yourself!

  4. lol, everyone has an opinion on the best way to lose weight or be healthy, that's funny. I have never done Whole 30 but it's very popular on the interwebs so I bet it is worth it (and difficult based on everyone's posts!). Congrats on making it!

  5. Wow Congrats on the 30 days!!! A few of my friends did this! I really should have gotten on the bandwagon!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  6. Yes you did - you finished another successful round! That is so amazing! I know you are super proud and I'm hoping for big numbers on the scale because we all want to see that sucker go down!

  7. YAY! Seriously, thank you for all the support and doing this with me! I can't believe we made it, day 30! I'm excited to see what your results are and how you go about reintro - like I told you i'm scared about this weekend away. Hopefully I can keep it together. Still in disbelief today, maybe tomorrow it will be real (when we can partake and have a drink!)

  8. Yay congrats girl! You rocked it!

  9. you all did amazing! can't believe that 30 days has gone by. super proud of you :)

  10. kudos to youuuu! i feel like there should be music playing and you jumping around pumping your fists in the air!