10 On Tuesday: 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hey. Linking up with Miss Karli today for 10 on Tuesday. Stealing a prompt from the fabulous Helene because she's awesome. It's always fun to hear what quirky things make someone's heart go boom boom and here's a few of mine!

1. When my dog army crawls on his belly up from the foot of my bed  to my face and snuggles into me like a little spoon with his head on my pillow. We call that "laying like people".

2. A giant Diet Mountain Dew from the Race Trac fountain on Saturday morning. Crushed ice, not cubed.

3. Bright orange polish on fingers and toes in the springtime.

4. Crawling into my little girl's bunk bed with her in the morning to wake her up. It's like being in a little fort with her.

5. Shopping on Saturday's with my best friend. We do the most mundane things like Walmart and Costco but somehow doing it together makes it super fun. Plus we usually sneak off for a beer and a snack along the way.

6. When someone else cooks for me. It could be anything at all, but after a lifetime of cooking for other people this is one of the things I truly appreciate and enjoy. I wish I would have realized growing up what a gift it was that my parents and Grandparents were such amazing cooks!

7. Winning a tennis match in 3 sets ending with a tiebreaker when you think you blew it. Nothing feels better than a comeback. This happened Sunday by the way. My feet have yet to recover.

8. Frosting. I love cake but the frosting is where it's at. Preferably like a vanilla butter cream. Don't want yours? I'll take it.

9. A ripped to perfection t-shirt. It's a method I have perfected dismantling the neck, arms and hem so that the edge rolls up just perfectly and look like you have been wearing it that way forever. It's the first thing I reach for when I get home from work. That and leggings. Which are pants in my house.

10. Dessert for dinner. Because life is short. Eat the pie.


  1. omg yes to frosting! i am not a huge cake person but i am all about the frosting. i could eat it all day. and yes to someone else cooking for you.. i don't care what it is, but if i didn't cook, i'm happy.

  2. i love waking kayla up in the morning, even though she's grump. i will give her soft kisses until she whines NOOOO! hahaha

  3. I gave up soda this month and it's making me realize how much I crave it haha!! Love the way you wake your daughter up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Inside my home, leggings are pants. Outside, they are not. LOL

  5. I hate cake but I love frosting!!! I totally eat a cake or cupcake for the frosting. But dont give me chocolate frosting, gross. Nothing is better than crushed ice. It makes all drink happier.

  6. I love your top 10 post this week! Especially the bright orange nail polish.. I don't think I'd ever be able to rock it, but it sure does sound fun!
    I also wrote my top 10 over at my blog if you would like to read it and show some love, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

  7. Your dog's grumbles when he's "talking" to you...that makes me happy. Seriously. I smile everytime I see him do it on snapchat.
    Allllll the bright nail polish makes me happy. Even lime green!

  8. This was a great list . . . love that pic of Winston!!! And it's good to make a happy list . . . sometimes I forget to look on the bright side! :-)