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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Linking up a little late with Anne and Jenna for a little currently in my world...


A trip to the beach. There I said it, now maybe it will actually happen! An ex coworker of mine has a place in Panama City Beach and that's basically his view down there. I hit him up for some dates on renting it. I know he will give me a good deal and I can't think of anything I would like more right now than a week at the beach! Except maybe a million dollars.


The slow and leisurely pace of summer. No packing lunches, checking homework, bazillion trips to the grocery store. Actually no kids at the moment at all. Did I mention how much I enjoy having no kids at all? 


New tennis shoes... these Asics. I play so much I have to buy new about every 6 months. Everyone raves about Asics so gonna give them a try and cheat on Nike. I have worn them twice and the jury is still out on whether I like them or not. I feel like I should already know though so... but they look really cool!


All of the things. I don't know what's wrong with me but I am on a food bender lately. I am pretty sure it's stress related. I would kill for this pizza that I ate recently right now. Thin crust pepperoni and banana pepper. You feel me?


More food things because like I said... stressed out fatass. I am kind of on an avocado toast kick so now I am going to start pinning that. 

Seriously y'all...  I am going to go make some avocado toast now. Byeeeee....


  1. Oh your new shoes are so fancy!! A beach trip is most certainly needed! We are heading down to Gulf Shores in a few weeks and I seriously cannot wait! CANT NOT WAIT!!!! mmmmmm pizza.

  2. school ends June 29 for us and i can't freaking wait. fuck making lunches; i hate doing that shit!

  3. That pizza has me wanting pizza too! I NEED to start eating healthy for this summer. I say that as I have a bag of chips & dip next to me mind you. Maybe Thursday when I'm not home alone. However, on the flip side I did make zucchini lasagna for lunches/suppers this week so there's that.

  4. i have been eating like absolute shit lately. i have a cruise in 10 days so i need to do some serious restricting - or at least try and be sensible and stop eating crap - otherwise i might sink the bloody ship.
    my first pair of running shoes were asics and they lasted me like 5 years.. then i wore them as my gym shoes or like when we would travel as my walking sneakers, if that makes sense. now i use them to mow the lawn and apart from the obvious grass stains and what not, they are in perfect condition. i love them. they were actually technically 'netball' shoes and i played like 5 games of netball in them haha.

  5. That're killing me.

    I'm a huge fan of asics gel kayanos.

  6. You do NEED a week at the beach . . . hope it happens soon! My middle son is at PCB with friends this week having a blast! And I'm with you on the summer schedule of no homework, school stress and lunch packing . . . but how has 2 weeks already passed? Asics are my brand . . . I tried to hip myself up with some Nikes but they looked funny - like too wide or something. Yours are super cute! And cheers, I'm on an eating and evening summer cocktail bender as well - I enjoy it until I get on the scale. Glad you are well my bloggy friend!