Stick A Needle In Me, I'm Done: It's Bo Time

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Guess what? This is a post about needles but not a post about getting tattooed. This post is about fighting the battle that all women fight on the regular, the battle to stay young looking. This post is about the struggle to keep the stress and the strain of daily life from showing on our beautiful faces for the whole world to see. This post is about Botox. I'm getting some.

Are you shocked? Don't be... I have been thinking about it for awhile, honestly for like the last 10 years navigating my way through work, various stages of employment, divorce, dating. You can tell me your opinion if you want to I don't care tho but here is my thought process. The simple reason is I have lines in my forehead and between my brows that bug me. I see them in every picture. Sometimes I edit them out, sometimes I leave them in. All the times they bug me. Botox will fix the problem, it's really quite that simple. Right? Maybe... because nothing is that simple really.

The other thing is is that lately,  I find myself really getting hung up on looking as young as possible without looking weird of course, for job searching purposes. There is something really disconcerting to me about working with recruiters and meeting people in interviews that are... ahem... younger. I wonder, am I losing out to younger women, simply because...  younger looking is generally more attractive than older looking? I mean there is no way for me to really know that but it's certainly a reality I have to face. It's possible. I would like to believe that people don't judge based on appearance but it's not true and we all know it.

Don't get me wrong, for 45 I think I look pretty amazing and people hot men tell me all the time so it must have some credence.  On the other hand, if I can take away one thing, or 10, that I personally don't like looking at why should I not? I also have about 8 or 10 gray hairs and they won't be making an appearance any time soon either. Botox is pretty much just another beauty regimen now like coloring your hair. When I think of the top 3 things that make women look older I think ... gray hair, wrinkles, sagging skin. Hair color and injectables are quick and easy fixes for the first two... plastic surgery is a different animal but I would totally go there at some point if I had the bank. Not likely in this lifetime.

Now I could lie and say I have researched this extensively for the blog, reached out to various spas and doctors, investigated all of the pros and cons... I have not. I have a good friend who is a seasoned vet and I'm just going where she goes. She always looks amazing. Good enough for me. So for the bargain price of $140 I can get 20 units of botulinum toxin injected into my forehead and look like I never had a crazy ex-husband. SOLD. And for $40 a month after that I can keep that "she always looks like she just got laid" vibe going indefinitely. SIGN ME UP.

Oh and in case you are wondering, of course I am going to blog about it. Before and after pics, the whole nine. What do you think about Botox? Yay or Nay?

Don't be judgy.


  1. I say "go for it"! If it makes you feel better about yourself who am I to judge? Btw, you do look amazing for 45.......I would have never guessed!

    1. Thank you, I am blessed with good genes and a youthful attitude. I figure Botox is not permanent so if I don't like it no harm done!

  2. Nay for me, but yay for everyone doing whatever the hell they want to do.

    I think it's hard for women to age in the workplace and switch jobs. I do.

  3. i totally understand where you are coming from. i have an opinion for myself right now, but i am only 29. who knows what i will think in 10 or 20 years? my mum does not get botox but she gets something .. fillers? or something? for under her eyes. it works for a time and then stops working, she gets them done again. good for her. good for anyone who wants to do what they want to do. i don't judge anyone, just like i expect people not to judge me for something they wouldn't necessarily do themselves. good luck!

  4. Good for you!!! I had to laugh at the look like I never had a crazy ex-husband. I am not opposed to Botox. While I haven't considered it for myself yet, I am aware of the lines I have around my eyes and forehead and know that they are only going to get worse as time progresses. I think if it is something that you want to do and it is going to make you feel good....then you go for it! Cant wait to read your post about it.

  5. do you, girl. if botox is what you want to do, go for it. treat yo'self.

    for me, i stick with cosmetic acupuncture. for real, i've had 2 sessions and my skin is looking amazing, considering the shit show that it's been lately. it's way brighter and the lines are going away. i do a lot of DIY to it because i'm hippie granola like that and the masks i use combined with cosmetic acu is def working.

  6. GO FOR IT! I have thought about it a lot, but haven't decided to do it yet. Can't wait to see the before and afters.

  7. You do you boo! I say as women we need to support each other's choices as long as they aren't hurting anyone . . . so get your botox and then share all the deets!

    Bummer about the job but so glad you still have projects at our current place! And cheers to the summer . . . I was ready to be done with the craziness of school!