Summer Goals 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yeah so I am not much of a goal setter in general. Something about setting goals just seems defeatist to me like New Year's resolutions. I always set the goals to high or make them too big or somehow unattainable and then I fail and get mad at myself. I am, however, a huge list maker because somehow in my head a list of things I want to accomplish aka goals is somehow less daunting. But sometimes you just need to buckle down and set some honest to goodness goals so I am linking up with Steph for Summer Goals 2016. Summer is short, how hard can this be? Riiiiight.... so aside from Garlic Bread here goes:

Meal Prep - This is one of the things I feel most guilty about not doing because it is a no brainer for keeping the Paleo lifestyle on track. It is woefully off track. The truth is that Sunday is not working as well for me but the reality is it doesn't matter when you do it just as long as you do! Putting it on the calendar weekly with a shopping list and Menu.

Stay On Top of The Mail - Does anyone else have a problem with this? It just piles up and up at my house. It is all over my kitchen and there really is no excuse. Go through it daily and toss it. If it's important take a picture of it and throw it into Evernote. I hate paper.

Purge Clothing - Load up the car and take all of the various piles to GoodWill. Or call the local Women's shelter that will come pick it up. I had the best of intentions of selling lots of kids clothes on FB garage sales and making money but yeah... not happening. I'll take the tax write off. Get it out of the house before the next school year starts!

Read A Book On My Nightstand - I know you voraciously reading book lovers are cringing right now but I have a stack that I just can't seem to get through of brand new shiny pretty books. Shame on me. This means I need to axe some reality TV shows. No great loss.

Brunch at a new spot on my list in town, I'm thinking here. They have like seven different kinds of benedict so...

Take the kids to a Braves game. Even though they suck hind tit. OR Take a day trip to Senoia to see the Walking Dead being filmed.

Make reservations for my birthday dinner at Gunshow. This restaurant has been on my list for 2 years. It is happening this year. So happening.

Blog 3X A Week with.... wait for it... original content 2X. Only 1 link up allowed if absolutely necessary because, lazy.

Do one totally and completely New Thing that I have never done before. I have no idea what but if it's not adult content I'll let you know. 

Life According to Steph

Linking up with my gal Steph for the fun...


  1. ugh meal planning. i HATE IT but i have to do it otherwise i panic and freak out.

  2. LOL if it's not adult content. Hahahaha. I like your list. I have been working on purging items from my closet and around the house, I have stayed on top my meal planning game for the most part...though it could be healthier! And mail is just the worst, unless it is money or something fun.

  3. I would love to see TWD being filmed!

  4. I love the new thing thing. So important to keep doing new stuff. It keeps you sharp.

    Sunday is no longer working for me meal-prep wise either...But Monday might not because of zumba. I am thinking of how I want to deal with that. I need a shift also.

  5. OMG I love mail. I get it almost daily. I love sorting and organizing and purging too!! Although, I tend to do that only as the season's change to get rid of whatever I didn't wear the entire season!! I should come clean your place!!

  6. This is a good list . . . very doable which makes it work! And most of this stuff is just forcing yourself to do it - meal plan, mail purging, blogging . . . that can be hard but maybe just put the time in your calendar and go with it like anything else you schedule! And I really can't wait to hear about the "new thing!"

  7. Good list! I love to read, it's the time that's the issue. I've a pile of magazines and books on my nightstand waiting too.