4th of July Weekending

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What a fun weekend! And here we are on a Tuesday already one day closer to the weekend. Today marks the first day of me being officially a free agent again. Friday was the official last day of my contract so I am home this morning, job hunting, blogging, drinking some tea. Not hating it... yet. I have a Bumble date at 1;00 at Starbucks for coffee. Yes... yet another dating site, new to me, not new I guess. It's the women's version of Tinder apparently. We both swipe to match up but only the girl is allowed to send the first message after the match. I like this, I get to decide who contacts me. I will report back on my date today!

In other news the weekend was jam packed until Monday which was a lazy slob fest watching Wimbledon on the couch. I only made it out of the house for nachos. No shame, they were awesome!

And the rest I will leave it to the pictures. We kicked off Friday night with birthday dinner for my son who turned 14. He requested Lasagna and it was awesome. I can't believe my baby is becoming a young man complete with the deep voice and about to be taller than me. We had a nice night! Food, fireworks, drinks, tennis, hanging with friends... all of my favorite things filled out the weekend nicely!

So I guess the good news is I'll be back tomorrow. Lot's of time for blogging now and I am sure you will all want to know about my date! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Can't wait to hear what you think of your date today!! We had a lake weekend as well and it was perfect! All the food you had looked amazing! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. what a great weekend! happy birthday to your boy. it's amazing how fast they grow.

  3. Oooh my gosh, all of that food is making my so hungry. That trifle and those nachos - yum!! Good luck with the job hunting!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. Lots of outside time + social time + lazy time, I like it.

    Happy birthday to your son!

    I hope your date went well.

  5. OMG those nachos! You just decided my supper for me... Happy birthday to your son! Looks like a really great weekend.

  6. I'm about to go to lunch right after blog reading. I should NOT have read yours. Now, I want all the food because those pics look scrumptious!

  7. Happy birthday to your son . . . 14 is a turning point . . . you'll wonder where the man child came from soon! Your lake life looks amazing . . . and the food . . . eat all the things and enjoy! And of course we are dying to hear about the date! Get to writing!!!

  8. That lasagna looks amazing. Good luck with the job search.