Currently... July

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's the beginning of another month so time for some Currently business with Anne and Jenna.


I think I am becoming a bit of a beer snob. The only way I really enjoy my old Miller Lite or Coors Light is as an outdoor beer if you know what I mean... pool, tennis, lake, golfing beer. Other than that I want something that really tastes interesting. here a couple of current faves!

Bell's Oberon Ale is a wheat ale with a slight spicy and fruity taste. Perfect for summer! Oh and it's a Michigan beer from my home that!

Abita Strawberry Harvest is a lager brewed with pilsner so  a little lighter. The addition of real strawberry juice after brewing gives it a slightly lightly sweet flavor and still a little nice tartness!


Crazy? Nah... not for reals but a little bit maybe. Since I am currently home for a bit I am going to be taking just a few days off this week to make plans. To not stress too too much over the job sitch. But while focusing on that check some shit off my house to do list. Goodwill, closet cleaning, Let Go (selling some crap)... purging unnecessary things around me goes along way for me in being able to think clearly and focus on the things I really need to.


I am addicted to Bath and Body Works Room Sprays mainly for the bathroom but anywhere really. Bowties and Bourbon is my current favorite. It is heavenly! It's a little manly but you know me, I like that shit.


New boots... Adelphie by Steve Madden in Taupe. I wore these out in the ankle version last fall. This color is pretty much perfect with everything I swear! Yes, I know it's summer but I couldn't resist. I still do wear jeans a good bit and these actually look pretty cute with shorts too. The cut outs make them look very fresh and current. I get tired of seeing feet all the time. I hate feet. And flat sandals kill me.


Lash extensions or just longer lashes in general. My eyelashes are getting less and less by the day and it is driving me nuts! I know lash extensions can ultimately be very damaging but they look so pretty. All the research I have done leads me to this product... neuLASH. All the reviews pretty much say it works in just 3 weeks or so but a little pricey. Anyone have any experience with this or any other eyelash growth serum product?? It's currently on my Amazon wishlist for now...

What are you up to currently?


  1. i love those fruity ales as well. we have our fridge stocked with them/flavoured ciders :)

  2. I love a good dark beer . . . although cold is my preferred beer of choice! Ha! Get rid of all the shit . . . it will feel so good! And I so hope you enjoy your "staycation" while job hunting . . . it may just be a gift to have a bit of time home this summer!

  3. I hate wearing shoes. My feet are claustrophobic right now. LOL

  4. That is my absolute favorite scent from BBW, and I was so upset when I thought they got rid of it last year. I just bought two of the candles; I had no idea they made a room spray! I had a Miller the other day and almost gagged- my tastes have definitely changed. I've been sampling all the seasonal summer ales. Good luck with knocking out the housework!

  5. Oh LOL stupid me, I thought toasting referred to bread not beer. I have never tried a room spray, although I love the cheap scented oils I bought a few years ago. Nothing like real essenital oils (I have those too) but still good.

  6. When I lived in Houston I had a friend that was obsessed with Strawberry Abita.

  7. I love Abita! I like the cheap shit though, like you, for summer time drinking (ie more beer because it's less filling!)
    You are freaking me out though with those's the dead of summer girl!! Let's circle back in three months mkay?! :)

  8. oh that strawberry beer sounds amazing! i am the opposite of a beer snob, i only like bud light (i know, i know) and anything else is just too beer-y for me. but that strawberry one sounds good at least haha. i feel you on wanting longer lashes, but i can't be bothered (and am also too cheap) to get extensions. that neulash sounds interesting though, expensive but if it works...?

  9. Yes to Michigan beers! But I got to try some Abita when in New Orleans for work and liked that a lot too. Hard to go wrong with a summer beer in general though, I think :) Thanks for linking up again!