So I've Been Thinking... To Whole30 or Not?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The first step is always the hardest! #quote #inspiration #TEAMride:

The first time I did a Whole30 was a few years ago when I was unemployed and it was a huge success for me for many reasons. If you don't know you can read about it here. I went back and recently read that post searching for inspiration and I immediately felt that this might actually be the perfect time for me to do another one. Have I lost my mind? Ummm.. it's summer time, pool time, concert time. It's really not the perfect time to go hard on the eating and drinking things. Or is it?  I am between gigs right now and fighting the fight to stay upbeat and positive but I feel the stress starting to grate on me. The stress of not being in control of things, big things, and letting certain other big things get out of control again. So I am thinking while I have a lot of time to devote to actually managing a Whole30 and rocking it I probably should and here is why:

  • As I mentioned here I am out of control. When I found out back in April that my contract position would likely be coming to an early end I let the "woe is me's" take over and gave myself permission to self medicate with all the things I could put in my mouth. Meh... it is what it is. 
  • I'm a control freak in certain aspects of my life. Not in regards to others but just me.  I don't have to control all of it all the time and I usually let my job fill that need so when there is no job I need another thing to take it's place and that thing needs to just be about me. I am a firm believer that in large part our health is completely within our control very simply by making changes in food and exercise. 
  • I flipped through the calendar and noticed that August 1 lands on a Monday. I mean, I like logical things. Starting something new on  Monday and on the first of the month is just too perfect to pass up, isn't it? If the first was on a Friday I would be a lot less jazzed. This is my sign...
  • You can totally have a 100% successful Whole30 while working full time in an office setting it just takes more planning and prepping. Being at home and being able to be in the kitchen whenever to whip up perfect Whole30 meals is a gift. I kind of don't want to pass that up. 
  • My shorts don't feel good and unless I want to go out and buy a size bigger I need to buckle down and man up. Stop the insanity. 
  • I have been wondering if not really feeling my best or fitting into what I want to wear is affecting my interview vibe in a negative way. It's really not good when you walk into a room feeling like you don't look your best. Sadly people judge you on your looks. 
  • My new oven is coming soon remember? Apparently it takes a minute weeks to ship giant things across the country but it is coming. That means massive amounts of cooking amazing things is immediately on the horizon. Perfect time to be immersed in food. 
  • I feel gross all of the time and I want to feel the Tiger Blood again. It happens to me every time and it's something that stays with you. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's basically getting to the point in the program where you physically feel the effects of the Whole30 mind, body and spirit. 
  • I need something positive to focus on. Something that, don't take this the wrong way, but something that makes me feel superior if even  only in my own mind. I get down on myself and I tend to sometimes take responsibility for things that are really out of my control. Fatal flaw. This is always a positive experience and makes me feel empowered! 

Here's the thing though, I have a few dates on my August calendar that are going to be extremely challenging to navigate and stay on Whole30 100%. Like a private wine tasting that I PLANNED for a group of friends. How do I get through that? Two concerts, possibly a third. A really good friend's birthday that usually means going out and getting mildly shit faced and Ubering all over town. All things to think about but honestly none of these would be worth giving up the end result of feeling 100% better and more in control in 30 short days. Yes, the immediate gratification whore in my soul loves this most about doing a true Whole30... it works fast and the results are palpable in so many ways. 

I have 5 more days to decide and commit. What do you guys think I should do? 


  1. i say you do it. you have the time off so take advantage of that!

  2. Why don't you just tack on an extra day for every day you go out and have fun? It might turn the 30 days more into a lifestyle that way...maybe?

  3. I say go for it . . . there is never a perfect time and there will always be something fun to navigate!! Plus you have the time and if it's anything, it's time consuming!!! You got this girl!

  4. I am feeling the exact same way and have completely lost my mojo. I have been thinking about whole 30 but have never tried it. I also work full-time so it would be challenging. Let us know what you decide!

  5. I say you do it! But I also want to be a little bit selfish & tell you to wait until Aug 15 (also a Mon) & start it with me.

  6. Do it!!! I know you can rock it!!! Thanks to you, I got through my first Whole 30 this year and I plan to do a Whole 30 after the baby comes to get myself kicked started on losing all the weight I am gaining during this pregnancy. It is such a great way to really focus and gain control of something in your life. And while you have off, you have all the time to search for new recipes and really prep all of your food. No excuses!