The One Where I Blinked and A Year Went By

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

- Slow Down - time goes by fast:

Or maybe it was a month or a week or a day, I can't even be sure. Birthdays always make me get nostalgic and a little wishy washy to be honest. I miss being with my family even though I have been so far away for such a very long time. Birthday's really make me stop and think about what the last year has brought to me personally. How have I changed? What have I accomplished? Is my life better? Did I make the most of my time? So of course over the course of the last week all of those thoughts have been running thru my tiny brain. And I am satisfied with the answers for the most part. I just wish it would slow down!!! The thing I probably fear the most is that I'm wasting time because as we all know, there is this one day around my birthday every year that is the ultimate reminder of how quickly life can change. We must never forget that.

I have been really struggling with trying to find time to do some of the things that I love the most here lately. Blogging has suffered since the start of the new job but it's a whole new world for me and a totally different pace and level of responsibility. I LOVE it but I am wore slap out on the weeknights which makes me less inclined to write and more inclined to watch Netflix, Prime or read books. By the way is anyone watching One Mississippi? Cause totally hooked... watch it so we can talk about it.

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I need to start exercising to get my energy level back up. I am getting up at 5 everyday and I really haven't adjusted my bed time. That's a real problem because with every passing year I feel it's harder and harder to function on 5 or so hours of sleep. But that has been my pattern for my entire life except when I was preggo then it was lights out old lady early. So tennis is starting back up and I will be playing more which will help, I just need to figure out when exactly.

The other thing I am really struggling with is making time for food and meal prep. Like really struggling. I am embarrassed to say I one hundred percent need a reset and I can't even figure out how to fit that in because... work, kids, social life, FOMO, you know me. Why can I not fucking stick to my Whole30 ways when the tiniest little thing like losing my job happens and I go hurtling myself off the deep end into a pile of pizza and a vat of wine? Huh??? But, I have had some freaking amazing food and drinks at killer restaurants here lately so ... no ragrets. Maybe a few but just look at the pics...  Oh and I have been going out to all sorts of cool places, even before my birthday rolled around so yeah... living. And although I am definitely off track, not beating myself up. It is what it is.The track comes back around.

So it's been a good year all in all. I have had some really good times, minor heartaches, great success, big disappointments and a few life changing twists and turns, the good kind though. Cheers to another one... and another one. DJ Khaled always makes me feel good, what is it about him?

Soooo I  just wanted to check in and see what was up with everyone. Actually I have been reading all of your posts just being a lurker. I'm sorry, I know it's lame and not very bloggerly. Hopefully I can slow down and actually get back here a little more very soon! Till then... Cheers!


  1. happy birthday! to get on track, you just have to hop right back on and not look back. that's what i did when i set the goal to drop to fighting weight..and it's never too late so just do it when things calm down a bit :)

  2. Happy birthday! I get the same way every year when my birthday rolls around too. I could not stick to Whole30 this time around to save my life. That food you ate thought looks amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! I always get nostalgic around my birthday too and think about all the things I said I wanted to accomplish that year but didn't. Though, this year when my birthday rolled around I felt super accomplished to be growing a tiny humans so I gave myself grace on the rest. I know how hard it is to get back to Whole 30 or healthy ways when you are tempted by all the bad things. I don't want to think about how much I am going to hate life come January when I have to get back on the wagon and cant hide behind pregnancy.

  4. Don't feel bad lady...I don't really respond to people's comments anymore. I guess I feel like I should because it's the bloggerly thing to do, but I just don't give a shit. Unless there is a reason to, it's like a waste of time to write, "Thanks!" or whatever silly comment it would render. Ha! Yolo!! You'll figure your shit out. Everything takes time when there is a new adjustment.

  5. I hate feeling off track everywhere. Get back one step at a time. Like you said, all tracks come back around.

  6. Happiest of birthday wishes to you! I totally feel you on being nostalgic and wondering if I'm doing the right things and heading in the right path every year around my birthday. We are raising good kids and being good friends so I say we are doing okay! Sounds like things are settling down nicely with the new job! I am so glad you love it . . . life is too short to be miserable at work! I totally get it about the blogging - hell, I don't work and can hardly find the time! Your readers will be here when you are . . . write when you have time! I'm always happy to see an update from you!

    Girl, I am so with you on being off track with the food and exercise . . . it certainly doesn't get any easier as we get older either. I love what you said about the track coming back around . . . so true. At some point we will just get back on . . . I hope it's soon rather than later for me! And I like was DJ Khaled had to say . . . I just didn't realize he would keep saying it! Ha! Take care girl!!!

  7. happy belated birthday! birthdays make me all nostalgic too, and think of all the people who didn't make it to the age i am, and i try and appreciate it and look back and all that jazz. birthdays are great, and hard.
    don't beat yourself up about eating like crap.. that's life. i mean, i know you're not beating yourself up lol, you are right - the track comes back around. it just sucks when you look at all the crappy choices you've made when you know how to make good ones. i ate like absolute shit last week (lets be real, the 2 weeks before as well because hashtag vacation) and i am resetting today. i am not on the whole 30, but salads for lunch and shit. no pizza, donuts, etc. it's easy to turn to bad food when we get busy because it's so quick and easy, and tastes delicious (until it doesn't) and it's easy to convince ourselves it's easier than something healthy. dang can't believe you are functioning on 5 or so hours of sleep. i am such an old lady, i get up at 5 or 6 most mornings, but i am in bed before 10pm (and 10 is late to me lol). i've been sleeping like shit this past week because i wasn't exercising, but i am hoping getting back into this week will help me sleep better. we'll see!