Things That Make Irrationally Happy

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I can be ridiculously excited about things, usually followed by some embarassment because I should stop being so excited and just act like a normal grownup. But to hell with that: if I'm happy, I want to show it :D:

Paleo Banana Bread w/ Home Made Almond Butter

I am trying very hard not to eat too many things like this but I occasionally miss bread type meals in the morning... like every day actually. Found this great recipe from The Roasted Root and had to share. I also tried my hand at making my own almond butter last weekend and it is amazing. I will definitely doing this from now on to save money. Thanks Kathy.

Paleo Banana Bread | gluten free and naturally sweetened

New 5.5 Qt. Saute Pan - This is the pan I use every day. My old hard anodized was worn out and every damn thing was sticking. No bueno. Picked up this new one on sale  at Costco last weekend. Go get it. It's awesome!

A car wash - I washed my car on Sunday night and it promptly rained Tuesday and Wednesday. It looked nice and clean for one whole day.

Wine and cheese - It just does and I had too much last weekend. But... worth it.

Winning a tennis match - So I am demo-ing a new racquet from my pro and I had my first singles match of the spring season last week. I won 6-0, 6 mother fucking 0. That's an ass kicking in case you don't know.

Chris Stapleton - He's coming in concert like 5 minutes from me. Missed it last time. So there on Cinco de Mayo.

Girl Scout Cookies - They are all over my dining room. I have yet to eat one. But I will.

The Target Awesome Shop -  Because they published one of my IG posts. The funniest thing is I threw these 3 things on the furry rug that sits on the Lucite chair in my bathroom and snapped the photo in like 2 seconds. This making my point... keep it simple. Love this site. Do go check it out!

Furry Things - Currently chairs and stools though. Mildly obsessed.

7 Home Hacks That Will Make Your Friends Jealous #refinery29  Sheepskin RugsIn this ingenious DIY, designer Bianca Hall upholsters midcentury side tables with sheepskin, producing what she calls “It Stools” — a nod to the Addams Family’s hair-covered cousin. ...:

Shoelaces - Specifically figuring out that ladder lacing could alleviate my extensor tendinitis. I have been suffering from agonizing pain on the top of my feet for months after I play tennis aka extensor tendinitis. So I googled it and came across this article about injuries that aren't really injuries and how to fix them. Turns out it is a combo of the shape of my shoes (Asics) and the way they are laced so.... Try lacing your shoes differently... ummm ok. Aaaand it works. Life changing.

How to Lace Running Shoes to Prevent Injury and Increase Comfort - Runners Connect:

What is making you happy today?


  1. YAAAAASSSSS to DIY almond butter (because fucking paying that price at the store!) and paleo banana bread. i add chopped walnuts for some crunch (nom!!)

  2. Love me some Chris Stapleton! I am so hungry right now. I have girl scout cookies in my desk actually that I could eat but right now I'm craving savory a stinking meat & cheese tray.

  3. I can barely see out of my windows. I need a car wash.

  4. LOL...I got one of those Target Style thingies a while back too! I didn't even know that shop existed prior!
    We are going to see Tom Petty and Chris Stapleton at Summerfest this year. Even if I can't actually see them from the boat, WHO CARES?!

  5. Way to go on the match, that is awesome!!! I really love all the furry things as well. Zoe even has a furry ottoman in her room! There is a chair at Target i want so bad right now. I just dont want to shell the money out. Ugh. I haven't washed my car since I bought it last June. Oops. I have good intentions but like every time I take it the wait is over an hour and who has time for that???