Catching Up...

Monday, April 24, 2017

I swear I feel like I have blogged so little over the last few months that I don't even know where to start every time I sit down to write, so I stop. That means that this might be short and scattered but I am determined to hit publish today mostly for me but always for anyone else who takes the time to read as well. So I apologize in advance because I really have no idea what I am about to type... none.

I guess I'm gonna go with the things that are forefront in my mind in no particular order. I have been thinking a lot about the way I am using my time in terms of blogging which is why I have been absent truthfully. I struggle with blogging about life versus actually living it or trading precious little down time for blogging when I could be hanging with my kids, friends,dog or just reading a book. But I miss it, it's a good outlet for me. I guess the reason for my re-evaluation of late is that people keep dying around here. Seriously... I have had 3 deaths in my circle in 3 months. It kind of stops you in your tracks and makes you think you know, like what am I doing here? (Not in an existential sort of way but as in like what do I actually do with the minutes in my days or am I wasting too much time)  Just to recap a former co-worker who was 28 passed suddenly due to complications from a stroke in February. Not sick, no warning, just a fluke. In March one of my neighbors went in for hernia surgery, found out she actually had cancer, went back in for surgery on the cancer,  suffered a stroke and died with in about 2-3 weeks time. And lastly, the one that touched the closest to home, a friend who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in November lost his short battle on Easter Sunday. Last week was a tough one for a whole lot of people I know and my heart just breaks for each of them. It's just all so hard to believe. Never have I ever been more aware on the importance of not wasting time, taking things for granted or wishing days away. Everyone complains about Monday but I am just praying for a whole lot more of them now.

So having said all of that what have I been doing with my days? Still working on my house projects although none are complete enough for me to want to share yet... it's a Virgo thing. I should probably get over that. Slowly going through 2 rooms full of stuff that I want to purge, sell or re-purpose. Starting to think about planning my daughter's graduation party in June. I had my follow up eyebrow appointment over the weekend too... now I can really finish that whole post I've been working about micro-blading.

Spoiler alert... I LOVE IT. 

I had to cancel my tattoo appointment last week to add on to my shoulder piece because I had a funeral to attend. The good news is my guy agreed to hold my deposit over until the next time he is in Atlanta so it will happen eventually when the time is right I guess.  Not dating... at all. Guys are super dumb, my heart is not in it and my attitude blows which is probably why I find it to be a chore... like laundry or mopping the floor. I'll put it off for as long as possible thank you very much. Unless I meet someone really cool and is not a douche.  Half-assing my healthy ways in favor of roof top hopping on the weekends and commiserating about the sadness of life with fellow mourners. I need to get over that too I think. I'll allow it for a bit but it's time to keep it moving.

Anyway this week is hopefully going to be better than last. I have a hair appointment, a tennis match and the number one thing I can't wait to go to... an all day girl scout camp on Saturday. All day. With kids. No alcohol. What in the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this? Hopefully it won't be that bad!!

Happy Monday.


  1. ugh, sorry life is so heavy right now. but i feel you on the life vs blogging thing. i'm not sure if we're at "that age" when death is too close to home but i also feel that life is just whipping by and i'm wondering if i'm spending time on the things i should be spending time on.

    the other day i was working like a mad woman because we had a huge deployment over the weekend when kayla came up to me and asked if we could go to the park since it was such a nice day. i was about to say "sorry honey, i have to work" but then i looked at her beautiful face, shut my computer down and said, "let's go!" but in my mind, i was like, fuck work! my family is way more important!

    looking fwd to your post on microblading; ive heard great things about it.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your friend passing. Well, all three of them. It is always so hard when we lose someone you know. I feel like loss always comes in waves too. They say it happens in threes so hopefully you are done now for awhile!!! Either way, sending hugs.

    It does certainly put life and its delicacy on your mind and you begin to question what you are doing with your time. Who is doing your next tattoo? I only ask because the guy I went to used to live in Atlanta a long time ago and is now in Florida and only comes back so often. It would be too small of a world if it was the same one!

  3. I'm so sorry for all of the loss you've had recently. My thoughts & prayers are with you and their families as well.

    I feel ya on the blogging vs living. My weekend recaps & Friday favorites have been struggling because I'm out actually doing things instead of sitting down to write them. Same with IG. I used to be good at making sure to post 2-3 pictures a day & now I'll go a day or 2 without posting any.

    I also feel ya on dating. It's the worst & I have yet to meet/start talking to anyone worthwhile. Anyone that I would truly want to invest my time and effort in & give up any me time for. I hung out with my guy friends on Sunday, & if it were that easy & effortless with other people, I'd date again.

  4. Those are not the best life cycles. Hopefully you're out of it soon.

  5. I've heard of micro-blading but never had it done. Looks great on you. So sorry for your losses. Thoughts and prayers for you. There's no need to be in the dating game if you're not up for it. I'm planning for a graduation party in June too. Both of my boys graduate high school.

  6. sorry to hear all that sad news. I've missed your posts but totally understand. Sending lots of prayers and love from Miami!