Mid Year Reset Time

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Half of this year is about to be over. O-V-E-R... let that sink in. I figured now was as good a time as any to check in on some goals and take stock of where I am versus where I want to be. Welp, I am not going to bore you with the specifics of the situation but it's not good. Not good at all my friends. So that means it's time to reset on this first day of June. Here is what that looks like for me:


I love starting something new on the first of the month. I was initially thinking a Whole30 would be the obvious choice from a food reset standpoint but I have my daughter's graduation party on the 17th and family in town from Michigan. It's really not an event I want to plan around a Whole30. I mean, there will be cake there so it's a no. I am thinking a 15 day mini reset or Whole15 if you will. That get's me right to the days before and hopefully thru that weekend without going completely off the rails. In reality we all know when you are hosting a party you rarely have time to really eat or drink too much anyway.  And just so we are clear I am currently about 50% off the rails or as of yesterday anyway. I have stopped making choices and fallen back into the habit of eating mindlessly rather than mindfully which for me is very dangerous. I  have to plan ahead or I fail, it's really that simple. For me that means meal prepping and planning every week without exception. It means reading menus and knowing exactly what I'm going to order before I get to where I am going, no veering off course. We went out to dinner last night after graduation and I didn't plan it. Instead I was so distracted by the 10 conversations going on when the waitress came that I just picked something random and it sucked. I got home and all I could think was why in the hell did I order that? Right now I would be ok with not seeing pounds drop or sizes go down. I am not ok with things going in the opposite direction. I think I really need this 15 day reset, I have a little damage to undo.

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I have been buying shit like crazy lately. Not big ticket items but a myriad of small things that could have just as easily been a new couch or maybe some flooring for my office. Ugh. The wallet is closed for business during the month of June. 100% spending freeze starts today. Exceptions to that rule will be graduation party supplies and related expenditures and 2 standing beauty appointments because gray hair is NOT an option. This works well with part one because spending freezes and eating out for fun do not go together. Denied.

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That brings me to part 3, dranks. It's summer y'all!!! That means frosé and rooftop margaritas right? Wrong. It means I want to cry when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. & I crave nachos and donuts the next day all the live long day. Drinking any alcohol whatsoever has a disproportionately negative effect on food decisions. Why is that? One glass of wine does not equal just one serving of something less than healthy. It generally means when the waitress asks do you want the cup or bowl of cheese dip I say "Yes" and so it goes. This is a hard one because as you know I like to go out and I have this whole rooftop summer thing happening and summer tennis starts this weekend, blah, blah, whatever. I will say this, for the next 15 days I can pretty much almost guarantee that I will not be drinking... heavily.

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And last but not least I need more sleep. The beauty of all of the things I just mentioned is that if I do them I will just automatically get more and better sleep. If I'm eating right I sleep better. If I am not going out I go to bed earlier. If I am not drinking I definitely get much better quality sleep. If I am not spending money I stress less and sleep like a baby. Five-ish hours is not good enough. I must say at least once a day that I need more hours in the day. I do. I can't seem to get all of my shit done but the reality is it's never done and staying up half the night only to be a hot mess and 50% as productive the next day due to lack of sleep is not a solution. Planning is the key here too. Making lists, setting small realistic goals for tasks to be accomplished daily and weekly and scheduling sleep time just like any other goal has proven to be pretty effective for me. Back to basics on this one.

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One of my bigger picture goals for the year is actually going pretty well. That is the dreaded home purge. At some point I want to move from my current home to a smaller one and when I do I want the moving/packing process to be a breeze because let's face it, that part of moving sucks donkey balls. I want to literally be able to pack the things I use and the things I love and that's it. I think the best way to make that happen is to only own the things I use and the things I love. So that's what I have been doing, getting rid of everything else which is painful for me because I am a saver. It's also a little hard because I am getting rid of stuff from when my kids were small, from when I was married, from a place and time in my life that looks a whole lot different than where I am now. It's bittersweet for sure but it actually feels a bit liberating. So I counted and I have 7 receipts from Goodwill so far this year. That means I loaded up my car 7 times and hauled off shit to donate. That is a really big deal. The bad news is I feel like I have not even made a dent but I have lived here for 16 years so there's been some accumulation. But on that goal I am making serious headway so YAY!!!!!

How is it that almost half of 2017 is almost gone?


  1. i can NOT believe that another school year is nearly over. time is just flying right by.

    i tried the 'Friday wine' rule and that stuck around for about two weeks and then i couldn't hack it because work was crazy and i needed wine when i got home to avoid murdering people.

  2. I am trying to be much more mindful of what I actually use in my home - even more than I have been in the past.

    I've been failing at sleep lately!

  3. Ok that is it, I am joining you on a reset. Because duuuude!!!! I am doing terrible awful with the eating and working out and if not today then when. The cheese and crackers I ate for breakfast doesn't count right? Or ummm the brownie brittle I had as a snack about an hour ago. RIGHT??? Shit. 7 trips to Goodwill is awesome!!! Purge away my friend. Isn't amazing how much stuff we accumulate and dont actually use or need?

  4. I need a reset too. On all of the above. I've already decided that once I get back from Colorado this all goes into effect!