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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

So I shipped my youngest off to Girl Scout camp for 2 whole weeks. She left on Sunday and will be gone until the 22nd of July. None of my kids have ever gone to sleepaway camp. This is so freaking weird.  It's really odd how the dynamic of the whole house changes when one person isn't there. I know she is having a blast but I really miss her. She is my last little buddy left here! The campers are technology free and do not call home for the duration to foster independence. Ugh...Mom might not make it. I can't even text her... I'm dyeing!!!

Somehow I got hooked on this crazy show Alaskan Bush People and straight up binged watched a few seasons one day/night. These people are weird. Currently I despise my HOA and neighborhood in general so the "idea" of going off the grid is kind of intriguing. But... they had to figure out how to generate electricity... and they have rotten teeth... ummm no thank you. Still, it's great for a binge.

Image result for alaskan bush people

I am the sucker that actually clicks on the Instagram adds and occasionally buys the thing and check it out,  I found a super cool brand of sunglasses that won't break the bank. I have a slight sunglass addiction but let's face it who can afford a designer pair in every style. Enter Blenders Eyewear. Sexy, chic, well made, great fit and awesome styles. I currently have Natty Ice Limes and Uptown Penthouse. Use this code for $20 off your next pair.

A bloggy friend suggested I play more tennis and sweat out some of the funky feelings that I talked about last week. So I added a little more court time in and I have to say, she was right. It is palpable the effect that exercise has on you when you are feeling down or depressed. I might come back dog tired, gross and sweaty but somehow I can tell that some of the sads are gone. Crazy. Thanks friend. If only I could find a single guy to play tennis with life would be perfect!

I am obsessed with this IG account. This kid is so dang funny. I have no money, here's a leaf.

I am really pissed off that concerts this summer are so expensive. Or maybe I'm pissed that I am broke after shelling out fifteen hunnid to get my A/C fixed. True story. Not only is my beach vacay up shit's creek for another year I am missing Sturgill Simpson, Tedeschi Trucks and Gary Clark Jr. So depressing. I'm currently obsessed with this song because ... Sturgill doing Nirvana... I mean just listen. Please.

On the positive I already bought tickets to Gov't Mule, Yacht Rock Revival and Music Midtown so there's that. Looking for dates on Match. Speaking of which... has been interesting.  

Displaying Screenshot_20170708-212519.png

And also I will murder you in my van. Call me!

This is his profile summary. Something seems off... read this:
Displaying Screenshot_20170706-173805.jpg
Now look at the picture.

And how does this guy get the top spot...

Is the mattress on the floor?  What?



  1. whenever i feel the blahs coming on, workouts always make me feel better because: "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands" --Elle Woods.

  2. That little girl cracks me up. I saw a video on FB but I didn't know she had/her mom has an IG. Following that now!
    Whoa.... those profiles are creepy to the extreme!

  3. Im telling ya workouts do help the funky vibes. at least for me. eating well and working out.

    Also that little girl is hilarious!

  4. Those sunglasses are dope! (I am bringing that word back, just go with it...ok) and I would die if I couldn't call or text my kiddo either!!! Well you know, when she is older in away from me. Sending you all the mom hugs. Off to follow that instagram account!

  5. You describe it well. I'm glad you wrote this in the forum.