Goals Part Deux: 18 For 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018

Since I did another post on my goals for 2018 Part 1 I guess I better finish up this thought with my Part 2 huh? Well my Part 2 is completely stolen from the Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin but it's ok because she put it out there for all of us to get on board with. If you don't listen to this podcast check it out, it is one I really enjoy and find offers a lot of good practical advice on how to make your life just better overall. So, on the podcast the challenge was to come up with a list of 18 things you want to do in 2018 and it could be anything at all. This is not just about huge life goals but also an opportunity to set the bar low and just check off a few regular things too. Things that you pretty much always have time for but maybe you just don't do. This is not about goals in big broad terms either, it's about giving yourself specific action items if you will. For example instead of "eat healthy" how about pack a healthy lunch to take to work at least 3 days a week... that kind of thing. Anyway here is what I came up with for my 18...

Buy some hiking shoes and hit Sweetwater Creek State Park. Maybe not just this one but it's something I have wanted to do for awhile. I have come to grips with not really being a gym person at this point in life but I like walking outdoors and nature is like Xanax for me.

Finish the book Food Freedom Forever that I bought 2 years ago and do a real Whole30 Reintroduction phase by the book. Complete with mini-resets as needed.

Take a day trip to Athens, GA and visit Creature Comforts Brewery. Because beer.

Have a date night with my kids once a month and pick a new place at least every other time. 

Go to Michigan.

Lose 30 lbs. This really not that daunting considering that most likely after Whole30 is over I'll be close to halfway there. 

Paint and purge at least 3 areas/rooms of my house that I currently am not fond of. 

Practice the One Minute Rule regularly. This is another Gretchen Rubin thing... the idea is to immediately do any tasks that come up if they will take 1 minute or less to complete. Like... hanging up your coat, putting dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, read mail and toss it, etc. 

Clean out the side of my garage that is currently not usable as a garage so that when Olivia is home she can park her car in it not in the driveway.

Visit Oakland Cemetery and actually take the tour.

Have dinner at Golden Eagle. 2018 birthday maybe?

Take a one day/afternoon class in something I have never done before.

Read 12 books or 1 a month.

Delegate, delegate, delegate. I have 2 able bodied children living in my house and a huge team of people at work at my disposal. I need to get better about allowing others assist in the big projects so I don't get burned out and pissed off.

Host a brunch at my home. As much as I love brunch I have never hosted a fun brunch. I have had family/holiday things like Easter or Baptisms but I want to do a fun friends day drinking event. Maybe during Wimbledon?

Take the kids on a surprise weekend trip somewhere unexpected that we can drive to. Southerners give me ideas!!!

Find a way to organize my shoes. Ugh... this part of my closet is an embarrassment.

Bake a grain free paleo cake. I have this beautiful book on paleo baking and I haven't even made a damn cake yet.

So there's my list. Some things are rather small  but just stuff I want to do. Some things may seem silly to someone else but that's not the point either. I tried really hard to be specific so I can actually   say hey... this IS what it is exactly and check it off when it's done. I need concrete rules to be successful, I know this. Another idea they talked about on the podcast was creating this list with your spouse or partner which I think would be very cool too. Now... what to tackle first. 


  1. yes to that 1 min rule. i also started incorporating a quick tidy up: every time i get up to get something or get water etc, i take one thing with me and put it away on my way to get water etc. by the end of the day, i'm no longer sitting in a pile of mess lol

  2. I love this! I need to find her podcast because I liked her book a lot!

  3. I try to do the one minute rule too but then sometimes I get hella lazy haha. I am trying to get better at it again. I love your list. Yes to all of these things!!! I used to live sooooo close to Oakland Cemetery when I managed apartments over in the 4th Ward District. I ate at the Tin Lizzy across the street at least 20 times. Never toured the cemetery. Always appreciated its beauty.

  4. A good mix of fun and productive!

    Nature is xanax for me too.

  5. This is a great list ... you can totally accomplish it! I love Gretchen Rubin . . . her podcast is fabulous! I also bought It Starts with Food and haven't finished - seriously, why is that? And I love a good day trip or local attraction . . . those should be fun! You got this girl!