September Whole30

Monday, August 20, 2018

Whole30 does a really cool thing these days. The "National Whole30" used to only happen in January but that is no longer the case. Whole30 has grown so much in popularity, not only with the masses but with Whole30 approved partners who make great compliant foods to help you thru your Whole30, that they now officially run a September National Whole30 as well.

What does that mean exactly? Well, I'll tell you.  It means that unlike the seventy something percent of people who say that they did their first Whole30 alone you can do it with a million other people. Well, maybe not a million, but  I would say tens of thousands for sure. A national Whole30 not only offers anyone participating immense support and community but also countless opportunities to get deals, discounts and free stuff from all of the good folks who have products supported by or affiliated with Whole30. Sounds good right?

It definitely is but let's get back to the support piece for a minute. I did my very first Whole30 alone. I tell this story all the time but my best friend committed to doing it with me. I started on Jan 1, 2015 which was a Thursday, I know, who starts something new on a Thursday? I like starting on the first of the month because you never have to think too hard about what day you are on or how many days you have left. And I wanted to start Day 1 on Day 1 of the New Year. My bff started on the following Monday because you know, Monday is a perfect day for a fresh start too. She was in the drive thru getting a cheese burger by Tuesday lunch.

Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed. Selfishly, I did not want to go it alone and she screwed that all up for me. But, I was already 5 days in and there was no going back. So I got on Instagram and started looking for accounts to follow, people who had been there done that or were doing it right now, that I could follow along with and commiserate what I was sure was going to be a month from hell. I was overweight, unemployed, filled with anxiety and fear of an uncertain future and I wouldn't even be able to drink wine or eat nachos to make any of that better. Oh, and I was doing this crazy thing all by myself. I was 100% convinced that it would suck all the live long day for 30 straight days. Yeah, I had a great attitude. But something pretty amazing happened after the first week. I started to feel better physically and mentally I started feeling a little like a badass. Not all the way but I definitely was feeling my mojo coming back a little more each day and it was powerful!! That was my most successful round to date all things considered, it was also the hardest because I had to figure it all out on my own and the resources were just not as vast as they are now.

So, if you are considering or have ever considered doing a Whole30 maybe now is the time to really go for it. In addition to all of the support available out there for you I am running a private Facebook coaching group for $50.00 starting on September 3rd. Instead of going it alone you will have a group to chat with everyday, cheer each other on, provide support and accountability. You will have me too, your own personal coach to guide you through the entire month and your 2 week reintroduction. I will help you figure out what to buy, cook and eat. I will talk you off the ledge when you think you just can't get through day 3 and 4 because you want to kill all the things. I will share recipes and life hacks that have worked for me. I will help you navigate the waters of reintroducing when the 30 days are over. I promise it will be an investment in your health and a pretty small one at that. Some things that I have experienced that you may too are:
  • Improved sleep
  • Clear skin
  • Mental focus
  • Diminished anxiety
  • Even temperament/no mood swings
  • Weight/Inches loss
  • No more bloat
  • No more stomach issues
  • A general sense of calm
Those are my faves but there are others as well. You might not experience all of these, you might experience other things altogether, everyone's journey is different. But I can guarantee that you will have so many positive effects during and after your Whole30!!

If it is something you think you might be interested in, check out my coaching page and sign up. I would love to help you change your life. You can do this. Hit me up if you have questions!




  1. it's amazing how much your diet affects your everyday life. when on vacation, i was eating more grains than i normally do (not being at home makes it hard to stick to a certain way of eating) and oh man, that did a doozy on my digestive system and totally threw my pooping way off (sorry, TMI) but i actually got constipated from all the grains i was eating. AGAIN, SORRY FOR THE TMI haha.

  2. Whole 30 definitely does some amazing things for your body and mind, no doubt!!! It is a lot easier to do it with others than trying to navigate it on your own, that is for sure. Best wishes for September!!