Sunday, August 6, 2023

Wow, does it feel weird to be back here, banging on the keys to put up some content on the old dusty blog. What the heck am I doing you might ask? Goofing off on a Sunday afternoon? Well, I am not 100% sure which also seems to be pretty much the case way back when I was writing this thing regularly a hundred billion years ago. I really miss writing as a creative outlet for one, I miss the interaction too. Blogging in the early 2000's and teens was all the rage and I met so many cool strangers right here in this space, before social media was like it is today. Social media was kind of like the cherry on top of your blog sundae at that time. It was like a little extra thing you didn't have to have but was an amusing addition. Some bloggers loved it and devoured that cherry and others left it sitting in the bottom of the empty bowl.  And then everything changed. The blog sundae started to slowly melt away and the cherry was all you had left so most of us moved forward and started honing our "IG/mini blog post  with the emphasis on photos" style of blogging. And the real written blogs, especially in the lifestyle category kind of died or just changed in my opinion. At least that is what I thought.

Turns out people are still writing blogs but mostly as a side bar to what ever social media outlet they have the biggest presence on, most likely Tik Tok or Insta. So say all this to say I am not sure what I am really doing here or where this will go but I have a few things to say about a few things and rather than moving and starting over it seemed kind of nice to think about maybe just redecorating a little bit. After all, all my old content still lives here and the domain is paid for and I don't feel like migrating to a new platform and thinking of a new name and all of that bullshit. Maybe at some point I will but, not today. 

The truth is, I have been looking back a lot lately and not in a bad way because I normally don't recommend that sort of thing. Sometime things happen in life that force you to reflect on the past. I'll save some of that for later but for now looking back has me remembering things that made me feel good and added richness to my life. I feel as though the last few years for many reasons, I have lost some of my focus, purpose and drive. I think back to certain times in my life when I really liked who I was and mostly felt good as opposed to loathing all of the things so much. Can we go back in time and experience those times again? No but perhaps if I reintroduce some of the atomic habits I had then that made me better, the same will be true today. I think so anyway, we'll see.  

To be honest I don't even care if anyone reads this because it just feels good to dump everything out here that is in my brain. In the old days I feel like blogging really kept me on track and accountable in some weird way. I felt like if I wrote it in my blog and even one person read it then I had to follow thru on what ever it was. It was a good way to track and execute goals, ideas and plans for the future while documenting in real time what was happening in my life. Again, I am sure no one really cares but one thing I know is that if you are going thru something there is a 100% chance someone else is or has too, and you just never know how putting it out there could impact another person. 

I am not sure how much I can do here given my job, family and other responsibilities but, we shall see. I just finished a big detox and that is the first thing I really want to talk about, so stay tuned. 

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