Oh How Nice....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Southern belles are sitting on a porch sipping sweet tea. The first southern belle says "look at this diamond ring my husband bought for me because he just loves me so much". The other 2 southern belles say "oh how nice" . The second southern belle says "see that big old mansion on the hill, my husband just bought that for me cause he loves me so much". The other 2 southern belles say "oh how nice" . Then the first 2 look at the 3rd southern belle and say what has your husband done for you? The 3rd southern belle replies "why he sent me to charm school so I could learn how to say "oh how nice" instead of "Fuck you".

This about sums up how I feel today. I just want to say "Fuck You" but I am relegated to "Oh How Nice". Do you ever wonder how you can be fooled so easily by people that claim to be friends? It seems to happen to me a lot. How is it that at 42 I can still not see the scammers and the liars? I learned something valuable this weekend. If an adult, male or female, appears to have no meaningful same sex group of friends, it is a huge red flag. I sometimes meet folks like this and think... oh I can be their friend. And I can, but do I really want to be their only friend? What does it say about them that they don't have their own crew like I do? Now this is not really something new that I have learned but it doesn't really happen that often that I meet someone my age that is pretty much friendless.

So if you haven't already guessed I just got shit on by a person I thought was a friend. But I was pretty much her only friend that I know of and now I know why. And the worst... the very worst part is... it was over a guy. A stupid, worthless piece of shit guy that was only interested in getting laid. But I really liked him and she knew it but she snuck around and screwed him anyway behind my back. Now the details of the whole thing don't really matter but... what kind of woman does this? What kind of woman secretly dates someone a friend of hers dated, really liked and got kind of dumped by? What kind of woman contacts this guy 2 days after he dumps her friend and starts chatting him up and flirting with him? And apparently sleeping with him pretty quickly. Not a very nice one.

Now the real question is what to do about this as said friend also happens to be a co-worker. Ugh... I know ... what the hell was I thinking mixing business with pleasure??? You can't be friends with co-workers and involve them in your personal life and not expect the occasional mess. Now I have to see this bitch everyday and be nice or at least polite for the sake of professionalism. Grrrr... more grin and bear it. Lesson. Learned.
Done Done Done.


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