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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 1st would have been Mom's 81st birthday..... she's been gone almost 7 years now.:

How are we 5 months into the year already?? Spring is most definitely here in GA and our weather has been pretty good except for the typical rain and storms that are par for the course. No complaints here, the lower level of my home looks like it is bathed in a the cool green glow of an underwater forest coming to life and I love it.

Best laid plans as always go awry as I planned to get here before Wednesday but, it's all good because it's time for another Currently link up with Anne and Nancy. That means I don't have t think too much and I can tell you what's going on in my world.

BAKING... Gosh I haven't even thought about baking much of anything other than grain free paleo stuff lately. However, I am gearing up for my daughter's graduation party and I am a traditionalist so there has to be a cake of some kind or it is NOT a proper celebration. I am also slightly obsessed with white at the moment and white wedding cake is one of my favorite things on the planet. Insert this pin for White Wedding Cake and there you have my springboard for my graduation party theme. Can you design a whole party around a type of cake? I think so. Isn't it just so pretty?

LISTENING TO... Dirty Heads, I can't get enough of this band at the moment. If you like a Reggae vibe give them a listen. This is just summer, warm weather feels to me.

LOVING... My new desk. So I know this is kind of a shitty picture but the rest of my new home office is still empty so I can't really do any kind of reveal yet. I made a promise to myself that I would not bring in any additional stuff except for the desk until I purged a substantial amount. And I have not so this is as good as it gets for now but... I am loving it.

PLANTING... I need to plant all of my pots on my front porch and deck but I am currently in the market for some succulents for my desk at work because it's not very cheery. I love everything at Sugarboo Designs and they have the best selection of succulents and random funky containers.

Image result for sugarboo succulents

REMEMBERING... How much I look forward to my annual summer concert series. First up is Chris Stapleton this Friday. Zac Brown is next weekend. I don't have anything purchased for June or July yet but Govt. Mule in August and Alt-J in November. Need to add a few more for sure but can't wait to see this guy live.

Image result for chris stapleton

That's all for this month's currently round up. See ya next time!


  1. I have so many concerts this summer, but I'm not complaining! I just bought tickets for two of them this past weekend and another goes on sale NEXT week so yeah, summer of concerts for sure.

    Yay for your new desk - and that first photo is so beautiful with all the green! Loving it.


  2. I'm so sad that I don't have a ton of concerts/festivals planned for this summer. I normally do. I am going to a concert this Friday though (New Found Glory) & another on the 25th (Pierce the Veil & Sum 41) so I suppose I'll get around to planning concerts this summer eventually.

    I'm checking out Sugarboo right now! I need a new pot for my succulent & want to get it some succulent friends.

    I am in love with the window in your office. I can't wait to see it when it's all done.

  3. Of course you can plan a party around a cake and yes, that white cake looks pretty and I'm sure tastes delicious! I love the simplicity of your desk and can't wait to see your office reveal. Since I don't have much of a green thumb I like the idea of those succulents. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Sugarboo has cute stuff!

    I like succulents. I haven't had any for a while. I should pick some up this weekend.

  5. YES you can plan a party around a cake! Pretty sure that guarantees a good party :) And we just bought tickets for our summer concert series too. So excited!

  6. Ohhhh I hope you will be sharing pictures from her graduation party! Sounds like a good theme to me. Loving your desk, and how it is right up next to a window! I dont have any concerts on my agenda this summer but Matchbox 20 is coming here and I really really really wanna goooooooo!!!!

  7. i really like your desk; can't wait to see more of your home office.

  8. YYYASSSS to Chris Stapleton! I cannot wait to see him this summer. I just bought his CD (because I'm old like that) and have been listening non-stop.
    Also...Trader Joe's has THE BEST succulent selection for super cheap. I just bought one today! (do you have those stores by you?)

  9. Hi! I can totally relate- the days feel long but man, time passes by fast- May already! Have you seen the show Big Little Lies? It's SO good. I watched the show and couldn't get enough, so I picked up the book but haven't started it yet. How's the book?

    P.S. I love those succulents too!