And That's A Wrap On October....

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hello Fall Fashionistas -

Well almost anyway, I realize we have today and tomorrow but still. And I didn't blog at all, wow. So what have I been up to? Hmmm... mostly working, running my kids around, playing tennis and going on bad Tinder dates. Ugh.

Work has been nuts but in a very good way. I am heading off to a conference next weekend for 3 days and I am honestly looking forward to it. A few days networking and socializing plus a cushy resort hotel room all to myself won't be so bad. Unfortunately I will be in the boomtown of Cordele, GA but it'll be pretty anyway.

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All of our fall sports are pretty much officially over and I could not be happier. If you don't have kids you just don't' realize how much of your life you spend chauffeuring them around to games and practices. Happy Lacrosse season is over. My tennis team made it to playoffs and we won our first round over the weekend. Happy I got to play because I will be out for the next 2 rounds if we make it. I said I was taking a break then I joined a women's winter team. I just can't help myself. FOMO

Speaking of that I also vowed to take a concert break to and did not. This month I saw The Allman Bros Band and Lynryd Skynyrd and just last Friday night the Unlikely Candidates and Dirty Heads. If any of you like Sublime or 311 check out Dirty Heads... awesome reggae-ska kind of vibe.

Next month I have tickets to Colter Wall at The Earl, who I am convinced is going to be the next Chris Stapleton. Seriously close your eyes and listen to this guy and tell me how old you think he is. Spoiler alert... 22. I am telling you guys he is Johnny Cash and a bunch of other famous dead outlaw country singers re-incarnated. Creepy AF. I got these tickets for $12 freaking dollars. Hell yeah...

Will also be seeing Blackberry Smoke, one of my all time faves, for their annual GA homecoming day after Thanksgiving gig at The Tabernacle. Because beard.

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So onto all of my Tinder dates. Let's see... there was the guy who said I Love You after the second date. The guy with missing teeth, did not see that coming. The guy who's card got declined... in all fairness I think the magnetic strip was actually cracked... but talk about THE MOST AWKWARD dating moment ever. The guy who was 5'-6", the recovering alcoholic with a 3 year old... umm no way in hell, the chiropractor looking for a lunchtime hook up partner, the high school wrestling coach who texts one word at a time after 3 days, and the list goes on. There is this one guy who I have gone out with twice which in and of itself is shocking. He has a beard and lots of tattoos, a great job and owns a super cool loft in a very hip area down town. It has roof top and he plays guitar... sounds perfect right? But I am not sure yet. He's a bit overly romantic for my taste and I find myself wanting to pull a Cher just about every time we talk. I just don't like sap. We'll see...

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I don't even know what else except that I miss being here and writing. Hope all of you lovelies are still hanging in there! My life and schedule seems to have taken a turn toward less time in front of my laptop when I have free time. I'm reading more, dating more, just busier in general  which kind of sucks but I also kind of like it. As the holidays approach is only going to get crazier too. Cheers to that! Happy Monday! 


  1. LOL your tinder experiences make me laugh. How did you know the guy had no teeth? did he not bring his dentures or did he not even own a pair?

  2. I hate romance and sap so I get it.

    LOL @ the lunch time hook up. Nah, thanks.

  3. haha those tinder date stories. The card declined guy prob wanted to sink through the floor.

  4. Oh man those Tinder people! Dating is the worst! I can't do overly sappy either. I was talking to a guy who started out promising but got super passive aggressive & needy.

  5. Oh man, what a bunch you had the pleasure of meeting lately on the dates, huh? I like a little sap, but not too much. Sounds like he has a lot going for him at least! I am listening to Colter Wall right now and I am not believing he is that young. WHAT????

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