Thanksgiving Thoughts

Monday, November 27, 2017

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What a fabulous holiday, I hope you had one too. I haven't been here much lately so I thought I would sit down and try to catch up on some things. I have been feeling blog challenged for quite some time now but I am not quite ready to throw in the towel permanently. Afterall, it's almost Whole30 time and that is worth quite a few really good blog posts, but that's a topic for another day. I'm optimistic.

Thanksgiving was pretty freaking fabulous. My brother and family came down from Michigan last Saturday to spend the week with us. I had 3 adults, 5 kids and 2 dogs in my house this past week. The humans got along just fine. The dogs were a little slower to accept each other but after a few minor scuffles stopped acting a fool and ended up kind of, sort of, maybe liking each other. That was as stressful as having 2 kids that hate each other under the same roof. But any time my family wants to come visit  I say bring me you and whatever comes with. We did some pretty fun stuff this year. We took a trip to the GA Racing Hall of Fame to see where NASCAR got it's start in Dawsonville, GA. Being from Detroit my family has a bit of a love for anything automotive. Who knew stock car racing got its start running moonshine in GA? My son and nephews especially were in hog heaven. But it was cool and we (Me) got some genuine apple pie moonshine as a souvenir. 

We also took a trip to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta which is definitely one of the best interactive museum experiences I have ever had. My 11 year old gal was less than excited to be visiting a football "museum" and ended up having the best time. She sat at the ESPN Game Day desk and read from the prompter, ran for a touchdown pass and attempted a field goal kick. That girl has no fear and no inhibitions... and she likes football. I raised her right. Seriously, if you ever come to Atlanta it is a stop worth making. Aside from learning a lot about the history of the game of college football the whole experience is customized for you  based on the info you enter that is transmitted to the badge you wear around your neck. Every exhibit you come upon welcomes you by name and offers up specific info about your school or team of choice. A++

As for the rest we spent it hanging at home, hitting the park, eating delicious food all over Atlanta, watching football,  cooking together and just basically loving each other up for 5 whole days. My eldest nephew made a special request for me to teach him how to make my Grandma's ( his great grandma's) famous real pumpkin pie. He said "Aunt Amy I think I should know how to make this since it's a family tradition". And then my heart almost overflowed. I hadn't planned on making anything this year but found myself knee deep in pie making with my 15 and 13 year old nephews and happily so. My kids have seen me make these pies every year of their life so they don't think much of it but I am quite sure my Polish Grandma was dancing in heaven watching us all in the kitchen. Making memories.

And then just like that the week was over and everyone was gone. My brother left Friday morning to head back to Michigan, kids went to Dad's, and Olivia headed back to college on Saturday. I get the sads when it's over even though I love a little bit of time with no one else around. It's hard when your house goes from chaos to eerily quiet in a night. Not complaining though. I feel so blessed to have had this time together. I am so very lucky.

In other news... I have other news, for another post provided I can get my crap together and write. I am really struggling lately with what exactly to write about. But, I am not giving up dammit. Trying to get my groove back so please bear with me. 

Much love to all of you...


  1. sounds like a fantastic thanksgiving and awesome that your TEEN nephews wanted to learn how to make pie (since most teens think they're too cool for school).

    i haven't been in the blogging mood either; i just post when i want.

  2. I love that they wanted to learn the family pie making ways!

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving for your family. It is weird though when it goes from chaos to quiet.

  3. Post when you want and dont worry about it! I love catching up with you :) And yes yes yes to Whole30. I need it so hard to get my life back on track! As soon as Christmas is over, it is time to get serious again! But indulge in all the holiday goodness first! That is so so so sweet that your nephews wanted to learn how to make the pie. It sounds like you guys had an amazing time together! Never went to the College Football Hall of Fame and clearly I need to. Dawnsonville!!! I love going up there for the outlets. Not even going to lie. Moonshine is always good too. Hope you have a great week!