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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Peonies hit their peak in May and June. Here’s how to make your lush arrangement last longer.


Getting ready for a quick weekend in Asheville, NC for a lacrosse tournament. Unfortunately I doubt I will get to see too much but we are going to try to get in a tour of the Biltmore and a visit to Wicked Weed Brewing. The most exciting news is that while everyone else on the team is shelling out $279.99 a night for the Hilton Garden Inn, Ava and I will be AirBnB'ing it for $89 a night on the lower lever of someone's mountain house. I am super excited not only to be saving some money but also to have a whole apartment to ourselves for the weekend!


Not a damn thing because my grill has officially died. I priced out all of the parts to fix it and I could  almost buy a new grill for the same amount. It wouldn't be as nice of a grill but I just can't decide what makes more sense. Honestly my tolerance for heat and bugs is so low at this point in my life I almost don't give a shit about having a grill. If I had someone else who liked to grill different story. Me not so much! My air conditioned kitchen is fine by me.


The idea of regularly scheduled Whole30's. I have really been struggling lately with the weight loss piece of the puzzle. I am doing just enough to stay exactly where I am and that is not what I want. I want to drop a pants size desperately. I am so frustrated by how hard it is at this stage of my life to lose weight at all. Once you hit your 40's it is brutal ladies. I think that just scheduling Whole30's and/or Whole15's will help me to that end. I have been a little down about this lately. It's in my head big time more so in the summer when we wear less clothing and I just feel gross.


All I am doing this year is my front porch and I did it before the Brunch Series. Someone told me to feed my ferns plant food and Epsom salt and oh my goodness are they growing like gangbusters! Done.

  • Post Malone's new album Beerbongs & Bentleys on repeat. I LOVE it
  • The Lottery... well thinking about it anyway
  • Mind games with myself... visualizing a healthier body, multiple streams of income, a meaningful relationship  
  • How many days can I go without sleeping in? What ever happened to lazy summers? Why am I setting my alarm clock for Saturday and Sunday activities? I do not like this.
  • Not much tennis because I jacked up my right knee doing... wait for it... absolutely nothing. It just hurts, because I am old most likely. 
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  1. I've been thinking about playing the lottery too. And heck yes airbnb! Way cheaper...and way cooler!

    1. Seriously I keep hearing about all these people winning on the scratch offs like $1000. I know it's throwing money away but I'm getting kind of lucky lately 😊

  2. That's awesome you get a whole apartment for your trip - and are saving a ton of money doing so! Whoo!!
    Sorry about your weight loss. I'm kind of stuck where I'm at too. I go up a bit, then go down, rest and repeat. I really need to drink more water and find healthier meals to hopefully help me start losing some more.


  3. I have been doing just enough to maintain my current weight, which is no where near where I want to I totally get that! I think our beach trip next month is really going to kick my ass in to realizing I dont want to be like this anymore. Sigh. Your trip with Ava sounds like the way to travel! I hope you guys have the best time!

  4. AirBnB is the best! I feel like we always get better pricing, way more space, and also the feeling of living like a local, which is way more fun. Hope you have a good trip and get to do a little sightseeing!

  5. So excited that you and Ava get a weekend together - that's awesome! And high five on the AirBnB - so smart! And why the heck is weight loss so hard in our 40's - I am on the struggle bus for reals and totally relate. I'm trying to be mostly clean with my eating for June because all bets were off in May - I need to stop yoyo'ing with either on or off and just live my food freedom. But the weight loss . . . gah. xoxo

  6. girl, I hear that about being in your 40s and taking forever to drop the weight. I had to damn near KILL myself with cardio 6days a week to drop the extra took my 23yr old gym bud 4wks to drop 4% body fat. RUDE.

  7. YAY ferns!! I've got ferns that the homeowner before us planted, and they do amazingggg at growing in the shade along our house! It looks super cool to see such high, luscious plants and the best part is that I have done nothingggg to make it happen. Haha

  8. OMG, I love that Post Malone album! I am 50 years old and I am sure I get some looks when I jam it on Spotify in my car, but I don't care :D And awesome on saving $$ by doing AirB&B!