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Friday, May 24, 2013

I keep saying I am coming back to this and 10 thousand other things... why do I do that???

Meat and veggies are good, back on the Paleo path. I am full of energy!!

The beach is brutal, why do I burn every year on the first go round?

I quit smoking, for realz this time. Done, done, done. I said it, shoot me if I'm lyin.

Men can be really awful and then they can be so sweet. We don't do that do we?

If you can't meet an internet pal with in 2 weeks of talking... don't bother. Give it up!!!

International texting is not included in unlimited txt package... Grrrrrrrrr. Dumbass.

Some days are good for double booking dates. Lunch and dinner paid for and cute company!

The mail is soooo slow when you are waiting for your divorce papers but the bills keep a comin.

It's a holiday weekend... wooo hooo!!!

I haven't smoked in 10 days... so put that in your pipe and smoke it:)

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