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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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Tree Line Nut Cheese and Applegate Naturals Salami cause I am all about the snacks. I keep meaning to go all in on Keto but it just hasn't happened yet. I am eating pretty low carb/paleo though so this is a great snack alternative to real cheese. I am telling you guys if you have not tried Tree Line cheese you must. It's non-dairy and made from cashews. I can get it here in Atlanta area at Whole Foods and Kroger. It's a little pricey but Kroger does put it on sale. The Applegate products are just good stuff. Deli meats are notoriously horrible and full of shit you don't want in your bod. These are dairy free, gluten free, casein free, non-gmo, no antibiotics, humanely raised... you can read all about it for yourself here. Bottom line...They taste really good.

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The Eclipse I guess just like everyone else. There are so many good viewing spots here in the south that are just a hop skip from me. Nashville and Columbia, SC are having huge events. No effing way will I be there... I'll be in my front yard on a lawn chair most likely with a cold beer in hand. Or working.


A page out of a famous playbook. Life is change. Change is good. Hair grows back and mine was fried so I cut it again. Sorry that I don't actually have a pic but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Check my Insta story and weigh in. It's short.

Start new, start different and make a change.


Every piece of jewelry in the Tiffany Hardware collection as modeled by Lady Gaga. I want it all. Dammit.

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But I especially admire her for  not being one of the celebrity assholes that takes herself so seriously.


Rare Bird Lit books. I ordered this exclusive signed and numbered copy of Hummingbird by Jude Angelini with limited edition vinyl audiobook months and months ago and I only have to wait another month to get it when it comes out.

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In the meantime I have been loving the selections they have to offer here, truly unique stuff. My latest purchase... just got it but don't see how it could disappoint. I know at least a few of you that will get it.

Many happy. 

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  1. Meat & cheese boards are my weakness.

  2. all hail to john bender. don't mess with the bull, young man; you'll get the horns. LOL

  3. Chris and I eat a lot of meat and cheese. I have been doing Italian roll ups with salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese and banana peppers with a splash of apple cider vinegar/olive oil. So good! Chris did Keto for a whole year and lost 60 pounds. I dont know how he stayed so strong. After about 6 months, he started allowing himself some low carb beers and a few carb foods on the weekends but very strict during the week.

  4. I wanted more from Brat Pack America, but some parts were really interesting.

    I freaking love a snack plate.

  5. I love a classic meat and cheese plate. I need to try the Applegate salamis too, because I hate thinking about all the weird crap they put in the other kinds...

  6. Ooh Brat Pack America looks interesting!

    I just love Lady Gaga.


  7. Sometimes a hair cut refresh is just so good. And how am I so in the dark (HA!) about the eclipse? Guess I should pay attention and get outside on the right day...

  8. Love Lady Gaga and love that jewellery collection!