Weekending... Last of the Summer

Monday, July 31, 2017

Goodbye summer...that's right, I said it. It's over, at least for me anyway. School starts on Thursday for my kids so this was my last weekend of summer technically. What did I do? Nothing exciting actually. You see, I am taking a hiatus of sorts from the social scene in my world. I am on a major spending, eating, drinking, interacting with people freeze and I am just tired, tired of it all. I hung out with my kids and my dog this weekend. Friday night we stayed in, all of us and played Sushi Go. We had an impromptu mini family game night and it was super fun. I can't help but think about how in just a few short weeks my house will go from 4 to 3. I'm struggling with that, I know I keep saying that but it's the truth and my social circle here doesn't seem to get it. I am the first one to have a kid leave the nest of my very closest pals so I guess I don't expect them too. I skipped a big shebang on the lake this weekend and I don't even care. It kind of feels good to just retreat for a bit.

Saturday morning bright and early we had 6th grade orientation aka "Cub Camp" for my new little Lakeside Lion. How in the hell is my baby going to 6th grade? She's a baby!!! We met all of her teachers and decorated her locker complete with pink and gold magnetic wallpaper, white fur rug and a mini rose gold battery powered disco ball that attaches to the top of the locker. You guys, my kid is cooler than me. I may have spotted a few hot single dads too but I can't be sure.  Biggest news of the weekend,  she and her BFF are in the same homeroom  after being at the same schools since 3 year old pre-school and never in the same class. 8 years later they are finally together. Praise the lord! The rest of the day Saturday I spent napping, reading and binge watching seasons 3 & 4 of Shameless... can't get enough.

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Sunday I baked paleo banana bread first thing in the morning, enjoyed some coffee on the deck and lazed around until noon. An afternoon trip to Costco and Homegoods with my #1 college girl was the most exciting part of the day. I will so miss those days. My goal was to spend less than $100 at Costco and if she wasn't with me I would have made it but we had to have organic frozen pineapple for smoothies and Dang Coconut Chips. Teenagers are so high maintenance. Don't even ask about Homegoods.

Pics or it didn't happen...

Love you long time. Happy Monday. 

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  1. That Paleo banana bread looked so good on Instagram. Also sometimes its good to retreat, I know its hard that your daughter is leaving the roost. Allow yourself the time to deal with that. Have a great week friend!

  2. what? your kids are starting school already? AND ON A THURSDAY? what dumbass made up that rule? why not just start on a Monday?!

    i can't believe it's august already; the summer has been just flying by.

  3. Retreating is good. I do it often. I can't believe your kids are already going back to school!

  4. Yikes! I can't believe your kids go back to school next week! I mean I go back next week but I'm the teacher. Kids don't go back until the 21. When do they get out?? I get the wanting to be home with your kids thing. Not from the parent perspective because I don't have any, but I went to MN for a week in June & saw no one but my parents & brother because I hadn't been home since Christmas & just wanted/needed to spend time with them.

  5. I cant even imagine how it feels having a baby leave the nest. I get sad just thinking about it!!! And you do have one cool little 6th grader with her kickass locker. Sounds like you guys had a good family weekend. Board game nights are my favorite and they dont happen near as often around here. Usually only when I have my nephews. HomeGoods is a dangerous place!!! Hope you have a great week! Holla for some hot, single dads ;)

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