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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Lately I am...

In a total funk. In a weird place. Just out of sorts in general. I have that "something is off" feeling.

Busy as hell at work in a way that I have never been. I love my job. I really honestly do for the most part. And I just got a raise before my 1 year anniversary so they must love me too. I mean... duh. Still broke AF but just a teeny bit less.

Wondering where my motivation went for every other thing in my life. It's like kind of just gone out the window which I honestly think brings on the funk. It's like sliding down a hole.

Still purging and Good willing stuff. Being in a funky place actually is the perfect time to get rid of your crap. While you wallow in self created drama you can easily rationalize that things are just meaningless objects and chuck them into the back of an 18 wheeler in the Kroger parking lot... this is a real thing.

Not really cooking at all. I feel like the worst Mom ever. My poor kids are on the "fend for yourself 101" summer meal plan,  but on the plus side I have been teaching them how to cook more things for themselves because it doesn't seem half as much effort to just direct someone else in the kitchen.

Wondering why men on Match like my pics, wink and "match" with me yet when I initiate a conversation they read it and don't respond. I mean all I said was "Good Morning" or "Hey, we matched! How are ya?" And I get crickets. Weirdos.

Back on did I mention that? Already regretting it. Honestly I only do this out of sheer boredom which is a horrible reason  for online dating. I don't know what I was thinking, this is a horrible time for me to be dating. Stay tuned for stories...

Addicted to Jimmy John's. Because not motivated to plan and or prep meals and lunches. They deliver to my office and it's freaky fast... like 4 minutes. I recommend the Beach Club.

Thinking about doing a month or so of the Ketogenic diet. I am waayyyy a little off track and feeling like I need a bit of a new twist on my food. Something new to submerge myself in and have total control over. Something that will be semi challenging and offer lots of blog/social media posting material too. If  memory serves Ketosis (from my Atkins days) kicks in pretty quickly for me and that is what I also need. Quick results. Tough love jump start. And another book... I always need another book.

More convinced than ever that what you eat is the number one factor in overall health and how you feel. Newsflash.... been eating like shit and I feel like shit. Tired, achy, congested, puffy... all food related.

Trying to be excited that my oldest is going off to college but you guys, I am sad. Which is so not me!! It is really freaking me out, see above mentioned funk. Ugh, all I can think of is how old my parents seemed when I went off to college and now that's me. How did this happen? Ugh.

And last but not least about to sink all the money I saved for a family vacation into my A/C system which needs a new evaporator coil. I've been sweating in my house and I just can't take it and it sucks giant balls. See you next year beach... maybe!

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  1. Oh girlie I'm sorry you're having a crappy time right now. Hoping it gets better soon for you. Ps Im the same with eating - when I eat crap I feel so bleh. Shame I love food so much sighs lol

  2. 100% agree that you are what you eat....sorry your'e feeling so blah...hope you feel better soon!

  3. I need to get into a routine. I've gotten so bad at getting stuff done. Online dating is THE WORST. I have way too many dating apps. Mostly because I'm bored. I messaged a guy on Match, he viewed my profile, didn't respond. Whatever. But THEN we matched on Tinder & he messaged me. I messaged him back, nothing. And it's not like he couldn't respond on Match because I pay extra so people can. Guys are weird & online dating sucks. Scratch that, dating sucks.

  4. Sorry to hear you're in a funk lately, I've had the same feeling. Just keep telling myself "this too shall pass".

  5. Online dating - UGH. I met my husband online, but before that I met some real toads. May the odds be in your favor!

    The thing that sucks about eating bad & then feeling bad, is the only reason you notice that is because of how much better you feel when you eat well. Sometimes I think it would be easier to have NEVER eaten healthy. Then I wouldn't know the difference!

  6. ugh bummer about the AC and vacation. i have been eating like absolute crap lately and totally feel like major crap as well. you are very right. i am right there with you with jimmy johns. my personal favourite is the turkey tom.

  7. i am so, so sorry to hear that your vacation funds are being diverted to repairing the air conditioning. i hope yall can find a way to have some fun adventures where you are.

    people love to talk about seasonal depression in december and january. it makes sense to me that a person can experience it just as easily in june and july. the days are longer instead of shorter, so they seem to drag; pair that with the godawful heat (made worse for you because of the busted air conditioning system) and the shorter nights, which certainly must affect your sleep, and it's no wonder you feel miserable. i was feeling pretty ugly last month, but it's let up some. i hope it lets up for you, too, and soon.

    i don't have children, but i can understand how one might be elated for and long for the days when a child of theirs goes off to college, but then the day comes and there's a kind of loss there. you've gotten used to having that person at home. you've been caring for that child for nearly two decades. i hope that when the time comes, you can appreciate the quieter house, the fewer clothes to watch and less food to prepare... i hope you can enjoy the blessings of hearing about that child's college experiences and watching the growth.

  8. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

  9. The Beach Club from JJ is my absolute favorite!!!! Girl, I am with you on feeling a little bit of a funk. Your baby is going off to college...and mine is about to start daycare. Two totally different things, but they are both hard on us mamas! And also the eating like shit thing. Totally been doing that too. Chris did Ketos for several months and seriously shrunk before my eyes. I dont have the discipline to cut out so many carbs. no potatoes or fruit make for one very cranky Nadine. I am trying to figure out what my next move is.

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