Oh Hey Friday!!

Friday, February 16, 2018

This week took forever, or was it just me? I don't know but it's a 5 day weekend for my kids and also it's not my weekend so let's get ready to partaaaaayyyyy! And by party I mean strip wallpaper, read books, play tennis and watch Netflix. Lame? Maybe but I don't care. I am on a role and I can't stop now. About that here's a few things I've been thinking about this week:

Remember that 18 for 2018 post I did here? The one where I said I wanted to host a brunch at my house? So yeah, I follow this awesome model/foodie/fitness blogger Danika Brysha and she owns a meal delivery service in CA called Model Meals. She's a Whole30 guru and her BF is a chef and together they do this thing called The Brunch Series where they come into your house and not only cook for you and anyone else that wants to buy a ticket but talk about the importance of self-care, healthy eating, mindfulness and permanent habit change. A little hippy dippy but cool. Well they are going on tour and need hosts so, I applied to host an event in my home. I seriously doubt they will pick me but at the very least I have renewed inspiration to get my kitchen redo finished up and also check something off my list. And you get to keep all the leftovers. Score.

I still have not fully reintroduced gluten things into my diet... mostly. I did have a sliver, and I mean sliver of the raspberry coffee cake my parents sent for Valentine's Day but that's not reintroducing anything but a bad habit. I also drank more than 1 glass of wine that night so there might be a correlation there... ya think? That and it was V-Day which always makes me a little cranky. And cranky equals poor choices. At least I know these things right? Anyway I am 50% scared to eat a days worth of gluten and 50% like "I don't want to eat it so why should I?" Well I should because I need to finish the reintroduction and that is part of it. So by this time next week I will have it done. Why is this such a mental obstacle for me?? I kinda sorta just want to eat a pizza, which would be very, very bad lol. All the gluten and dairy together is no bueno, that much I am sure of.

I have been trying to come up with some ways to possibly generate some additional income. I am toying with the idea of making this a long or maybe short term goal.

I meet all of the basic qualifications already. There is a 4 part testing track, interviews, mentoring program and of course an initial financial commitment. At the end you can coach with the power of the brand behind you, conduct FB groups, private coaching, meal planning, even grocery shopping with people and charge for your expertise. People are paying for it too. Talk about motivation to live the program. What do you guys think? Would I even be any good at that? Hmmmm....

I feel like this year is off to a really good start for me and I have this overwhelming premonition-y type feeling that it's going to just keep getting better. Do you ever get that? I consider myself highly intuitive so let's hope I am right on this one. I have been hibernating which I normally only do for the month of January but it has felt so good to disconnect from old habits and patterns I am just going with it. I really miss going out but so much of that revolves around eating and drinking poorly and spending money that I don't have. Until I get to a place where I feel a little more balanced I think I will just stay checked out for a bit longer. So this weekend I will mostly be hanging with my dog and probably this really tall guy who for some insane reason has offered to help me strip my wallpaper. I might have to cook him dinner but if it means less time spent on a ladder scraping shit off the wall I am in!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!


  1. That brunch tour sounds amazing! I hope they pick you!! And I think you would make an EXCELLENT Whole30 coach!!! You are real and honest and you already share a lot of pictures and recipes of what you are eating. You went through it and struggled some and know the importance of reintroduction after not doing it and now doing it. I cant think of someone more perfect!

  2. I hope that you get picked for the brunch tour! That would be awesome!

  3. Go for it! Positive coaching in ANY format is a-ok in my book! And yes to hibernating for 2 months now. I think I may be finally coming out of my shell as well...and it seems like others are doing the same thing. It has been a nice change of pace to slow down, though. I don't regret any of it. Happy Friday, Amy!

  4. Oh I hope you get picked for brunch . . . how cool would that be? And YES to Whole 30 coach . . . you're a veteran with a lot of knowledge to share - go for it! And I love your feelings about good things to come . . . I think that too!!!

  5. OMG if you win, can you take a small detour and come to my house? because that would be amazing...hope you get picked!

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