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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

And Then It's Spring...Hello March
Spring is definitely in the air here in Atlanta. The cherry trees and pear trees are blooming. Daffodils and tulips are everywhere. I am bracing for the impact of all the horrendous yellow pollen that is about to rain down upon us.

Time for a little catch up with Anne and Sarah for what I am up to Currently...

PLANNING - My calendar for the next two months. It's jam packed with lots of fun stuff and lots of work... I hope. Fun stuff this month including the start of spring tennis for 2 teams, mixed and ladies. I said I wasn't going to play two in one season again but ... last time I swear. I'm going out for St. Paddy's Day this year too. I have not done that in I don't know how long but it is a Saturday after all. My local bar is having a dueling pianos show. It's been at least a decade since I've been to one of those. Also there will be $2 green beers, $5 Jameson shots and $6 Irish Car Bombs. Crap.

SEEING - This really tall guy. He's 6'-4". I gotta say, no offense to the shorties out there, but as someone who has always been painfully aware of my own size in terms of feeling too big I am in hog heaven. I actually feel LITTLE when I am with him. It's glorious. He's really sweet too, I like him. Or maybe he's just tall, not sure yet.

MAKING - Brussels Sprouts like they are going out of style. I seriously can't get enough of them. My current favorites are balsamic roasted so they get that sweet crispy caramelized action and Warm Brussel Sprout Bacon Caesar Salad

PRETENDING - That I 100% have this Whole30 life in the bag forever. That I am ready to sign up to be a coach because I am a success story. That I will never go back to my old ways of eating/drinking. That I have my shit together finally... because #fakeittillyoumakeit. It really works.

WEARING - Glasses. I finally went to get my eyes checked and got a prescription for distance and driving at night because apparently I am middle aged and in need. I don't actually have said glasses yet, they are on order but they are really cute and I will share later. Why in the eff didn't someone tell me how many thousands of pairs of cute designer glasses are out there??? Prada and Tiffany had me crying over their price tags. I went Costco. It's fine.



  1. OOO I hope Mr 6'4 works out. I love me some dueling pianos, it's been so long since I've gone though! I think you'd make an awesome Whole30 coach. It's your posts that make me think I want to do it every single time ha.

  2. i really need glasses for driving at night.
    yay for tall people! i have never dated anyone significantly taller than me.
    wow i want to go to that bar for st paddys! the bars we go to are not that cheap lol, but it's still a fun day out.

  3. I just dropped over $600 on my glasses...Jimmy Choo's. I didn't even want to because it made me shudder but the reality is...I wear them every day. I should make the financial commitment because they are ON MY FACE every day and my face is important! LOL....hopefully I don't break them and regret my decision. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Yes to brussels sprouts! Love them with balsamic too, and I am definitely going to have to try that salad recipe.

    Spring tennis sounds so fun! Wish we were closer to that kind of weather here...

  5. I really need to get new glasses, but we'll see when that happens. hah I hope you have fun with both of your tennis teams! And yay for a tall guy that makes you happy. :)


  6. I dated a guy that was 6'4'' for a few years, so I totally get how amazing it feels to feel tiny next to someone like that! Though, I am not super tall, I only come in at 5'6'' but I am not a dainty 5'6''. I am inspired by you and your whole 30 game constantly. I dont think you are faking it anymore girl! Welcome to the glasses club. I had to get mine in college for night driving and seeing the boards from far away in class. Now I have to wear the damn things all the time. UGH! At least there are tons of cute frames out there!!! Currently I have Raybans, but I have had Fendi and Coach in the past. So many cute ones!