Five Things Friday - Fresh Looks For Spring

Friday, March 9, 2018

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I  don't know about you guys but spring makes me want to buy new things. New clothes especially because you can still get away with covering up a bit before it hit 100 muther fucking degrees in GA. This year I am also a bit obsessed with new things for my house. Things that look lighter, airier, fresh and modern. Here  are 5 things currently on my spring radar.


I live in black pants and simple tops. I am sure I have at least 25 menswear inspired denim, light blue,  French blue and/or  white shirts to go with my 99 pairs of black pants. So why wouldn't I want more? This Marinwood Stripe Poplin Shirt from  Athleta is seriously calling my name. I love the ribbon detail down the back, so different and super chic. These Stellar Crop Pants claim to be the only pants you need for spring. I'll be the judge of that but they do look mighty comfy. One thing I am diligent about is retiring the black pants the minute they start to fade. Nothing looks worse than faded black anything. Don't do it. I totally think these would be Friday friendly for work with some crisp white Adidas or a pair of fun flats.

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Enter Rothy's fun flats. Has anyone bought these yet? They are made of recycled plastic water bottles and are cute, comfy and sustainable. Oh and machine washable... whaaaat? I have not taken the plunge as they do carry a steep price tag for a ballet flat... $125 for round toe, $145 for pointy, but I hate most of the cheap flats I own. They are just not comfy at all and usually if I find a pair that is comfy they look sloppy or slipper-ish. I have my eyeballs on both the leopard because I consider that a neutral and the camo. 

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You might think I am nuts but these classic Eames Chairs are currently in my Amazon shopping cart for my kitchen. I want to get rid of the wood/upholstered seat chairs I currently have and freshen up with something light, bright and modern. Ten years ago the thought of keeping these clean would have been daunting with peanut butter and jelly fingers everywhere but now I am pretty sure we can manage.


I keep going back and forth with a new light fixture over the kitchen table and I saw this Sputnik Chandelier in a magazine photo and I am kind of thinking it might be the one. Lighting can be so expensive but since I do not plan on this being my home for too many more years I don't want to break the bank. For $112.99 this might be the perfect solution, a pretty upgrade for me that I will have no heartburn over leaving behind.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Those chairs and that chandelier are so fun! You are the second person who has shared pants from Athleta this week. I thought they were just workout stuff but clearly I was mistaken. I think I need to check those pants out! And machine wash shoes??? Say what now?! Let me know if you like them. The only flats I wear are Cole Han or Michael Kors. The rest are shit and so uncomfortable.

  2. I was just thinking about that on my drive to work this morning. I'm ready for some new clothes for spring.

  3. I have Rothy's. They hurt my feet REALLY badly while breaking in. REALLY badly. I like them now though, and how they're made.

  4. Those crop pants are super cute!! I need to get some new black crops for spring...but I saw they come in gray too so it may just work!!

  5. Loving the shirt and fancy pants look . . . so classic. I've not heard of the Rothies . . . I've wanted Tieks for a while but never made the plunge. And I love a ghost chair . . . so cool!

  6. Those crop pants look so amazing and that chair and chandelier - YES to both! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I actually broke down and bought a pair of the Rothy's. I LOVE Them. They feel like a stretchy fabric and did wear a bit on one of my heels while breaking them in, but I just put a band-aid over that spot the next couple of times I wore them. I've washed them a few times now and they still look brand new. I'll be buying the round toe ones next, that's how much I like them!