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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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This week flew by for me. Anyone else? We are having one last cold snap I guess here in the South and it feels like we are back to winter so while I am hibernating tonight I thought I would kot down a few random, totally random, thoughts.

Remember when I said I needed to reevaluate some of the ways in which I currently spend my time here? So yeah, I have been doing a heck of a lot of that and also doing some different things too. New places, new faces and all of that. God, this is great!!! Why did I not ditch some of this crap sooner? I declined summer women's tennis and handed off the baton of captaining my summer mixed team. Whew... what a relief. A couple people were like wait... what are you going to do? Who is going to captain?

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It's March 22 and I have officially dropped a pants size this year. Halle-freaking-lujah.  I have to say I am feeling pret-ty good about myself right now. Momentum is super high and not stopping anytime soon!

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I have decided that this is also a year of yes for me. So instead of waiting for the right time I am just saying yes to a lot more because who knows if the right time will ever come. Sooooo... I put in my application to be a Whole30 Certified Coach. I was thinking maybe I should wait until I have accomplished all my health goals first but then again... nah. This part I got so why not maybe help others and create a little business around it? Hopefully I will be accepted, but I should find out in a few days. Then the process is about 4-8 weeks of testing plus a 30 day mentorship. The kicker is that The New Primal is offering 2 scholarships for the certification fees right now and that was what really sealed the deal for me. I am applying for that too so everyone keep your fingers crossed. This would be so huge and  a chance for me to really do something I am so very passionate about as another aspect of my career!

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My other big news is that I applied for and was accepted to be a host for The Brunch Series Tour with Danika Brysha. This was another one of those "omg should I really do this thing" moments for me and I just said yes, doing it. And well, I'm really doing it. Danika is a curve model with IMG, Model Meals founder, wellness, body positive, selfcare coach in CA. She and her chef/boyfriend are going on the road for 8 months across the country hosting these events that focus on building the life of your dreams and finding authentic happiness. I am beyond excited to be part of this. I am sure I will be sharing more as the date approaches but if you are anywhere near Atlanta and want to come to the event at my house click here

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Happy Thursday! Peace...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! So many congratulations! Congrats on being accepted to host brunch, congrats on the pants size, congrats on deciding to go for being a coach (fingers crossed!!) What an exciting year for you so far! And yes, this week flew by surprisingly fast.

  2. YES i love this! do everything your heart desires. life is short, make the most of it and say yes to things you want to do instead of doing what we all do and talk ourselves out of it and regret it later. this is going to be such a great year for you.

  3. A pants size?? You go girl!!!!!! Your brunch sounds so amazing. Such a cool experience to get to be a part of. I am so proud of you for applying to become a Whole 30 coach! I really hope you get the scholarship, I cant think of anyone who deserves it more.

  4. Yay on the Brunch tour!

    Good luck on the Whole 30 & scholarship apps!!

  5. This Brunch thing sounds so exciting! And fingers totally crossed for the coaching gig! I'm so glad you are taking the plunge and putting yourself out there!

  6. This Brunch thing sounds so exciting! And fingers totally crossed for the coaching gig! I am so glad to see you taking the plunge and putting yourself out there!

  7. Hi! I purchased a ticket for the brunch series in Atlanta, but sadly had something come up. Please let me know if you know anyone that would like to purchase my ticket. So bummed to miss it!