Doing A Whole30 Mini Reset - 5 Tips To Get You Through

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I have done 4 complete Whole30's to date but just one real mini-reset this past May. I have tried many times to figure out where I could squeeze in another complete Whole30 throughout the year but for one reason or another it never seemed to fit. Newsflash... a mini reset turns out to be just as effective a tool for me at this point in my food freedom. If you have never done a Whole30 I wouldn't necessarily recommend this abbreviated version for a few reasons... 1.) if you are currently eating all the things it takes a good 30 days to get it all out of your system and start feeling the changes and 2.) it's just not enough time to effect change and plant the seed of real habit forming behavior. I am tentatively planning to do the national Whole30 in September but I need a little check right now so it's time for a mini... starting the 15th or 16th... TBD!

Fifteen days is not a long time. We all know 2 weeks zips by in the blink of an eye. So if you are going to do this mini reset thing you really want to maximize the benefits of it. That means the exact same hard core approach that you would have with a traditional Whole30. Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of your mini reset. Just because it's a shorter amount of time doesn't mean you should relax the rules because then it wouldn't be a real Whole30 inspired anything now would it? So don't plan to mini reset but with creamer in your coffee... that's not how this works.

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Here are a few things that you should definitely do to make your mini reset as successful as any traditional Whole30:


Ok, so this is really my mantra for everything in life but especially this. The rules are there for a reason and following them to the letter actually makes life a whole lot easier. You don't have to use your brain too much when there are only 5 to remember. No sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol or legumes. Ok 6, DO NOT GET ON THE SCALE.


Here's a great benefit of the mini reset... you can probably grocery shop/meal prep one time for the whole thing. Don't skip this part either. You can't use the excuse that you don't have time for all of the cooking because you already cut the program in half. Also, it's hot out there right now, focus on making a lot of cold meals like chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, sliced roast beef, homemade slaw... these types of foods lend themselves to meal prep quite nicely and frees up a lot of time for other fun summer things! The Whole30 Instagram actually has a whole saved story on cold lunch ideas, check it out for inspiration!


You are a BOSS. It's not a Whole30 but it's something and you should be just as proud of doing this for yourself as anything else. Stay the course and fight the urge to throw in the towel because "it's not like you're really doing a Whole30 anyway", that's bullshit. You are doing something just as important, it's a commitment and you should take it seriously.


When I start allowing too many "worth it" foods back into my diet (I'm looking at you wine and cheese) I find myself doing things that are not as good for me either and neglecting my self care. For example; staying up late watching Netflix drinking wine, going out even though I know I should stay in, spending less focused time on my goals and daily check-list. One of the greatest things about the mini-reset is it just naturally resets everything else too. When you cut the crap you are putting into your body your mind becomes clear and you can refocus on everything else too. Bonus!


Make some recipes you have never tried before, incorporate some type of new movement, start that book you have been meaning to get to. I find that having a finite period of time as a framework helps me actually check things off my list. For example... Somehow planning to take a 10 minute walk with the dog everyday for 2 weeks seems more inspiring than just saying "I am going to start walking my dog more".  Or "during this mini reset I will cook 2 recipes from my new @thewholesmiths cookbook" instead of "I am going to cook some new recipes" and then falling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Make it measurable!

These are just a few things that work for me and as I said if you are a Whole30 alum the mini reset can be a really great tool in your arsenal. I will never get as far off track as I once was but I can slip and slide with the best of them. Interested in joining me for a mini or for the national Whole30 in September? Check out my coaching packages or just shoot me an email and we can talk through what your personal goals are!



  1. I went and found a bunch of new recipes that I want to make next week. This week I couldn't get my life together enough to get a menu planned with new things and am falling back on all my old staples. I dont even want to admit to you how bad I have fallen back in my diet soda addiction. I need a damn intervention ASAP.

  2. Im doing Keto atm but I may try whole 30 when I come back from vacation after August. I really just am not sure where to start though. We'll see. Cantw ait to follow your reset on instagram!