Annual Check In - 2018 Goals: How I Did

Monday, December 31, 2018

I still set goals every year even though I don't freak out over letting them evolve a little or change completely over the year as needed. I mean, it's really hard to say on any given day what might be a priority for you 365 days into the future. I think that is the biggest reason that New Year's Resolutions really don't work for so many of us. We forget that sometimes giving ourselves grace when we fall short or need to drop back and punt should maybe always be at the very top of our goal list.

Last year I decided to do an 18 for 2018 style goal list and the goals ran the gamut from big to small. I really, really liked this approach and I am going to do it again this year... list is currently under construction.  The interesting thing for me this past year is that I did go back and read this list throughout the year and no matter where I was on achieving any given goal I never felt bad about it. I looked at it more like a timing thing or maybe it just wasn't the right goal for me at all. But for the hell of it let's take a look at how I did last year:

  • Buy some hiking shoes and hit Sweetwater Creek State Park. Maybe not just this one but it's something I have wanted to do for awhile. I have come to grips with not really being a gym person at this point in life but I like walking outdoors and nature is like Xanax for me.

NOPE - Ummm this was a big fat no. I did hike a 2 mile trail at like 9800 feet elevation in Salt Lake City Utah with all of my fellow Whole30 coaches though and guess what I discovered? I am not a hiker. As amazing as it was I don't love it. I like walking though so I focused more on that and will continue to do so for 2019. Glad I didn't buy those fancy hiking shoes.

  • Finish the book Food Freedom Forever that I bought 2 years ago and do a real Whole30 Reintroduction phase by the book. Complete with mini-resets as needed.
DONE - So worth it.

NOPE - I drank a ton less beer this year because I discovered after my real proper Whole30 reintroduction just how crappy it makes me feel. 

  • Have a date night with my kids once a month and pick a new place at least every other time. 
NOPE - This turned out to be a lot less practical and budget friendly than I imagined it would be.

  • Go to Michigan.

  • Lose 30 lbs. This really not that daunting considering that most likely after Whole30 is over I'll be close to halfway there. 

  • Paint and purge at least 3 areas/rooms of my house that I currently am not fond of. 
PARTIALLY DONE - One room completely, others started but not finished. I consider this one a disappointment. I could have done better here.

  • Practice the One Minute Rule regularly. This is another Gretchen Rubin thing... the idea is to immediately do any tasks that come up if they will take 1 minute or less to complete. Like... hanging up your coat, putting dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, read mail and toss it, etc. 
GAME CHANGER - I have embraced this and it has had amazing results on just keeping my spaces tidy from day to day.
  • Clean out the side of my garage that is currently not usable as a garage so that when Olivia is home she can park her car in it not in the driveway.
NOPE - no comment
DONE - I didn't take the actual tour but it was still amazing and now one of my favorite places to go for a walk.
PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL - I made it for drinks. I'll be back though.
  • Take a one day/afternoon class in something I have never done before.
DONE - Took a holiday cocktail class at Gunshow and it was super fun to learn the actual techniques and tools for proper bartending.
  • Read 12 books or 1 a month.
I DON'T KNOW - I decided that this was a dumb goal. I read for pleasure and when I feel like it. I read a lot of good books this year, I'll leave it at that.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate. I have 2 able bodied children living in my house and a huge team of people at work at my disposal. I need to get better about allowing others assist in the big projects so I don't get burned out and pissed off.
SUCCESSFUL - No shame in cracking the whip as needed.
  • Host a brunch at my home. As much as I love brunch I have never hosted a fun brunch. I have had family/holiday things like Easter or Baptisms but I want to do a fun friends day drinking event. Maybe during Wimbledon?
DONE - This one turned out way bigger than I even hoped when I ended up hosting The Brunch Series Tour with Danika Brysha. There was no day drinking involved but it was an amazing experience and I didn't even have to cook!
  • Take the kids on a surprise weekend trip somewhere unexpected that we can drive to. Southerners give me ideas!!!
WELP - I tried and I booked the whole thing and paid for it and then came the hurricane and destroyed the panhandle. Good news is I got my money back. Will try again!
  • Find a way to organize my shoes. Ugh... this part of my closet is an embarrassment.
DONE - I bought this shoe rack from the Container Store and I love it!
  • Bake a grain free paleo cake. I have this beautiful book on paleo baking and I haven't even made a damn cake yet.
NOPE - I probably would have eaten the majority of it myself so it's whatever. Maybe this year!

So there you have it! I feel great about this list and what it ultimately helped me accomplish. Working on my 19 for 2019 and looking forward to more goal crushing, evolving and self exploration!



  1. I really need to try to embrace the 1 minute rule this year! Cheers to 2019!

  2. It looks like you adjusted your goals as needed and did a pretty good job over the past year! Some goals seem to be fun at first but def. not practical in reality. The one minute rule is something Ill have to implement!

  3. I love your energy around your goals. Its not the be all and end all but a guide. Still, you did awesome in getting them done.

    Also that one minute rule is something I really need to start implementing in my own life

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