Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Just a moment today to jot down a few thoughts on all the things I am thankful for right now in this moment....

Kids - No one can ever truly prepare you for how profoundly they will change you. If you're lucky.

Family - I have a really, really good one. For all of my jokes about how the universe hates me, the universe hooked me up from day one in this category.

Health - I have had brief experiences of my own with scary health situations. Don't fuck with it. 

Food - Basic necessities can not be overlooked. Many don't even have these.

Home - Not just a house but a home, full of love, memories and hope.

Freedom - People die for this. Die... 

Brains - For all of the mistakes I make I can usually figure out a way to check myself before...

And for that I am truly thankful!

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Favorite Urban Dictionary Words - T-Day Edition

Since I had such an overwhelming response to my homage to Burt... here you go. You're welcome.

Moving On....

I have not done an UD post in awhile even though I refer to it and read it for pleasure all the time. It cracks me up actually. It's stupid and funny and in my attempt to stay somewhat current in spite of my crypt keeper status, it is helpful. So please let me share with you some of my current faves...

1. I luh me sum beard.... I am down with this but am really more inclined for the full on Duck Dynasty hillbilly style beard. And some tatts too... please. But still, a useful word.  
A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.
George Michael is a total lumbersexual.
Yeah man, so is Don Johnson.

2. If you have not done this ... A. Liar... or B. We can't be friends. Say it with me now....

The use of the tongue to find the opening in the top of a beverage can, when it's too dark to see.
While driving 80mph down the 87 freeway, Steve deftly applied cannilingus to drain the remaining contents of his Schlitz.

3. This is a new one to me. But I see many opportunities as a single gal to be using this extremely inappropriately with my cougar bait suitors. Mee-owww. 
the things I would do to you
wow you are so hot. Ttiwdty

4. I had to include this one... obvi. I mean, I have always secretly thought about this... I know it's not funny but... fuck it... it's funny. Like laughing at a funeral funny, yes I know it's inappropriate. I can't help myself!!!!

a day we commemorate taking advantage of the "indians" by stealing their land, food, and lifestyles in exchange for cheap trinkets.
Ahh thanksgiving, lets give thanks to those indians for letting us screw them wholeheartedly.

5. And in honor of the massive eating holiday upon us 'Muricans, I had to include this one. There are 2 of you I am looking at cause I know you will love this one....

Another word for taking a dump
After lunch I enjoy a healthy food press.

Happy Tuesday Hookers!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekending With My Michigan Fam

This weekend officially kicked off the holiday season for me with the arrival of my brother and his wife and kids to spend the week with us. We love having family come down to stay with us and it doesn't happen but once a year so it's extra special. They rolled in on Saturday and we basically hung out, watched football, ate and drank all day. The kids played outside, dug holes in my yard looking for treasures they buried in years past, and spent remarkably little time with their gadgets. The cousins miss each other just as much as the adults do. We plan to do a few touristy things this week but mostly just spend time together and enjoy each other. It's the best thing in the world... just hanging. Sunday was more eating, more football,  and a trip to Home Depot. My wonderful brother bought me tools and about 10 different kinds of light bulbs and changed out every burnt out bulb (there were multiple) in my house. Oh how nice to have a man around. In my defense, I have high ceilings, recessed lights, etc... changing light bulbs means ladders, step stools, poles with attachments and expensive bulbs. I hate that shit. But now it's done:)

In other news... my Noles won again!!! That makes 27 straight victories for FSU yet somehow we still can't get to the number one spot in the polls even though everyone else has a loss. Hmmmm... this makes no sense to me at all and sorry if I'm beating a dead horse but... I am a little passioante about my football. My brother and his oldest son were straight up laughing at how excited I get play by play watching the game. Laughing... as in "boy Aunt Amy sure does get into Florida State football". Yes. Yes she does because ... UNCONQUERED!!!!!

Photo: Senior Editor, Tim Linafelt, walks through how the Florida State Seminoles Football made it to 27 straight wins.


And in case you missed it like I did cause the network blew over it... Burt Reynolds threw the spear before the game. He's 78, one of our most famous football players and alumni and much loved in Tally. But damn, he looks old and over worked.... Go Burt!!

Found a few fun things to make for Thanksgiving since I volunteered for appetizer and desserts. 

How cute is this cheese and cracker creation??? I think the kids will love...

(click for link)

And something new for dessert this year because... new things are good... No-Bake Layered Pumpkin Pie... This cannot be bad...

(click for link)

More snaps from the weekend...

We are off to the World of Coke today! Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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