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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Peonies hit their peak in May and June. HereĆ¢€™s how to make your lush arrangement last longer.


Getting ready for a quick weekend in Asheville, NC for a lacrosse tournament. Unfortunately I doubt I will get to see too much but we are going to try to get in a tour of the Biltmore and a visit to Wicked Weed Brewing. The most exciting news is that while everyone else on the team is shelling out $279.99 a night for the Hilton Garden Inn, Ava and I will be AirBnB'ing it for $89 a night on the lower lever of someone's mountain house. I am super excited not only to be saving some money but also to have a whole apartment to ourselves for the weekend!


Not a damn thing because my grill has officially died. I priced out all of the parts to fix it and I could  almost buy a new grill for the same amount. It wouldn't be as nice of a grill but I just can't decide what makes more sense. Honestly my tolerance for heat and bugs is so low at this point in my life I almost don't give a shit about having a grill. If I had someone else who liked to grill different story. Me not so much! My air conditioned kitchen is fine by me.


The idea of regularly scheduled Whole30's. I have really been struggling lately with the weight loss piece of the puzzle. I am doing just enough to stay exactly where I am and that is not what I want. I want to drop a pants size desperately. I am so frustrated by how hard it is at this stage of my life to lose weight at all. Once you hit your 40's it is brutal ladies. I think that just scheduling Whole30's and/or Whole15's will help me to that end. I have been a little down about this lately. It's in my head big time more so in the summer when we wear less clothing and I just feel gross.


All I am doing this year is my front porch and I did it before the Brunch Series. Someone told me to feed my ferns plant food and Epsom salt and oh my goodness are they growing like gangbusters! Done.

  • Post Malone's new album Beerbongs & Bentleys on repeat. I LOVE it
  • The Lottery... well thinking about it anyway
  • Mind games with myself... visualizing a healthier body, multiple streams of income, a meaningful relationship  
  • How many days can I go without sleeping in? What ever happened to lazy summers? Why am I setting my alarm clock for Saturday and Sunday activities? I do not like this.
  • Not much tennis because I jacked up my right knee doing... wait for it... absolutely nothing. It just hurts, because I am old most likely. 
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The Brunch Series: Atlanta

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

As you may now know Memorial Day weekend I hosted the Atlanta stop on Danika Brysha's Brunch Series Tour and to say that it was a bit of a life changing event would be totally accurate. I am so in awe of her path to transform her life into the life of her dreams but also in the way she connects with others and has chosen to try to help them do the same. Not too long ago she was 6 figures in debt and living in her parents garage but since then, one day at a time, with purpose and intention she has been steadily building a new life for herself. Her business is thriving, she met a fantastic life partner, she is totally living her passion and it radiates from every fiber of her being. And also... she is just super cool, insanely beautiful and feels like your best friend from the first moment you meet her.

I know... you may be thinking this all sounds a little hippy dippy woo woo for me. Well, I have experienced for myself how life can begin to change for the better when you just reframe the way you think about things. I really believe the control your inner dialogue has over every aspect of your life, and that you can change the direction you are going by implementing certain things into your daily routine. It is something that I have been working on for some time albeit a little half-assed, trying to silence the negative and think and act like the person with the life that I want... a lot of fake it till you make it but I know that it works when you do specific things consistently. I am just never exactly sure what the best things are to be doing. Enter Danika...

The Brunch Series event itself is about creating the life of your dreams and finding authentic happiness. These are women only events because so many of us spend our lives putting everyone else's happiness before our own. Danika talks about creating your own self-care checklist to help with daily accountability towards healthy habits and crushing all of your goals. Built into this work are the following topics:

  • Self-love
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Finding your passion
  • Creating income through doing what you love
  • Body positivity
  • Mindfulness
  • Affirmations
  • Manifestation tools and
  • Food Freedom

So here is how it all went down...Danika, Billy and Kingsley (their 200 lb. English Mastiff) came over Saturday afternoon and we had some time to hang out, get set up and discuss the schedule for the next day. She is totally one of those people that you hug and feel like you've known forever. Good, easy energy and so is he. What a sweet couple (and they met on Tinder of all places, maybe there is hope for me yet)! Getting to hang a bit with them and just be relaxed was super cool.

Sunday was amazing, a bit of a blur, so much fun and really life changing. Women came to my home from all over GA and 2 even came from Tennessee to join us. We started the day off with coffee, matcha lattes and light bites prepared by Chef Bill Haley and his sous chef for the morning, my daughter Ava. Fresh fruit, dairy free coconut yogurt parfaits and egg bites welcomed my guests to the kitchen. A few people came in pairs but I was pretty surprised by how many came solo. Considering the format that was pretty brave I thought. My great room was set up in a circle and draped in yellow and grey Mexican blankets which actually made it feel like a big meditation room and that was awesome because everyone felt comfy and relaxed.

We started off the workshop with a secret sharing exercise that was a little scary but a good ice breaker and so insightful. With eyes closed everyone sat and listened while our secrets were passed around the room and we each took a turn reading one.  I was not prepared for the emotion to ramp up so quickly. Seriously, tears were shed by a lot of us just hearing the things that other women keep secret, have shame about or just plain don't' like about themselves. Mostly because so many of us share the same secrets and I know if I was hearing myself in so many of those little pieces of paper being passed around then others must be too. It was shocking to hear how many of us feel that we are just not enough (this was the most common by far), unhappy in our relationships, dysfunctional with food, miserable in our jobs, hate our bodies. And afraid... afraid to do any number of things for any number of reasons... also a common thing. Experiencing the courage and the vulnerability it took to share and the emotions that spilled over as a result was pretty moving. Over and over women said this was so out of their comfort zones but they felt like if they were going to make the effort to come they were going to be all in.

We learned about the self care checklist that Danika swears by. This is the one thing I was really curious about. I feel like I have always sucked at it. I also feel like I waste a lot of time because I am not focused enough... squirrel. The whole idea of taking some time first thing upon waking every day to focus only on myself, goals, to-dos, gratitude, scheduling, meditate... is something I feel is much needed in my life. I want this to be a habit. I've been up at 5:30 every day this past week going through these steps and checking the little boxes and I am really loving it. It's only supposed to take about 10 minutes so it's not like some big ordeal, just an action plan to take daily steps toward your big picture, whatever it may be. At the end of the day you revisit the list, go through your night time routine and set up a new checklist for the next day. Ideally you should take one day off a week from the checklist, which doesn't mean you don't do any of those things, just a break from the actual list part. I made a template in Evernote and plan to write another post on that at some point but would be happy to share if anyone is interested.

In between the morning and afternoon parts of the workshop we of course had Brunch!!! Chef Billy is not only gorgeous, funny and charming,  but Chef can throw down in the kitchen too. We had a complete paleo/whole30 style dairy free, gluten free, grain free brunch and it was delicious. Sadly I lingered in the house a bit too long and by the time I made it out to the buffet it wasn't really picture perfect but damn was it good! The afternoon was spent talking about strategies to find your passion, set goals and crush them, improve relationships. I felt very much like as the day went on we were all becoming friends, supporting and encouraging each other all day long. Women empowering women and lifting each other up was one of THE best parts of the day.

I am so super excited to keep on this path to becoming the best version of me I can be. I highly recommend attending one of these events when they make a stop in your town. It was a very unique and worthwhile experience. I am so glad I said YES. Speaking of saying yes and being intentional does anyone remember my 18 for 2018 post from the beginning of the year? Well, one of the things I said I wanted to do was host a brunch in my home because I hadn't ever really had a real one. Well, the universe delivered me up 35 women friends, one man to do all the cooking and a big English mastiff. See... I put it out there and I got it back.

I cannot stress enough... If you have the opportunity to go to this event near you... GO!!! You will not be disappointed!
Cheers to making memories and crushing goals.

Slip N' Slide Logic: Mini Reset Time

Thursday, May 24, 2018
So I have been thinking... summer is, for all intents and purposes, here and I've fallen a bit short on a few of the goals I set for myself this year. I have had a sort of mental/emotional setback (aka STRESS) just dealing with general life stuff and I feel like it has me slightly derailed and unfocused. I have definitely been on that slippery slope from a Whole30 food stand point and I want to get it dialed in now before this happens... or I face plant into a plate of nachos.

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Because you know, a lot of times you are on the slip n' slide of life and thinking "hey I'm sliding and I know it but I am also in total control". Wrong.

Sometimes you are sliding so gracefully that you can even fool yourself into thinking you are doing it maybe not exactly the right way but hey... it's your way. Wrong. That's not how this works.

motion slide GIF

And then there are those other times when you are doing it the wrong way. You're not really slipping but really you are still slipping. You played yourself.

Image result for slip n slide fail gif

My point in this gif story is that even when you think you screwed up so bad that you might be about to actually lose it, you can recover...

slide GIF

Except maybe from this, but thankfully THIS is not THAT. 

slide slip GIF

So.... I am doing something I have never done because I want something I've never had. More than one thing but for the sake of this post let's keep it simple. I am going to do a real Mini Reset the Whole30 way. Basically a Whole15 because I think that will be enough to get me back to where I need to be. I am just not feeling my best and I know it is because I have let dairy, sugar and alcohol creep back into my diet in quantities that are dangerous for me personally. And that doesn't mean I am having a bottle of wine, a block of cheese and a pint of sea salt carmel gelato every night. It just means that it's getting a wee bit out of control and the best way for me to check it is to lock up the brakes and stop slippin and slidin.

So with that I am starting my Mini Reset on May 29th because I personally like starting the day after a holiday. I know this is exactly what I need and there is a slim chance I may actually turn it into a Whole30 but I am not sure yet. These are my main goals for the 15 days (aside from the obvious food related ones):

  • Get back on a regular sleep schedule, I have been staying up way too late
  • Cut way back on caffeine intake, I suspect it is adversely affecting me and I want to test it
  • Finish my Whole30 Coaching test tracks. Sleep + Focus and this will fall into place.
  • Spend some time revisiting the goals I made in January, assess and re-work a bit if necessary.
  • Make time for self-care, I have been really bad at taking care of me for about the last 4 weeks. Enough of that.
Two weeks flies by and doing this reset now won't impact any of my summer plans, the 4th of July, trip to Asheville, concerts, etc. I should probably really do this more often. So... anyone care to join me? You don't have to do what I am doing but of course if you want to I can totally help and hold your hand. But you could commit to 15 days of something important to you...healthy eating, exercise, no booze,  no Starbucks, no spending, no eating out... anything. What do you need to work on? Just having a plan makes me feel better already.

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Mondays Are For Gratitude

Monday, May 7, 2018
Gratitude by Khuong Pham                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lately I am humbled by all of the good things in my life. Is everything perfect? Nope. Does it matter? Also nope. I have been trying to remind myself every day  to look at the little things and be as grateful for them as I would be for winning the lottery.

So today I am grateful for a few things in no particular order.

My oldest child returned home safe and sound from her first year away at college. Thrilled beyond words to have her home for the summer... even though I had to get her to move her car at 7:30 this morning. My house and my heart feel full again.

I had a little fender bender last week and thankfully walked away. A little sore for a few days and my car needs some repair but it just struck me how quickly life can change. And how stupid Atlanta drivers can be. Grateful that it is just a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things.

My ex and I are getting a long so well it's scary. Making the decision to just not fight with him has been a huge turning point. We just co-exist, like friends. Who knew?

The guy I have been dating is so NOT what I was looking for but turns out he's perfect for right now. Neither of us want serious but we both want someone to do stuff with. I mean, this is perfect, he's willing to go anywhere I want to go. Plus he helped me paint my kitchen, trimmed some hedges and is fixing my gas grill. Also he exceeds my height requirement and we laugh a lot. Oddly grateful for Tinder.

So grateful that I got the opportunity to coach another friend through her first Whole30. Her results were amazing and I feel that much more confident in knowing that I can achieve this goal of being a successful Whole30 Coach. Now to finish my testing!!

My own health goals for the year are still on track and we are 5 months in.This is a record for me I think. Grateful that I'm finally in a place where I can give myself a little grace and know that it's not about being perfect every day.

And then there is the beautiful spring weather, all of the flowers and trees blooming, my amazing friends and family, my good health, happy kids, cauliflower crust pizza, Perfect bars and wine. I am always grateful for wine.

Happy Monday!