Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites & Some Advice

I am so stinkin happy that it's Friday. Anyone??? Got a few fun things planned too so that always makes it even better. So let's get right to it shall we???

Does everyone have corn mazes in the fall? We do and they are super cool! This one is called Uncle Shuck's and it's right up the road a piece from me. It's 14 acres and 4 miles of maze. I beleive it takes an hour or two to complete with all the wandering but I think we are goiong to give it a go on Sunday. During the day... cause it's also open at night for the haunted version... no thanks. Not up for being chased thru a corn maze by a clown with a bloody chainsaw for 2 hours. Sounds like a recipe for falling, and shitting my pants.

The theme this year is civil war in case you couldn't tell cause... we still proud in the South:)

I am not sure we will get to this one at all but I want to. As you know I am  a huge Walking Dead fan-girl and all things zombie. They actually have  a live zombie apocalypse interactive experience right here in Atlanta. I think it would be horrifying yet fun at the same time. Possibly also inducing falling and shitting o' the pantalones. But still, just cool. 

poster_Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse
(click pic for link)

This from their website....
Details:  The creators of the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse once again have gone to great lengths to bring you the newest and most exciting fully immersive Halloween horror attractions where you take part in realistic zombie apocalypse scenarios. You will be terrified, you will run for your life, you will feel like you are living in the zombie apocalypse as you play a role to survive. Will you make it? People have had heart attacks! Soiled their pants! Took the chicken exit after the first room! What will you do when the zombies come for you?

2014 TCT Halloween Flyer FINAL.jpg

Halloween Ink and a party... At a new shop that one of my fave artists just moved to. Can't wait to check out the schmexy new digs and get a little something fun at Terminus City Tattoo. If you are local hit me up and come with! Too bad there are so many awesome choices. Can you guess what I might be eye ballin? And no it's not the sack-o-lantern... which is possibly the funniest tatt I've ever seen:)

And this song ... Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo. Ok so it's a little dark and the video is well, it doesn't bother me but some may not appreciate. It just seems raw and real and I am all about it right now. And I love her voice and also I want a cool name like Tove. And zomg girls are kissing....


Favorite dumb thing of the week... VS giving away more stupid shit I don't need. I don't need a cuff from VS. I need bras and panties. If I spend $75 dolla dolla bills throw in a free thong for God's sake or some lip gloss. Something useful please or crotchless. 

And in honor of my epic fall from grace last week I thought now would be a good time for the return of the funny falling gifs that I so love to share. Advice....Just keep in mind that you should always be careful what you stand on or you might end up like me... or worse like them... immortalized in gifdom. Enjoy....

Fat, muddy, falling... I love it. Because #BoobsInYoFace

I am feeling some de ja vu with this one.... #donttreadonme

Hey looka here. I'm so hot.... and I have #skinnedknees

Awww..... if only we all looked this cute falling #drunkpuppies

More with the de ja vu...  who stands on a ball? #BamaFans

Oh honey NO!!! You need better girlfriends... who let you get up in there?  #thatssomebullshit

Flying off spinning things bad. #Iwillhurlonyou

Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

(He actually looks familiar. maybe?)

One more time... Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back. #TerrorSquad

As a mom this makes me happy cause kids love to do this. #shortcutsnotalways

Always be cognizant of your age/weight/height ratio when thinking about skateboarding. #skateordie

Hope everyone has a stellar weekend. See ya on the flipside:)


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Humpday Confessions - Flipping The Switch

So as per usual I did not get this shit done last night because... sick kid. So here we go better late than never. I think Kathy is still on vacay... if so... Hi Hooker... have a drink for me!!!

I Confess........

I want to scream every time I hear this...

"Got any pictures?"

I get asked this question possibly more than any other from men in the online dating world. It annoys the ever loving crap out of me especially the ones that say it at least once in every conversation. Because let's just be clear about the pictures you want. Boobs, ass, full body shot, anything sans clothing is would also be great I'm sure. So man up and just say it, don't make me dig to see how much of a sleaze you are, just own it.  Oh and also, be prepared to send me a dick pic first cause I am creating the world's first dick pic coffee table book for the single gal. It will be complete with a pop up at the happy ending and is going to be my ticket to financial freedom.  So chop chop... drop trou!!!

Non weekday drinking has thrown me into early senior citizenship. the way I see it is if I don't want to be tempted to drink wine or eat garbage the next best thing is climbing into bed with yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt and cozy-ing up with the remote and maybe a little candy crush. Like Shirlee. Saweeeet.... Level 2!!!!

Bills suck and Universe if you're listening can I let go of my ankles now??

So in the last week I had an $800 car repair and nearly broke my hand in a million places. Yesterday I came home from work turned on the gas to heat up the kettle for tea cause.... old lady... and guess what? NO GAS!!! Rage ensued cause I knew I had just paid the muther effing gas company and could not be that far behind but car repair hosed me and I guess I spaced it last week. I cut and pasted my bill for you all to see what  I owe Gas South and when I made my last payment. $103.99 are you kidding me right now? You're gonna disconnect for $103.99???? Who fucking does this??? No warning... I have all my statements via email but they didn't bother to send a notice of DISCONNECTION. Notice the next statement hasn't even come out yet. WHAT THE FUCK???

They said they can turn it back on next Monday at the earliest. This means cold showers for me and my 3 kids for days. THIS MEANS WAR. Fix it Gas South or...

This is really my life lol...

I confess sometimes I am really bad at keeping it all together. I really feel like I need to make drastic changes in my situation soon  to like flip a switch, you know what I mean? I was watching Below Deck season finale last night and one of the girls left the yacht with all of her earthly possessions in a wheel barrow. A wheel barrow. Now obviously I can't go that far with kids and a job but, it struck me and I was jealous. Jealous because I am drowning in stuff and things and bills for stuff that isn't necessary. I also saw this real estate blurb about a 2 bedroom condo for sale in Atlanta that I would kill for. It's across the street from one of the oldest and most famous bars in the city, Manuel's Tavern. My first thought was I could die happy here:) Just look... and talk about a 180 degree switch form suburban life. Obviously not practical with kids and all but it's got me thinking... about changes.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble. Have you ever done something completely crazy that changed your whole life? And made it better?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pizza Is Eternal....

Food for thought today....

I try very, very hard to keep this in mind, in fact it is most definitely my current and maybe forever mantra.  But dang.... every time I see a little glimpse of something or someone that may could possibly be something, some thing, some one, some opportunity, that I want or need it just disappears. I feel ready but maybe I'm not really. Till then there is always pizza, which as we all know is eternal. 

Since I didn't get to show you the scary pics of my injured paw yesterday I thought I would share today. This was Sunday morning so about 10 hours post splat..... it's HUGE!!!!! It's much better today but it still hurts like a muther if I move it or bend it the wrong way or like a normal finger/hand would work. I really think when it's wrapped with the ace bandage that it looks like a claw. The perfectly shaped lobstah claw to hold one pumpkin spice Oreo. Which by the way are my new favorite thing. See....

So Halloween is coming and I always fail miserably at the whole costume thing. Part of my problem is that I don't want to spend money, wear a mask, be uncomfortable, look weird, look ugly, you get the idea. So this year I am just jumping on the Zombie train and I got my Hoo-Rag yesterday so I can start putting this all together. 

Go check them out... they are the coolest seamless bandanna things around especially if you ride, hunt, fish, ski...  anything outdoors where you might wanna protect your face really.  I am going to add some scary dead looking  eyes that aren't too ugly cause like I said I don't do ugly. I am thinking this....

I don't have to spend any money, I have all the makeup. All I have to do is tear up some old clothes, drag them through the dirt, put some twigs and leaves in my hair and I'll be good to go. 

And since I didn't get to post my pics of that crock pot full of goodness I made on Sunday here is that, and my hound dog, waiting for food. If you didn't catch that recipe check it out here.  And make it, tis the bomb. 

See ya tomorrow for some confessional time with Kathy....