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Listen Up.... Fives

Friday, June 24, 2016

And here we are again... another weekend upon us.  Lots going on here in Atlanta and in my world in general. Yay... you know how much I love a jam packed weekend. Maybe I can check off something from the Summer Goals list too.... hmmmm I wonder what? I have a singles match tonight I scheduled in a vain attempt to be healthy and not go out on a friday night. We'll see if that actually lasts. It is after all, Friday night. My tennis team takes on the team we are tied for 1st place with tomorrow morning and it's only going to be 97 degrees. Yipee!!! I also have my tattoo appointment tomorrow at 1... watch for snaps on that! I will be sitting for a few hours so snap me some entertaining stuff! Let's do a little Oh Hey Friday with 5 things because that's about all I can muster up today! Cheers to the weekend!


I am a huge Simon & Garfunkle fan and when anyone does a worthy remake it gives me chills. This. Is. Amazing. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed And David Draiman is hott. Two T's hott.


Music Midtown Is a huge local festival in Atlanta every fall and tickets go on sale today. $125 for a two day pass. That, is a steal of a deal. LOOK at this lineup. Guess who will be there? The only bad thing is that I have Widespread Panic tickets for friday night. 3 days in a row of concerting is going to put my old lady ways to the test.  Go with God... aka G-Eazy.


I prefer shitshow but okay...


To quote the Washington Post "Burger King's latest fast food Monstrosity is sadly genius". Making it's debut on Monday Mac n' Cheetos are deep fried mac and cheese sticks encrusted in a Cheetos flavored shell. I'll just leave that right ... there.


Does everyone have a kick ass blue tooth speaker except for me? Not anymore! My friend left hers at my house and I had it for 2 weeks before she got it back. Now of course I have to have my own JBL Pulse 2. It sounds amazing and the light show is super cool. Now we can sync ours up for even more killer sound at the pool and tennis courts. 

That's all she wrote today. Linking up with the beautiful farm gals Karli and Amy!

Rejection Is A Four Letter Word

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Well not really but kinda sorta. I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately. A rejection roll and I am not happy about it. I have been on a whole bunch of dates and job interviews and they have been going from bad to worse it seems. The latest one with my very own company in another role/group...DENIED. How's that for the ultimate bitch slap? So, in all fairness it was not really in my wheelhouse so to speak and I am sure that they found a candidate who was a better fit from that standpoint, but not better, just so we are clear. Moving on... again.

The Viking Lumberjack asshat that cancelled on me basically twice last week actually had the balls to text me again on Wednesday. I know... shocker... too chicken to meet face to face but hide behind your phone and text me again like nothing ever happened. He had the nerve to get shitty with me when I questioned him on why he didn't really want to meet. Not gonna lie, that smarted a little bit.  Which prompted me to literally text him "go fuck yourself Phil and lose my number". Then I blocked him. I have never used the blocking service I pay for with Verizon until now. Felt good. And then I deleted my Tinder account. I would like to say forever but most likely until the next Friday night when I am home alone bored with a bottle of wine. That's usually how Tinder hooks me... boredom and excessive alcohol.

But back to the rejection part though... it is starting to really, really get to me. Which is understandable but doesn't make it any easier.  I literally welled up a few times yesterday after I got the big job rejection email. Tears people!!! Part of me is like that's totally unacceptable but the part of me that gets ME knows I have to let it out and far better sooner than later. A little pity party in the car on the way home from your temporary job is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Or on stage in your tiny sequined top hat...

P.S. I may have signed up for so now I can get higher quality rejection that I pay for. And also more blog material...


So Here's What...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
I know I blogged just yesterday in my goals post about only linking up if necessary, welp... necessary. I feel like getting some shizzola off my chest in confession/rant form so that's what you're gonna get. 

Remember this post that I wrote on Ghosting? Ummm well yeah, guess who got ghosted twice in the last week? I have to get off Tinder... it's really, really bad you guys. One guy I made a date with last Wednesday cancelled around lunchtime saying he had to leave town for work. Then he proceeded to text me that night by accident telling me he was on his way to my house, obviously he was on his way to someone else's house who was probably willing to throw down in lieu of a first date. Here's a tip guys... Tinder is GPS based, I can see you are 15 miles away from my house when you claim to be 60 miles away. #youcantfixstupid #itakebackwhatisaid #youreanasshole

The other guy I have been chatting with for about a week and he seemed really sweet and normal. We even talked on the phone twice, like actual conversations. Haven't heard from him since Saturday. He just shut it down. I texted him Monday just to say "Hey"... nothing. One more time Tuesday... "are you ok?"... zip. May deserve one final farewell text... #IDGAF #littlestupidassbitch #igottaquittinder

fuck you real housewives of new york city real housewives of nyc go fuck yourself forget you

Does anyone watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life? I do, I got sucked in at the start and now I am invested in the characters. And also irrationally angry at the direction the show has taken. I feel like it's glorifying being morbidly obese. As a person who has always struggled with my weight it kind of offends me. Who collapses, gets taken to the ER, told to lose weight or die young basically, then goes home and eats a pizza? The same girl who compares being fat to being Muslim. I don't understand what TLC is trying to promote here. I get the "No Body Shaming" campaign Whitney is spearheading but how about let's not promote killing yourself with food because it's ok to be super fat? #itsnotok #fatisnotfabulous 

Remember how this whole Tinder thing started? Me pimping myself out to find a new mixed doubles partner? If not looka here. So yeah, I found him, he joined my team. He's 31, cute, nice, cool to hang with and a really good tennis player. We had our first win last week! He's fun to flirt with and we do a little but I think it's just tennis and I am totally cool with that. What I am not cool with is sharing him with the other ladies on my team who now want to play with him. Read my lips... NO. Not happening. You married ladies want a hot young tennis partner, get your own Tinder profile and knock yourselves out. #backoffbitches #iearnedthisone #ummjustno

RealityTVGIFs real housewives rhoa real housewives of atlanta kandi burruss

I have a big tattoo appointment on Saturday and I am a little nervous. I will be seeing the design for the first time and yikes... sitting for a few hours at least. I've only been waiting for a year or two to get an appointment with this artist though. Gonna be epic! #noturningback #paidthedeposit

bridesmaids drinking gif bridesmaids gif

Linking up with Kathy, Nadine, Laura and Lauren... because I was pissed off and needed to vent.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

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Summer Goals 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yeah so I am not much of a goal setter in general. Something about setting goals just seems defeatist to me like New Year's resolutions. I always set the goals to high or make them too big or somehow unattainable and then I fail and get mad at myself. I am, however, a huge list maker because somehow in my head a list of things I want to accomplish aka goals is somehow less daunting. But sometimes you just need to buckle down and set some honest to goodness goals so I am linking up with Steph for Summer Goals 2016. Summer is short, how hard can this be? Riiiiight.... so aside from Garlic Bread here goes:

Meal Prep - This is one of the things I feel most guilty about not doing because it is a no brainer for keeping the Paleo lifestyle on track. It is woefully off track. The truth is that Sunday is not working as well for me but the reality is it doesn't matter when you do it just as long as you do! Putting it on the calendar weekly with a shopping list and Menu.

Stay On Top of The Mail - Does anyone else have a problem with this? It just piles up and up at my house. It is all over my kitchen and there really is no excuse. Go through it daily and toss it. If it's important take a picture of it and throw it into Evernote. I hate paper.

Purge Clothing - Load up the car and take all of the various piles to GoodWill. Or call the local Women's shelter that will come pick it up. I had the best of intentions of selling lots of kids clothes on FB garage sales and making money but yeah... not happening. I'll take the tax write off. Get it out of the house before the next school year starts!

Read A Book On My Nightstand - I know you voraciously reading book lovers are cringing right now but I have a stack that I just can't seem to get through of brand new shiny pretty books. Shame on me. This means I need to axe some reality TV shows. No great loss.

Brunch at a new spot on my list in town, I'm thinking here. They have like seven different kinds of benedict so...

Take the kids to a Braves game. Even though they suck hind tit. OR Take a day trip to Senoia to see the Walking Dead being filmed.

Make reservations for my birthday dinner at Gunshow. This restaurant has been on my list for 2 years. It is happening this year. So happening.

Blog 3X A Week with.... wait for it... original content 2X. Only 1 link up allowed if absolutely necessary because, lazy.

Do one totally and completely New Thing that I have never done before. I have no idea what but if it's not adult content I'll let you know. 

Life According to Steph

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