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Oh Hey Friday Goings On

Friday, April 29, 2016
Megan Hess Illustration:

Oh hey.... it's Friday again. What a weird week it's been and I mean weird in a good way. I still have a job oddly enough, go figure. Somehow they keep finding things for me to do and I am officially the last contractor standing. I am kind of honored. But... I have another big interview today and I am looking ahead. This is going to be a long one so say a little prayer for me! I also have another opportunity that is developing that very well could be the best job yet, if the stars align. I am sure you guys are sick of hearing about all of this so let's get to the business of Friday thangs I am digging on with Amanda wrapped up in five with Karli and Amy because 5 is about all I can come up with today.

And here they are...

1. Binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt... and laughing, a lot. I know I am late to the party. I have a long binge list I am working through. This one is worth the time though. It's sweet, funny and the actors are on point. Loving Jane Krakowski as her snobby but endearing boss too.


2. Obsessing about Interview clothes in black and nude. Trying to basically re-create these 2 outfits because some days I only want a skirt and others pants are it. Perfection .

Work Attire - I would love to have this exact outfit for my job interview tomorrow:

"College interview / Job interview" by wakley-vanzina ❤ liked on Polyvore:

3. Eating and Cooking.... very little actually but this was on the menu last night Korean Beef. Thanks for the reminder Nadine! This dish is always good and you can't screw it up!

4. Planning something for the Derby next weekend. It will involve bourbon and most likely a great hat. And food like Derby Pie.

Derby Pie ~ A thick, gooey chocolate chip cookie meets a warm buttery pie for a heavenly and decadent Southern dessert!:

Churchill Downs Releases Official Logos For Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks 142 | 2016 Kentucky Derby & Oaks | May 6 and 7, 2016 | Tickets, Events, News:

5. Agonizing a little over my next color appointment in 2 weeks. At my last one we tried to get my hair to lift with some fun colors but it is stubborn and didn't budge so.... this time we are actually going to lighten it just to darken it to the colors I want. Thinking some sort of dark ombre baliage type thing. Not gonna lie, the bleaching part scares me! Maybe something like this:

Dark Red on Black Hair:

And that's about it for today folks. Keep all your digits crossed for my big interview today! I am sure I will be snap chatting about it so please check me out there by name @crazywisewoman or snapcode.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Stay cool!

Humpday Confessions: 7 Things I've Been Doing Instead Of Blogging

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mmmkay so here I am and I am in the mood to write  a little bit but as usual my thoughts are not organized into any sort of meaningful topic so... I'll just tell you all what I have been up to instead of doing this blog thing every night. 

1. Working - Wait? What? Yes, last Friday was supposed to be my last day  and last Thursday my boss asked me to stay till this Wednesday. Confused? Me too. Then another engineer asked me to stick around and jump on his project for a short little stint starting this Thursday. I was all like "duh, ok". I am not sure how long I can keep this going for but as long as possible is the plan! #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk

2. Interviewing -  Lots and lots of interviewing... ugh. It seems like every company has such a long process these days. Screening, phone, face-to-face, behavioral interviews... I hate it! But the good news is that I am getting calls back. The one I went on for the face to face last week didn't pan out and to be honest with you I didn't feel like it was for me. My face probably gave it away. I have second rounds on one today and one on Friday so... #fingerscrossed #dontsayanythingstupidAmy

3. Eating Donuts & Stuff - I won't talk, you just look.

4. Going Out - Hi. Remember me? The Duchess of Fomeaux (aka FOMO: Fear of Missing Out) #cantstopwontstop #needtostop

5. Playing Tennis - I had my first singles match and I lost but I kind of loved it. It was all on me. I didn't have to figure out what the hell my partner was doing or where he/she was because it was just me. It was hard as shit and I was so tired but I played really, really well. And I did it. #feetstillhurt #runningsuckshairyballs

6. Obsessing - Still over my sad single situation. I've been Tindering away to no avail and hanging with that old stand by Mr. Dumb Dumb. Confession... I spend a lot of time with a guy that only wants to be friends and I want to be more than friends. We tried it but the timing was wrong last year and it didn't really work but we still hang together all the time. #welcometotheshitshow

7. Planning  - As in I keep thinking I am about to be unemployed for a minute so I want to do all of these things I don't normally have time to do. You know like deep cleaning, good willing, craig's listing, getting a new tattoo. Don't judge, I already saved up the money. #imdoingit #yofuckinglo

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More Coffee Less Talky

Love you long time.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Breakfast Club and David Bowie:

Hey... I am still here. Alive and well. I have been knee deep in finishing up at the old job and full time looking for a new one. This is like 2 full time jobs if you want to know the truth. I know everyone knows what it's like to be looking for a job. Factor in while working, juggling 3 kids and a pretty hectic list of other obligations and perhaps you can see why I have been MIA. I'm tired and I don't have to tell any blogger how much extra work blogging is but for those of you who are just readers, it's a crap ton of extra effort on top of what all bloggers already do in real life. But... I miss everyone and I wanted to at least tell you guys what's going on in my world. Big things...

Over the past couple of weeks I have interviewed with 4 companies and honestly I am really excited about the opportunities that might come out of any one of them. The first of the face to face round was yesterday. I hate interviewing, I really do. I get so worked up about it and it just is what it is, there is only so much preparation you can do at this point in your career. I have done it a thousand times now. I'm good at it but what I am really good at now is knowing what I am not excited about. I am torn between any job is better than no job or... wait for the perfect job. Newsflash I feel like in a lot of ways I just lost the perfect job, in a lot of ways it wasn't but in the ways that matter for my sanity it was.

Here's the other thing... I am secretly looking forward to like maybe a little time off to interview and think about what I want to do next. The first thing my 10 year old said when I told her my job was ending was "oh good, you'll be here every day when I get home"... stick a fork in my heart please. But seriously... I can deep clean my house, goodwill and sell stuff, clean out closets, blog to my heart's content. Even if it's just for a couple of weeks I want that. Selfish? I want to cook and get back to all Paleo/Whole30 all the time. All the stress of the last month has gotten me way off track again. I want to go for long walks with my dog after I put my kids on the bus in the morning, like one of those Mom's that doesn't work. Not forever but just for a minute, it would be like a mini vacation for me. So... I am really hoping that I get to do that.

I am not looking forward to Friday, my last day. I have to say goodbye to people that I really have enjoyed and I am sad.  I have to walk away from a project that so many people put blood, sweat and tears into that will most likely never become a reality. I have to leave one of the coolest places I have worked in a while and hope to find something even better. The good news is that typically something better always comes along. My resume is really strong and this last year has added some really valuable experience to it. But... it's still hard and that has been making it difficult for me to focus on this space. But I will again I hope sooner than later.

Thanks for reading if you hung in this long, I am not sure this was a stellar piece of writing but it is what is on my mind at this exact moment in time. I am not always the greatest at adjusting to change these days, it takes me a minute. Go figure... I should be a Pro!

Turn and face the strange,

Friday Faves

Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Friday friends! My weeks have just been insanely busy lately by my own making I suppose. But that is not a bad thing by any means. Update on the job front. My last day in my current position looks like it will be one week from today. Womp womp. But the good news is I interviewed for 3, yes 3 new positions last week!!! All of the interviews were very good I thought, albeit preliminary screening type stuff which I usually do well on. The next round is where it gets trickier so keep all of your digits crossed for me. I am feeling very good though about not being unemployed for very long. If I play my cards right I could just parlay this into a nice mini staycation of a few weeks or so!

Enough job talk... can't deal with that on the weekend! Let's talk favorite things today with the lovely Amanda....


If I want to try out a new fragrance I generally buy a roller ball first. I bought some Prada Candy not too long ago and I LOVE it. It's kind of musky with some vanilla and caramel notes if you like that sort of thing. I do!


I talked about one of the things that make me happy here being bright orange nail polish. This is the one that is currently on repeat for me. Essie Color Binge... it reminds me of the perfect spring tulip!


Because she never posts anything bad I bring you One Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu Alfredo from Host The Toast. I love a good one pot meal and really, how could this not be insanely delicious?

One Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu Alfredo with Toasted Breadcrumbs. This easy dinner features tender chunks of chicken breast, ham, and a simple swiss cheese alfredo sauce. |


I just got these Adidas SL Loop Racers and they couldn't be more comfy and cute. I still want my Stan Smiths but these will do for now and at under $30 on Prime I think I am going to order another pair in a different color.


Since I am all profesh and in an official cornhole league I thought I might invest in some boards for my own driveway. Of course what else would I buy but Florida State Cornhole Boards. But why do they have to be so damn expensive? On the plus side one time purchase, hours of beer drinking fun included.


That moment when you are trying to learn how to do something and the person teaching you demonstrates. 

funny dog cute shows pet

When your favorite bar takes your beer off special and replaces it with some stupid apple beer. 

what boy meets world freak out eric matthews will friedel

Everytime someone on LinkedIn sends me a congratulations on your one year work anniversary!

game of thrones tyrion lannister hbo hit slap

Did I make a Tinder profile that says only "Looking for a new mixed doubles partner. Preferably someone young and hot." Maybe.

VH1 shrug family therapy dina lohan

Every time that annoying person in my circle of friends tries to tell me anything. 

stacerizz rhony real housewives of new york sonja morgan real housewives of new york city

Speaking of eating, how I felt today when I woke up and remembered how much pizza I put in my whore mouth last night. 

abigail breslin self hate scream queens slap chanel n5

And lastly how I am envisioning my last day at work will go down. Positivity my friends. 

NBA kobe bryant lakers basketball la lakers

Cheers to the freakin weekend!