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Half Way There - January Whole30 - Back On Track Link Up

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer - song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes:

Day 16 of my January Whole30 journey is here today which means I have officially passed the half-way-there mark and I am now on the down hill side of the journey. Not really if I am looking at the big picture but I'm not, I am really mostly focused right now on the Whole30 aspect of it. The past week was really good for me. I won't bore your with the blow by blow everyday recap but just give you the highlights!

Food - I have been pretty consistent with my cooking and planning. I spent 4 hours roughly this past Sunday making a crap ton of things so I don't have to do much this week. As much as I get cranky pants about it, it is so worth it not to have to think or be tempted to eat out or order in. I still have not eaten out!! I hope I can make it the whole month. I only had one day last week that I didn't bring enough food to work and was really hangry. Other than that I seem to be much less hungry than during week one. The junk cravings have stopped. Speaking of cravings, here's a good way to test if you are really hungry or not. Ask yourself "am I hungry enough to eat a plate of broiled fish and steamed broccoli?". If the answer is yes, you are truly hungry, if the answer is no you are just craving. I have been using this strategy and oddly, it works. On another food note I did get thru 2 tennis matches this week that required me to be around people drinking and eating. I brought some LaCroix and ate before my matches so all I grabbed off the buffet table was one banana per match. Success.

Emotions - This goes right hand in hand with the cravings for me. I had 2 instances this week where I got stressed/angry/anxious over something and my first thought both times was I can't wait to get home and have a glass of wine and a nice snack. Emotional eating. I know I do this but catching myself in the moment was kind of weird, like omg, that is really where my mind just went automatically. Not good. On a positive note, I have been practicing just taking 4 or 5 deep breaths and getting settled inside and usually within the hour or less not only does the anxiety or feeling dissipate but so does the craving.

Exercise - I played tennis 3 times this past week so that's something. My new coach is really good and my Thursday night lesson required a follow up Epsom salt bath just for my feet. He has a us running a lot and the constant stopping and starting is brutal after taking the last 6 weeks of the year off. I tend to focus less on working out during the Whole 30, I just really want to get the food part under control and ramp up the physical part next month.

Other Awesome Side Effects ...

I am saving money. Yes, even on top of all of the organic, fancy pants specialty things I have been treating myself too which are not cheap, I am still saving hand over fist by not eating out at all or drinking alcohol. I know this is not a surprise but couple that with my general spending freeze and I am feeling like I have a second job.

I have been super productive. No napping or couch slobbing at night or on the weekend. I got shit done and I wasn't even tired.

I'm reading every night again or working on my blog or bullet journal. I'm less distracted and more focused. All of this is enabling me to sleep a lot better and wake up feeling rested.

My nasal congestion is gone. For months at work I was having sneezing and sniffling attacks every morning about an hour after I got in. To the point where people would walk by my desk and ask if I had a cold. All. The. Time. And I hardly ever get colds. I do however like  adding cream to my morning coffee and eating cheese like they are not making anymore. Boom, no dairy, no problem. This is a glorious thing!

So that is about it for last week. I expect this week to be even better. My clothes are feeling a bit looser and if memory serves this will be the week when that really starts becoming more obvious, at least to me.

How are you doing with your January goals? Link up with Nadine and I and tell us about your journey to get Back on Track!! Cheers!

Friday Faves ... Things I'm Doing Soon

Friday, January 13, 2017
Friday the 13 th:

Somehow in the last week of December I came to the conclusion that I needed a self imposed January spending freeze. That means for me no extraneous "fun" purchases. Only necessary items for life and/or Whole30, and by that I mean nutpods Whole30 compliant non-dairy coffee creamer from Amazon Prime because coffee is life. Oh and I decided to allow event ticket purchases because if you miss those they only sell out or go up in price and we can't have that. Either which way there will be no eating or drinking out (easy because Whole30), trips to HomeGoods, planner shiz, random crap I can't live without on Amazon, makeup, clothes, shoes or accessories. I'm 12 days in and wow, what a difference I see in my wallet right now. I have a daily text alert set up from my bank as long as  my balance is over a certain threshold. It usually stops coming sometime in the week prior to payday. Not this month, I have received that text alert everyday, some days the balance is unchanged. Success. How long can I keep this up? Good question.

On top of that I read about this fun little idea for a savings plan courtesy of  local consumer expert and well known Atlanta radio personality/tightwad, Clark Howard. Seriously, if you love getting deals and saving money check out his website for all kinds of good stuff. I think I can swing this for awhile anyway. I foresee the later half of the year being very challenging for me to stick with but I'm gonna give it a shot!! If I could sock away almost $7000 by the end if the year I would be so happy!! He's got some great general tips on how to find more money to save and get thru the challenge too. Check it out here.

Clark Howard $5 Savings Challenge

How to save nearly $7,000 with the $5 savings challenge this year

One of my aspirations this year is to do something new every month. Hopefully get out of my comfort zone, go to a new place, try a new activity, maybe even all by myself! This will be documented in the Bullet Journal. I hope. I got February and March covered this week with the purchase of tickets to these 2 events:

Namaste for a Beer Tour

Jekyll Brewing is 10 miles from my house and they are having this super cool yoga class/beer tour event next month. Happy V-Day to me... for $20 I get a class and a whole buncha beer. #Winning

Atlanta Brunch Festival - Atlantic Station

I don't think I really need to say too much about this one. I mean, you know how much I adore brunch, day drinking and bloody Mary's. I missed it last year, this year I'm in. Check it out here if you are local!

Making Bullet Journal Lists

I am a total list maker and I am getting a little obsessed with all of the list possibilities for my bullet journal. This might be the most perfect way for me to use it... lists for restaurants to hit, places to go around Atlanta, perfect gift ideas for each of my kids noted all year long, Paleo recipes to try, wines and beers I have sampled and new ones I want to purchase. The list for the lists is endless lol, see:

A few interesting ideas here.:

I think this is one would be really cool... basically a bucket list for every day stuff in to-do format, prioritized.

Bullet journal to do list:

And last but not least, somebody shoot me because I signed up for another season of singles tennis. $35 for seven matches is totally justifiable to me. After all I will be running my ass off and about to croak at least once a week which is great cardio. I did so poorly last summer that they moved me down to the lowest level of play lol, so who knows, maybe I'll even win some this time.

                                                              We hope you don't die.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Linking up with Karli at Sept. Farm & Amy at The Farmer's Wife...

Back On Track Link Up - First Week Of January Whole30 Update

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Railroad tracks ran in front of our home. We spent many days walking the tracks.:

Well that went by pretty quickly! One week down and 3 to go. Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing with their goals. I am feeling different... like this particular reset is going to be more about the emotional side of Whole30 for me than the mechanical but I guess I'll get more clarity on that as the month goes on. If you follow me on all of my social media outlets you have seen me cooking in my snapchat and IG stories, posting pics of all of the delicious food I have been making and eating, touching on some of the tools that I am using on this leg of the journey and talking just a little about how I am feeling. So in the spirit of re-capping let's get to it. I have been keeping a little day to day diary that I was going to share at the end but who in the hell wants to read 30 days in the life of Amy on Whole30? No one currrr. Eight days may be a stretch but it does kind of illustrate the first week so here it is. If you are not doing a Whole30 or ever plan to feel free to skip it or skim it. Otherwise it might be interesting to you.

Day 1 - Not Good. I am hungover from the holiday and not just the alcohol but the food too. I am seriously dehydrated and tired. My stomach has been queasy all day and I'm overly irritated. A couple of times I have found myself thinking about walking into the kitchen for some cheese and crackers or a cookie. Damn. I am not happy about spending the entire day cooking, shopping and meal prepping for the week  but it's done. I know if I do not prepare I will likely make a crappy choice. I'm freaking exhausted.

Day 2 - Better this morning. Not as dehydrated, much easier to get up and out. I felt more rested even though I stayed up pretty late last night. Not happy about going back to work but that has nothing to do with Whole30. Not really all that hungry but I ate throughout the day a little here and there. Late afternoon and I am feeling like a headache is starting. No, a headache is definitely starting. I just want to get the hell out of my office and lay down on my bed. Up too late but an amazing and satisfying bunless greasy burger for dinner.

Day 3 - Felt great this morning. Decidedly less pissy but I am practicing some deep breathing techniques from Food Freedom Forever and I think it's helping. It's weird but I swear it works. So nice to wake up without a hangover of any kind. Hunger average. Food tastes so good right now. When will I feel less ginormous? Sitting in a meeting this morning tugging at my shirt to keep it in place, not a good feeling.

Day 4 - I woke up feeling great again today but an hour after my alarm... wierd. I think my face looks better (I'm hypersensitive about fat face), some of the bloat seems to be going down. Food was very similar to all other meals this week and everything really tastes awesome. Navigated through a busy work day  with out of office meetings just fine with my packed lunch and snacks. Tennis in the evening, my tennis clothes look and feel like shit. Gonna be a few more weeks till things start to feel looser. I can not wait!

Day 5 - Got up on time, feel energized and not tired at all. Loving getting in bed early and reading. Snow coming today which means all of my friends and neighbors will be boozing it up around the fire. That sucks for me. My bestie fell off the Whole30 wagon on Tuesday with a cheeseburger at lunch. SHE MADE IT ONE DAY. I have to admit I was disappointed. I kind of knew she wouldn't be able to hang with me but I was so hoping for a local pal. Thank God for my brother, sister in law and blog land buddies to lend lots of support!

Day 6 - Last night was kinda rough. Friday night no wine, snow, fire in the fireplace. My friends were at the bar and/or home drinking and I was just hanging out puttering around my house. Today I was kind of grumpy and hungry all day for this things I can't have. Put away Christmas and cooked all day for myself and for my daughter's 18th birthday dinner... all things I can't have on Whole30. Ugh. Too cold to go out and do anything. I'm just pissy. And I still feel fat.

Day 7 - Sunday morning coffee with Nutpods is growing on me! I felt good all day and was nonstop getting shit done. It felt so good to just be home this weekend. I spent zero money (self imposed January spending freeze) and rocked Whole30. I'm not following the timeline this time in terms of how I should be feeling... it's weird. I was not super tired all weekend and my pants don't feel tighter... thank God. I am still craving sweets pretty badly though. Feels good not to wake up with a wine hangover though. Meal prep and planning is a real chore, not gonna lie. I just keep trying to focus on the fact that once I do this for awhile it becomes habit and it does get easier.

Day 8 - I think my face definitely looks better! Not so puffy. I stayed up kind of late last night but still, woke up feeling very refreshed. I know it says my pants might feel tighter on Day 8 & 9 but they don't really feel any different. Hard to believe a week is done already. Making it through the first weekend was tough but I think the end is actually harder, yay something to look forward to. I had a moment today when I got really pissed off and the first thing I thought of was having a glass of wine tonight.... uhhh whoops. Not gon do it. I miss wine.


Here is what I know... I'm a pro at this. Round 3 and I don't even really have to think, refer to the book or even look up the recipe for Whole30 Mayo anymore. I want snacks. They say no snacking for the most part and here is why.... there is no snack food. Snacks in my mind are cheese and crackers, nachos, oreos, chili cheese fries... getting off track here... the point is carrots are not fun snacks. Skipping it. A few walnuts or almonds on occasion is sufficient. I'm a bit tired of cooking though.


On the rise. It's official, I am no longer a complete slug.


Up and down. I'm happy that I am doing this so well again... but I am also a little bit sad. I feel to be successful long term I really need to make lifestyle related changes.Which obviously, I have known all along. I kind of had a mini epiphany this weekend about what that is going to entail and I am not thrilled or sure how to really do it. Getting pizza and beer texts from my friends this weekend made me think about the junkie that gets out of rehab and starts hanging out with his or her junkie friends again. I'm weak.


Like a rock.


Ummm... I typically have all kinds of issues. Yeah... they are gone.


Don't ask. I see no changes.

How are you doing??

S'Monday Folks...

Monday, January 9, 2017
Vas te faire encule, lundi. Qui aime la baise lundi? Putain, pourquoi dites-vous bonjour à la pire journée de la semaine?:

And I hardly left my house all weekend. It was glorious. In all fairness we had ice, followed by snow, followed by ice which makes navigating around here challenging so fuck that noise, I stayed in. I wore no makeup, fuzzy socks, slippers, leggings as pants and sweatshirts all weekend. I got all of my Christmas decor taken down except the tree. I drag that into the woods behind my house because nature is the best recycler and I am sure some creature can make a home out of it or something. That will have to wait a few more days until the ice thaws.

I cooked a bit, just a bit. Seriously y'all I feel like I am living in the kitchen right now. But that's ok. Finding the groove takes a minute or two.

My daughter turned 18 on Saturday so we celebrated a little at home with her favorite meal, fettuccine alfredo,  which I didn't even take a picture of because I didn't eat any. It just feels wrong to photograph someone else's plate and honestly I didn't want to smell it... cheese is my kryptonite. I also made a Mocha Chocolate Chip Cheesecake because she loves coffee, chocolate and cheesecake most of all. The kids all said it was the best ever. Check out the pin here.  I bought my younger daughter a store bought cake for her bday in December for $18.99 and ended up throwing half of it away, so dumb to try to save time and waste money. I can make something 1000x better for a fraction of the cost. I am putting a piece in the freezer so that I can enjoy a little after my Whole30 is done. Isn't she beautiful? This girl works 2 jobs, is dual enrolled taking all college classes as a senior and will start college in the fall in a pre-veterinary program with a year of credits already complete. I have to brag on that, she is amazing!!

Speaking of Whole30, we will officially be linking up with all of the resetters tomorrow so grab this button if you are getting Back on Track with Nadine and I and tell us how your first week went! I have things I am itching to get off my chest about this round!

 photo back on track_zpsshveu21l.png

I am trying to start a bullet journal to sort of track food, health, fitness and goals primarily this year. It's such a cool concept for lists, goals, journaling, sketching, etc.  Does anyone use one of these? I say I'm trying because although they say it's easy to set up I am finding it a bit labor intensive mostly because I am a Virgo and I want perfection. I want it to look pretty... like this:


Cause I am sure I have time for this right? But I bought the book so I am going to at least attempt it. I mean it's a constructive and creative use of my time if I am not going out eating, drinking and socializing for awhile. Idle hands and all that. Honestly, I might have cramped hands at the end of this but whatevs. I spent zero time on it this weekend by the way. Go Me.

And just a few random snaps of my weekend...

Happy Monday!

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