Looking Ahead...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back... #quote:

I rarely look back anymore, at least not for any length of time. It's just not that useful in my opinion.

As 2016 draws to a close... 6 weeks y'all... I find the things that I am most looking forward to in the immediate future are my now typical January pushes toward better health. Honestly I am excited about it which sounds odd because it means being super strict and hard core, cooking like a fiend, toting around food and everyone giving me the side eye... like I care.  This year was definitely a struggle for me and one that I did not really meet head on in terms of health and fitness. Somewhere around summer, my lay-off and a couple of other really big disappointments I just fell off the wagon completely. One thing I did learn is that in middle age it is still easier than ever to pack on the pounds in a short period of time. It's hard as shit to lose them but sadly the opposite is not true, thanks mother nature.

So having said that I want to talk for just a minute about my 2 favorite things to do in January, The Whole30 (round 3 for me) and the 30 Day detox with Teamiblends. It's time to start thinking about both. I need to mentally and physically prepare in order to really be successful and rather than doing that the last few days of the year I am going to start now so that maybe, just maybe, the holidays won't add insult to injury this year.  And by insult I mean another 5 or 10 or eleventy billion pounds before Jan. 2.

January 2 is the official start date for me and millions of other folks for this years January Whole30. If you are interested in doing it with all of us and me go here to the official sign up. A few of us bloggers did a challenge together last year and it was lots of fun to have support, accountability, share recipes, thoughts and feelings along the way. You can read about it here. If you want to read about my first and most fabulous Whole30 when I lost 20 lbs in 30 days look here. I cannot say enough about the Whole30. It is by far the way of eating that I love most and feel best when I am following. I am not always the strictest admittedly but every year I have approached Whole30 with excitement because I know how much better I will look and feel even within the first couple of weeks. If you need a kickstart I urge you to give it a shot! I will be your cheerleader!

The other thing that I love and swear by is the Teamiblends 30 Day Detox. Read about my success with that product and regimen here. Now I know you might not really think drinking a bunch of organic loose leaf teas can help but teas do have properties for different things and for me these work. I love the skinny tea for curbing appetite which is always an issue at the beginning of a Whole30 for me when your body is still wanting what it shouldn't have. The colon tea is just a great tool for cleansing your system and reducing bloat... it works. You can always get 10% off with my code AMYW10 at checkout. For Black Friday only  use code AMYWBF to get your 30 Day Detox Buy One Get One Free. That is a great deal so stock up and save! On Cyber Monday use code AMYWCM to get a green Tea Tumbler Buy One Get One Free. Keep one at home and one and the office!
Don't miss these deals if you are planning a detox with me or on your own!

Soooo.... if you are interested in joining a challenge group or just following along let me know. I will blog my way through it regardless but everything's better with friends!


  1. YES! keep fit, stay fit. when things go awry, my stress relief is the gym; i plan whatever "social calendar" i have around my gym time.

  2. I am 1,000,000% with you on January 2 for Whole 30!!! I would be willing to cohost a link up or something if you want to go that route for accountability? But either way hells to the yes because I have got to start getting this baby weight off and the beginning of January is the perfect time. It will give me renewed hope after the holidays and will be a few weeks before I am cleared to work out, because baby steps and all you know? Let's do this shit!

  3. Oh man - 6 weeks until the end of the year...didn't even realize that!! I actually really do want to do the whole30 so why not try it right?! xo, biana -BlovedBoston