Weekending: Home For the Holidays

Monday, November 21, 2016

LAURA INGALLS WILDER quote home quote by PoetryBoutique on Etsy, $7.00:

I have time to blog this week! I am home in Michigan with my family where I have not been in 2 years! I know, it's horrible to admit but due to circumstances with jobs etc. trips home took a back burner. But, I'm here now for the week and I plan to thoroughly enjoy sleeping in, lounging around, hanging with my family and having a great Thanksgiving. We drove half way on Friday because I am a road trip whimp and about 6 or 7 hours is my max. The worst part of the first day was driving through the mountains in TN. It is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year with all of the fall colors and it was but, the mountains are dotted with forest fires and that was so sad to see. Some areas were so bad we were coughing and hacking from smoke in the car. Pray for rain in the south and an end to our drought! We stopped for the night in Lexington KY and it was about 70 degrees and beautiful. I enjoyed a few hours in a cramped hotel room with 2 teens, one energetic 10 year old and a dog that was farting non-stop before everyone passed out. One free shitty hotel breakfast later and we were on the road the next morning with chilly 39 degree temps and winds that cut right through you. WTF. We saw snow all the way home from KY thru OH and on into MI. It was really pretty actually.

My parents house is full. My brother lives close by so they have been over all weekend.That brings the grand total to 5 adults, 5 kids and 3 dogs. My Dad survived a stroke about 15 years ago and although he is all there cognitively he can't speak or write very well. I was making a list to shopping yesterday and he attempted to add what he needed to the paper. Haha... funny guy

We have a few fun things planned this week. Heading downtown to the Motown Museum to see what they added on and probably a stop for lunch at the world famous Lafayette Coney Island for dogs.

I started a 30 Day Squat Challenge today with an IG group of friends that will hopefully help with the amount of pie and stuffing I will be eating this week. If anyone wants to join let me know and I will add you!

Image result for 30 day squat challenge chart

So that's about it for my weekend. Here are a few snaps but please follow along on Snapchat for all of the blow by blow fun! @crazywisewoman

Happy Turkey Week!


  1. hi - what part of Michigan? I read your blog and I'm in Michigan. :-) enjoy your week!!

  2. Glad you guys made it up there! I have heard about all the fires in TN and a few of the other southern states. I mean, we have had our share here too but nothing like that. We need rain desperately all over the south!!! I hope that you guys have an amazing time staying with your family!!! I would totally join the squat challenge if I were able to squat these days lol. Let's do some work out challenge in February when I can **hopefully** move again.

  3. yay! enjoy your well-needed vacation and happy thanksgiving!

  4. Have a great time back home in Michigan!

  5. So glad you guys had a safe trip to the mitten! Enjoy every second of relaxing with your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!