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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Hi ya and Happy Tuesday, the last of March, can you believe that? I guess I sort of took an inadvertent blogging break over here. I just can't seem to fit everything in lately and also feeling in the midst of a major blogging rut. Ugh. I have felt like I am spinning my wheels and stretched too thin between work, kids activities, sports and other general invitations to things and for things that I can't bring myself to say no to. It's becoming a problem, only in so much as the basic boring tasks of life are getting pushed to the wayside. You know, laundry, cleaning, scheduling, cooking... this is starting to stress me out a bit though so something's gotta give. It's time to start saying "No" again.

So let's see, where did I last leave off with you guys?  The last couple of weeks have been a blur really. My office is moving and April 1st we will officially be in our new/old digs. My group has been in a separate office from the rest of the company and are now combining with our Atlanta corporate location... in some newly renovated former storage space. Sounds super glam huh? My commute will be a bit longer time wise but I will be working from home now 2 days a weeks which is a huge blessing! I am super excited to be able to throw laundry in or pop a casserole in the oven on those days. I think it's going to help tremendously with what I was saying earlier... the boring shit. And, I personally find it easier to focus with fewer human beings all up in my grill, hanging on my cube and tricking me into going to lunch with them every day (which I don't do but I am tempted). I predict this will make me more productive all the way around. Also, time lost getting dressed, hair, makeup and driving into the office goes buh bye!! Hello leggings and messy bun. But still, it's a change in the old routine which will take some getting used to.

On that note my home office is not quite ready, like at all. Major fail. I did build my IKEA desk and clean out about half the room but have yet to paint. I am actually thinking Saturday is going to be the drop dead day. It's the first official day of Spring Break so zero activities are scheduled!! The IT guy at work seems to really like me duh and when I said I had to buy 2 monitors for my home office he said he could get me 2 on the down low plan out of office cast offs which will save me like $200. SCORE.

Let's see... what else? I have been eating pretty well, I would say a solid 80/20. Weight loss has stalled because the 20 contains too much alcohol which is the death knell of dropping lbs. for me. Toying with the idea of another Whole30 as I always am a little bit but April is actually pretty wide open for me so it could work. We'll see. I don't know why but I get to a point where I just crave the structure. As I have said before, making decisions about how to stay on track is a lot easier when your options are extremely limited. Basically I am lazy and I really don't want to think that hard about food.

The school year is winding down, next week is spring break and the realization that my oldest graduates on May 31st is sinking in. Seven more Mondays... I am not taking this well, I feel old and I don't like it. But, the announcements have been ordered, photos taken, party date set for June 17th which gives me a lot to plan for. Party planning is my jam and this will also force me to finish my big purge that is still lingering in piles all around my first floor.

In other news after a couple of nice dates and a whole bunch of bad ones I shut down all the profiles again. I want my nights and weekends back and I am tired of wasting time out in the world with strangers when I could be on the couch with my dog  and a glass of wine. If I could skip the just getting to know you part and move on to the let's be slobs on the couch together part I would be much happier. I am sure in a few months I'll get bored and get back to it again. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Happy Tuesday.  


  1. girl, I hear you on the booze. As of now, no more wine unless it's on Friday and even then, only a small glass.

  2. Ahhh graduation? Goodness, why do these kids grow so fast??? I totally get you on needing to get your office space done. I didn't get mine done in time and now I am working in chaos four days a week. Of course, it still beats driving to the actual office and dealing with humans...but I am trying to purge the rest of the shit and get order back in my life in there and everywhere else in our house. I am about 80/20 on food right now and I need to be 100%. Some days I am taking easy instead of healthy though. Because bitches gotta eat. But I need to reign that shit back in.

  3. What is your oldest doing after grad?

    An office move sucks it.

  4. i am the same with alcohol. it's not a weakness of mine, it's easy to avoid at home, but going out or dinner or when it's in front of me, i drink and it stalls my weight loss (and makes me feel like crap and sleep like crap)... my real weakness is candy and other crappy food. add that with the alcohol.. not pretty. anyway. i'm with you on structure. i crave it as well. i would be a horrible work from home person but the thought of putting on laundry or popping in a casserole sounds AMAZING.

  5. I shut down all of my dating profiles today too. I have a date tonight, that I'm not even really looking forward to, & a guy I saw on Friday wants to do something tomorrow & I'm all "meh..." I got shit to do & don't want to leave my house...

  6. Hey there - living life is way better than blogging about it, know what I mean?!? Glad work is going well . . . I know that makes life easier, even if busier! I cannot believe you have one graduating - does she have plans lined up for afterwards? High five on the eating well - I'm trying to do better - why does alcohol have to be so enjoyable with friends on the weekends? LOL!

  7. Working from home is awesome. I'm excited for you!