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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let new adventures begin City Farmhouse free watercolor printable circles:

Doesn't March just feel like another fresh start? January is obviously, February is just kind of blah to me and then I feel like March starts us over again because... Spring and everything is greening up and new again.  If you live in the south, everything is also covered with a fresh coat of pollen. Ahhhhh.... breathe in! Anyway, I am feeling excited for this month. I've got the Atlanta Brunch Festival, the big kick off meeting for my next project, a hair appointment for more unicorning and my office is moving! Plus all of my spring tennis leagues start up and St. Paddy's Day! Oh, and the newest location of Sarah Donuts is opening in my hood. What's not to like? Linking up with Anne & Carrie today for a little Currently roundup...


Not much of anything at the moment. I am realizing that my TV watching binges and just TV time in general are steadily decreasing. The funny thing is that I am not 100% sure what I am replacing it with.

Still plowing thru Breaking Bad and waiting on Amazon Prime to release part 2 of Vikings Season 4 for free. I refuse to pay to stream a show that was on network TV. Come on!!! I'm already paying for Prime dammit! Release!
One favorite I am anxiously awaiting the return of:

Southern Charm - Can't wait to see what these train wrecks are up to lately.

Image result for southern charm season 4


I feel like 90% of what I am eating is healthy and also boring me to tears. I didn't feel much like cooking this past month after the January Whole30. I am about 90% clean - 10% indulging except for that one time I ate 100% of a box of Tagalongs. #truestory They go down like potato chips. Why is that? Effing Girl Scouts.

Image result for tagalongs


I think I said I was going to stop dating altogether which I lied about. I'm still Tindering away and actually having a big time. I mean really... how can I give up guys like this... pretty sure this is fake
but I "swiped up" anyway. Props for a sense of humour dude.


I hate this weather. It's 75 one day and 32 the next. Wtf do you wear? Not to mention on the warm days if I wear anything bare I run the risk of blinding someone. On the positive side my clothes over all are quite a bit looser but not enough to justify a new size or anything. I am not wearing any fun new clothes but I just bought the most awesome new eye shadow color from Urban Decay, ABC Gum. It is the perfect pale peach matte and if you are an earth tone girl get it for the perfect color to sweep over your brow bone. People keep telling me how amazing my eyes look. It could be the botox though... not sure.

Eyeshadow in color ABC Gum urban decay $19 1.5g


Not much here. I am in a blogging slump. I just feel like I do not have an original thought in my head that anyone would even be remotely interested in . Again I have a plethora of posts sitting in draft just waiting to be published. I hate it when this happens, I never know quite what to do to snap myself out of it.

I am trying to keep up with my IG though. I can manage to bang out a few pretty food pics every once in awhile . They make me happy and I feel good knowing that I am still maintaining my efforts in that arena. As far as Instagram knows anyway.

What are you up to currently?


  1. Your food pics always make me hungry. I agree that March is like a new beginning. I love March. The weather will hopefully start to stay nice, I have a week off for spring break (#TeacherLife), I'm on the down swing for the school year. Heck yes March! I can't stop Tindering either. After Mr. Awesome turned out to be a not so awesome tattoo hater I got back on Match...and then out of boredom back on Tinder. Can't stop won't stop.

  2. I love UD eyeshadow. I use a matte yellow pretty much daily but I like that color, I might have to get it for my birthday.

  3. ps by daily I mean when I wear eye makeup, so twice a week. LOLOL

  4. How can you be bored with your foods when your instagram is filled with food porn that makes me drool!!!! I am staying FAR away from the damn girl scouts and their boxes of temptation. No thank you. My niece is raising money for her cheer camp this summer by selling donuts. I told her I would give her money to never mention the word donut to me again and she can donate my box to some football players or something lol. Love UD shadows! That color is super pretty!

  5. what are tagalongs? at first glance, I thought you typed "tagalog" which is the Filipino language LOL.

  6. A brunch festival?! This sounds amazing. And good for you on the 90% clean eating! I think that's exactly what I aspire to - I see no problem with 10% indulging, and I see many great things about 90% clean! :)

  7. Yum! Who wouldn't eat a box of Tagalongs? Sounds like a great meal to me. Thanks for linking up with Currently!

  8. At quick glance I thought the eyeshadow picture was a ring with a compass. Do you see it? I might be losing it. Also, you bang out a LOT of good food pics. Yum.

  9. I miss Girl Scout cookies. I could devour an entire box of thin mints right now.

  10. I totally feel you for March--a fresh start. It really is. We are a cookie house at my nanny job, so being surrounded by cases of those dang cookies is killing me. I can't wait until the temptation is gone, haha.

  11. Girlscout cookies totally go down like chips. They're just so freaking good.