I Am Not Available; Goals for 2018 Part 1

Friday, December 29, 2017

Life is a lot more simple when you avoid social media where only the best of people's lives are promoted. I enjoy my achievements in silence.

Just like everyone else I am currently mulling over the last year in my head and thinking toward the next. How can I make 2018 better? 2017 was meh at best. That is not acceptable. Or is it? Does every year have to be the best year ever? We all start out thinking that is how it's going to be right? That's the plan anyway. 

As I have been thinking about the last year a recurring theme keeps showing up. I am not all that available. I made a bunch of lists in my planner at the beginning of 2017 of things I wanted to do, places to visit, activities to try, bars/restaurants to check out. As I looked over the lists I started to think that all of these things were totally doable and some I did, but a lot I did not. Didn't even attempt. So the big question is why. And the answer is... time... I am very busy. I know that has become a joke phrase but it has some truth to it for all of us.

I had a conversation with this guy I've been hanging out with for the last 2 months the other day. He also plays tennis and enjoys it but he told me one of his thoughts for 2018 is to play a little less. I was like ... why??? It's good for you, it's social, gets you outside, something you can do with me, the list could go on but I stopped there. His answer was a little bit of a light bulb moment for me. Why would you do less of something that you love doing? Because it would make time for other things, new things, things that you might love just as much or even more that would add dimension and richness to your life. That's not exactly the way he said it but that is my answer to myself. I know this is not an earth shattering idea but I never really thought about the option of just partially eliminating something that I enjoy. I enjoy tennis but to play on multiple teams is very time consuming. Are there other things on those lists from last year that I might enjoy more? I need to free up some time to really explore that.

So that is going to be a big goal for me this year. Not trying to find more time but realigning what I am currently doing with the 24/7/365 that I already have. I am constantly declining invitations because I say I don't have time. I try to schedule dates with guys and when I look at my planner there are usually 1 or 2 free nights out of every 7. And men will always respond with skepticism and say "are you sure you even have time to date/develop a relationship" to which I always say "yes of course I do" but no... I really don't and I have proven that fact. But I could if I make some changes. I could if I really put the effort into being more honest about the things that bring me joy in my life. If I am really honest with myself I am kind of just bored with some parts of my life. I feel like I have outgrown a lot of it but I just keep doing it because it's what I do. But there are all of these other things I want to do too. So it's time to streamline a bit and see what new and exciting things can happen.

Did any of that even make sense? Cause I was just really thinking out loud. 

Re Cap -

A goal of mine for 2018 is to examine more closely the way my current activities make me feel. Am I excited about them or have they become just something that I do more or less like a habit?

If the latter is the case I think it may be time to change something. Wow I spent a whole post writing about 1 goal. I guess I'll try for a Part 2 at a later date. 


  1. That all makes perfect sense! And also, amen to it! I'm actually planning on writing a post about it next week ha. I need to find balance over the next few months, and the year as a whole. Too often I find myself being all or nothing about the different aspects of my life, I need to balance them all out.

  2. It's really important to reevaluate how we spend our time from time to time. I almost always find that I'm doing something out of habit that actually no longer serves me like it once did.

  3. it's all about balance. i just continue to do things that make me happy and if they get less happy for me, that's when i know it's time for a change.