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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January. month.

STARTING - My 4th round of Whole30, in case you didn't know. I can't believe it has been since 2015 since I did this for the 1st time. So much has happened in 3 years but I am really hoping to capture that excitement and fierce commitment that brought me such amazing results the first time. 

HOPING - That we get just a little more snow... I know, don't shoot me. It's so freaking cold here for us the least Mother Nature could do is make it a little pretty and fun. I am happy to hole up and sit by the fire for the entire month of January. 

SCHEDULING - A girls trip.. either Savannah for St. Pat's Day to see them turn the river green and drink lots o' beer or Nashville... haven't decided yet. 

READING -  You Are A Badass ... I know a few people who have read this and given it great reviews. I think my inner dialogue is what I struggle with the most so looking forward to hear what she has to say about it.  Plus New Year New You and all of that...

PLAYING - A Black Mile To The Surface by Manchester Orchestra on repeat. I can not get enough of this album. Music is life. 

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What are you up to currently?

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  1. I'd love to visit Nashville again - I've only been once. I'm with you on the snow; if it's going to be freezing out, you might as well have the pretty snow! I have You are a Badass on my wish list of things to read. I hope you enjoy it.


    1. Same for me on Nashville, only once and would love to go again! I'll let you know about the book!

    2. I live in Nashville, so I think both of you should come visit because it's the best place ever...except for right now. It's frigid!!

  2. I cant wait to hear what you think about You Are a Badass. That is what I struggle with most as well. I am pretty sure it is on my TBR, but I am going to make sure! Here is to a super successful Whole30 for the both of us!!! Send any delicious recipes you try my way!

  3. You can have some of my snow!! About to head out and shovel for the 2nd time today... Thanks for joining in :)

  4. it's going to be BITTERLY cold today; like -20C. yay Canada >:(

    i'm glad that everyone is back on track as am i!

  5. Savannah and Nashville are both on my list!